There are many ways hair can become damaged. It is a combination of many factors and is not always caused by salon visits.

Whatever the history of your hair there are many ways to repair damage without cutting it all off. …I know thank goodness ! 

As we know healthy hair is the most beautiful, but it does take team work and a plan to bring damaged hair back to life. You cannot expect amazing results unless you do the work at home. What you do 90% of the time will determine your results. It is the combination of at home care and salon visits that will help transform your hair into the desired look and health! 

Below we have outlined some steps towards healthier hair!

1. Know and understand the different types of Damage

When you understand how damage is created then you can better understand the steps to prevent it.  

Physical Damage:

Did you know that physical damage is the most common and has the most drastic effect on the hair ? This type of damage is caused by brushing too hard on wet hair, curling, straightening, playing with , and styling your hair. This damage can be prevented by using proper tools and products like a wet brush, invisibobbles, leave in conditioner and heat protectants.

Environmental Damage: 

This includes water, minerals from water, sun, wind, air temperature and humidity. Depending on the environment you live in your concerns will be different. This is why we recommend clarifying shampoos, PH balanced shampoos, water softener, and any leave in product with UV protection.  


This type of damage is caused by box  and professional colour. When seeing a professional we can minimize this type of damage with the products we use. This is very controlled and not always the leading contributor to the damage present on most hair types. We now have products like Olaplex referred to as bond builders to rebuild and add strength to your hair during the chemical process. If your stylist carries these options we reccomend using these great treatments to help repair and prevent any damage. 

2. Stay consistent with salon visits  

Now that you understand the types of damage you can probably see the benefit of visiting your stylist. When we know your routine we can create a plan to help nourish your hair at home and in salon. Regular hair cuts will also minimize damage and are necessary every 8-10 weeks. At Vocare we offer complimentary spilt end trims in between visits to help minimize further damage. This great technique rids you of your split ends without having to cut off any length! This time also allows us to check in and ensure you are keeping up with a routine that will help you achieve all of your hair goals! 

3. Olaplex all the way! More about this Below!

As you know we love Olaplex! Olaplex is an amazing reparative treatment that is great for all hair types. It can be used alone or with any salon service and can be tailored to your needs. It is a must for those with dry or damaged hair and is a great addition for those who want extra shine and moisture. We can only do so much in one visit therefore for amazing results you can schedule the treatment in salon before and after any chemical service to offer more strength and integrity to the hair. This treatment isn’t keratin based so you cannot overdue it and it will not cause the hair to be brittle. The more you use it the better the results will  be. To maintain what is achieved in the salon the Olaplex No.3 is taken home to help see lasting results and add the needed moisture to hair that is damaged. 

4. At home care. Your must have products! 

For hair that is damaged or to maintain beautiful hair here is a list of must have products that we recommend.  

Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner Olaplex No.3 treament used once a week or every two weeksLeave in Conditioner  Heat Protectant spray that is applied on dry hair before hot styling  Proper comb or wet brush that prevents you tugging on tangled hair  Hair ties or clips to prevent stress on hair and breakage from tying hair too tightlylight oil that you can apply throughout the day as needed to help create slip in the hair. It can help prevent environmental damage, damage from friction on clothes and damage caused by tangling.  

5. Split ends 

You cannot let these go to long without cutting them off. This is why maintaining salon visits is so important. If you let your split ends go to long they will split the hair strand in two; causing damage and fuzzy looking hair.

6. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies have their place but so does science. Many natural products help with dryness however they are topical products that only offer temporary and short lasting results. Topical products have molecules that are too large to penetrate the hair to actually offer strength and moisture where the damage actually occurs. This is why treatments like Olaplex are revolutionary and are now used in almost every salon. Science based technology creates molecules that can enter the cortex of the hair repairing damage where is happens and offering long lasting moisture. 

7. Supplements  

Whenever clients want to introduce supplements we always ask that they consult their doctor or naturopath before hand . Supplements are amazing when your body is lacking the nutrients needed to produce healthy hair. They can also be prescribed for the prevention of hair loss. A healthy individual following all the other steps should see results and not need additional help. Our bodies are an intricate network of systems and many factors can cause the need for supplements. Supplementation should always be monitored and research should always be done before introducing it to your diet. 

Olaplex: a revolutionary treatment for the hair!

You must have heard of this revolutionary hair product which is creating an exceptional craze in the United States. So much so that even the biggest Hollywood stars are crazy about it! To name just one, Kim Kardashian adopted this miracle treatment that allows her to change color, going from one extreme to another, while maintaining healthy , shiny hair without split ends.

Guess what I’m talking about? The Olaplex skincare range is finally arriving! Effective in protecting your hair during discoloration, it is ideally complemented by Olaplex n3 , a mask to make yourself at home.

Olaplex is a range of hair products developed by doctors of chemistry with no specific knowledge in the field of cosmetics: Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker, two of the world’s best researchers in materials and chemistry.

Through their work, the desired result is to protect the hair before and after an aggressive technique or quite simply to restore strength and vitality to tired hair.

To understand how their product works, it is important to know the composition of the hair. These are made up of capillary bonds linked together by disulfide bridges. It is this part of the hair that breaks when it deteriorates. Several capillary processes greatly accentuate this phenomenon. The Olaplex treatment helps to consolidate these bridges, to repair in depth the structure of damaged hair by dyeing, bleaching, straightening, perms or even straightening.

The first two are treatments provided in a hairdressing salon. The last one is a mask that you can buy and use at home.

Why use Olaplex for discoloration?

The Olaplex range allows you to do your bleaching while respecting and protecting your hair . Be careful, this is indeed a treatment, and not a coloring. It is well known that bleaching is one of the most catastrophic techniques for hair. Often damaged and dried out, it is common to see the appearance of hideous split ends, which are the main consequences of this manipulation based on oxidation.

Thus, Olaplex offers you guaranteed coloring or discoloration without any risk. Your hair will come out even stronger than before.

You can achieve up to six tones of lightening without having the slightest fear for your hair. Like the big stars who change colors completely, you will now be able to go from dark brown to blonde without tiring your hair.

It’s pretty tempting, isn’t it?

Using the Olaplex product in 3 steps:

Bond Angel Plex Effect, Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit for Bleaching and Coloring protection for All Hair Types

Opalex products are used in several complementary phases which mutually enhance the results.

It is important to follow the process in order to ensure optimal results.

Olaplex n1: Blond Multiply

This is a product that is mostly applied in hairdressing salons. Used in the context of bleaching, coloring, it is to be mixed with coloring or bleaching products to preserve disulfide bridges and prevent the hair from breaking during handling.

Olaplex n2: Bond Perfector

This product is in the form of a cream and it is used after rinsing the discoloration, always in hairdressing salon. It will continue to protect the hair structure and link the disulfide bridges between them. In other baths, it will plug the split ends.

This is the essential step to obtain an optimal result.

Olaplex n3: Hair Perfector

It is a treatment intended for the general public, you can use it at home. It will allow you to maintain the vitality of your hair but also to prepare it for your next color change. This is a mask to apply to damp and dirty hair, so before shampooing. You just need to put a small amount of product on your ends, which you can distribute with a comb, to facilitate penetration.

It is advisable to use it once or twice a week in order to preserve the hair. They will retain all their splendor, strength and vitality between two aggressive and trying chemical or technical processes.

The brand advises you to leave on for 10 minutes. However, if your hair really needs care, you can leave it on for several hours or even overnight. For extremely damaged hair, don’t expect a miracle from the first use, it will take several treatments before you see a huge improvement.

Be careful, however, to respect the recommended doses to guarantee the best results. Indeed, depending on the length of your hair, you will need more or less product. Take the time to read the directions.

However, you can use n1 and n2 at home, taking care to always respect the doses and advice for use.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

  • Restores capillary bonds …
  • Strengthens all types of hair …
  • Has hydrating properties …

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How much does Olaplex care cost?

This skincare range intrigues you and you would like to test these famous benefits?

Are you wondering what the price may be for regaining healthy, healthy hair?

The two first aid measures go hand in hand since they are applied before coloring. They are therefore generally sold together. You will find these products on various websites.

On average, the Olaplex kit (composed of Olaplex n1 and Olaplex n2 ) will cost you 105 euros for 15 applications. Count 316 euros for 70 applications. Which equates to around 20.11 euros / 100 mL.

For the mask, Olaplex n3 , it will cost you 26.90 euros / 100 mL. Since you won’t need to use a lot of the product to feel the benefits, the investment can be worth it.

In a hairdressing salon, the session will cost you between 20 and 50 euros, depending on the length of your hair. For more delicate cases, you are offered a course of four sessions billed at 150 euros.

And even if you do not use aggressive techniques, do not hesitate to use the Olaplex treatment to give your hair a boost.

Olaplex treatments are also available in a “kit” version:

What are the expected results with the use of Olaplex?

The customers who use these products in hairdressing salons are those who have made many colorings or discoloration. The use of the Olaplex product range will act as a real protector of the hair so that it does not break during the technical process. The expected result is therefore to find healthy, protected and strengthened hair after yet another coloring.

However, coloring is not the only aggressive technique, the Olaplex kit will have the same results for Brazilian or Japanese straightening , for a perm or any other chemical or thermal technique: your hair will be protected from deterioration.

If you want to keep beautiful hair soft and supple, this is indeed the product you need. Olaplex promises you a respected and pampered hair that will come out stronger than ever.

Composition of Olaplex products

The Olaplex product is the result of the synthesis of a molecule.

They are, however, guaranteed to be free of silicone, mineral oil, sulfate and gluten.

They are suitable for all types of hair: dry, brittle, curly or even curly.

However, opinions on its composition are starting to be debated. Indeed, the synthesized molecule would be that at the origin of the silicone.

To put it simply, the hair would not be repaired but protected by a thin layer of plastic. Although this technique is very effective in real time, silicones tend to weigh down and suffocate the hair over time.

Where to buy Olaplex?

You can find Olaplex Deep Care in hair salons that use this brand. But for the practical side, you can find the treatments on the internet, the shops are legion, and for the best price, you can take a look at amazon.

FibrePlex or Olaplex: Which to choose?

As expected, other brands have looked into the subject and have developed a range similar to Olaplex skincare. Schwarkopf professional has also developed a protection protocol for staining / discoloration processes. Like its competitor, it takes place in three stages.

The first product is an additive to be incorporated into the coloring powder. It acts in a similar way on the very structure of the hair to prevent its deterioration, mainly due to oxidation.

Product n ° 2 is a fixer which will consolidate the work carried out during the first step.

And finally, you will find the FibrePlex mask, which is used to ensure continuity in the care at home or in preparation for future aggressive and harmful techniques. It is to be applied once or twice a week, leaving it to act for 5 to 10 minutes.

The FibrePlex range is sold as a stabilizer of intra-capillary bonds and a pH optimizer which facilitates the fixation of colored pigments.

Its Fiber Bridge 4.5 technology guarantees you a result similar to Olaplex: hair protected from thermal, mechanical or coloring attacks. Reinforced from their structure, you will find hair that is more dazzling and stronger with each use.

You will find the starter kit (composed of 100 mL of n ° 1 Bond Booster and 200 mL of n ° 2 Bond Sealer) on sale online from 139.90 euros. Treatment n ° 3 Bond Maintener is sold on average at 19.72 euros per 100 mL.

The price difference between these two brands is not obvious, they are roughly the same price brackets. The expected result is also relatively similar, since these two ranges have been designed to meet the same expectations.

For those who are interested in this alternative, you will find Fibreplex treatments here:

Schwarzkopf SCH224 Fibreplex Expert Kit

  • Mix Fibril N ° 1 Bond Boos …
  • Apply and proceed according to …
  • Rinse and wash the hair with …


Fibreplex Bond Booster N ° 1 500 ML

  • An additive to be mixed directly …
  • Protects the hair from breakage …
  • Penetrates into the inter …

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Fibreplex Bond Sealer N ° 2 500 ML

  • Bond Sealer

→ See the price

Schwarzkopf Fibreplex 3 Anti-Rupture Treatment

  • Brand – Schwarzkopf
  • Product for Unisex
  • Volume – 100 ml

→ See the price

Starter Kit Fibreplex

  • Schwarzkopf Fibreplex Starter Kit

→ See the price

Our opinion on Olaplex products

You will understand, this product is really revolutionary. You will not regret to try it.

If you are desperate for the condition of your hair, if you have used and abused intensive coloring or straightening, look no further, this is the product you really need.

The same goes if you are a fan of extreme color changes (going from black to almost white blonde, for example), you will need its technology to keep your dream hair.

You will finally find all the shine of your hair, once again supple and soft. Goodbye dull and sad reflections, your hair will shine like never before and will be even stronger.

Hair in great shape, shinier, easier to disentangle, more flexible, in short, happiness!

Some testimonials even claim that hair growth would be faster with the use of this treatment.

And it doesn’t end there! The effects are more and more visible during the use of Olaplex care: their benefits add up.

No more of your color changes will happen without Olaplex Deep Care!

Undoubtedly, Olaplex n3 treatment will very quickly become essential in your “hair beauty” routine.

You now know the secret of the big Hollywood stars who know how to keep beautiful hair despite everything it can go through.

Are you still skeptical?

While surfing the web, you will find the opinions of several major hairdressers who have used these products with their clients. You will find the images of these stunning results on the Instagram accounts of hair specialists!

Many bloggers and YouTubers adept at changing minds also took the test. The results are unanimously announced: it is really the miracle product that will take care of your hair and allow you to achieve the hairstyles you want.

So, tempted?

Do not hesitate to talk to your hairdresser who will be able to advise you.