We see so many people becoming more playful with the variation of hair colours. As a hairstylist I get so excited to play with colour for my clients, especially when it is one that can be noticed a mile away. There are some things to consider before committing to a fashion colour. Like any change a new routine needs to be implemented. Here we will outline what to expect during a drastic change .  We will also include some tried, tested and true tricks to help your colour to continue to look fresh long after you leave the salon.  

1.     Level of Commitment 

How badly do you want this colour? Will you do anything to have it ?  

I always discuss the level of my clients commitment to truly understand how to approach the placement of colour, and what I need to do to achieve the best result possible. With fashion colours we need more commitment from our clients and they should like spending time at the salon as the first session can be time consuming. When considering a fashion color consider the level of commitment; will you do what is needed for at home care ? How long do you want to play with this colour? The more willing you are to put the work in the more adventurous the colours and placement can be. The less work the more subtle and cautious I would be with fashion colours ! So please understand to achieve great results and maintain them you need to be committed to the change !  

This service is considered a colour correction.  

If you are willing to put the time in at home then please understand the expertise and time (in salon) it will take for this change to occur. Unless you come in with platinum hair changing to any color takes time. Color corrections in the salon means that more then one chemical process is needed to achieve the desired look, and more than 2 levels of lift is needed . What some people do not realize is depending on the results desired it may take multiple steps to achieve amazing and vibrant color. For all color corrections most salons charge per hour to help cut down on cost in the long run. This does take time but you will thank us later. When you agree to a color correction you are basically saying to your stylist “do whatever it takes”. Please make sure this process is done with a trusted stylist. We know hair has limits and you need someone knowledgeable enough to know when to stop to prevent unnecessary damage to the hair. This may cost more initially but it will be so worth it in the long run. 


Treatments are a Must! 

Ensuring that your hair is healthy is essential to maintaining any vibrant color. So do not try and cut cost in this department when going for a big change. When the hair is healthy it will hold the color molecules in longer because it is more resistant to the elements( sun, water , shampoo ,hot tools). I relate hair to scales on a fish. The outside of the hair has scales that open and close known as the cuticle. When healthy they are closed trapping in the essentials (color, moisture , keratin ). When the hair is unhealthy the scales/cuticle are open allowing everything quickly in and releasing it quickly (which is why your color may fade quickly). Obviously this is tricky but maintaining healthy hair will help the longevity of your color . Some people believe treatments containing keratin or protein are bad after color as those molecules will push out the color causing your color to fade. This has not been proven and  Olaplex is not made with large keratin molecules so sorry there is no getting out of this step. As stated before you will thank us later.

Never wash your hair to maintain a colorful mane

If that didn’t feel so gross this would be ideal. The less you wash your hair the less likely you are to have fading. So please still wash your hair but try to limit it as much as possible. Using a proper shampoo ( Color Safe, Sulfate Free) will help keep the hair cuticle closed. Using shampoo that is not recommended by a stylist will cause fading and will be much more abrasive to the hair. To keep the color looking great remember shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner on the ends. Conditioner when Professional is PH balanced helping the hair cuticle to stay closed locking in the color . If you keep this tip in mind you will notice less color being washed out and down the drain. Washing with cold of water or as cold as you can stand will also prevent the hair cuticle from opening ! This means the color is being locked in and will also help your hair look healthy and shiny. Which will help your color look that much more vibrant. 

UV Protection 

Our Choice

Products with UV protection are amazing to help your colour stay strong. The sun can increase fading unless you use the proper conditioners. I recommend when the hair is wet regardless if you blow dry or air dry , a leave-in should be applied and combed through. Why wouldn’t you want your hair to stay soft and shiny while keeping the fading at bay! This one is easy and a no brainer.

Hot tools  

We always recommend to keep hair healthy and to prevent damage (which can also cause fading) a heat protection spray should be applied ! These usually also have UV protection and will help keep the suns rays damaging effects to a minimum. If you are disregarding this step when you see fumes coming from your hot tool remember that essentially it is baking the moisture out of your hair. When a spray is applied it acts as a barrier while its fumes are being heated off it deposits moisture and added benefits to the hair. Instead of your hair taking the full force of the hot tool. Remember healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Color Depositing Masque   

Our Choice for Color Depositing Masque   

This is a great tool to help you maintain a fresh color . It can be more complicated when you have multiple colours in the hair so please do not purchase without consulting your stylist . I recommend my clients do this once a week to help prevent fading. You should be cautious as it can stain everything so please use gloves and rinse in a sink you are not attached to. Otherwise at Vocare we offer a complimentary touch up within the first two weeks if any fading occurs. After the two weeks you may pay product cost to have it done in salon at a reasonable rate. Salon visits take out the guess work but do not always work for everyone . This is where a masque if you are confident can be a great way to stretch out salon visits and maintain your colours vibrancy in the comfort of your own home. 

  Quick Tips to Remember! 

Always use professional recommended shampoo and conditioner  Use a leave in and heat protection spray  Wash hair in Cold Water  Minimize hair washing  Shampoo only on scalp Conditioner only  on ends Use colour masque provided by stylist  Olaplex Treatments once a week We hope that this helps you understand the up keep of fashion colours better . Remember if you stay within the guidelines given your colour will last. It will even have a slower more gradual fade out .