How to properly form your curls

How to properly define your loops

Do you want to learn how to style your curly hair? Know how to properly form your curls without wasting time and with an optimal result? Or, discover how to refresh your curls when you wake up? You’ve come to the right place! Team Belle Boucle gives you all its tips to define and sublimate your loops naturally! 🍍

Our best tips to define your curls

· Styling your curls during your curly hair routine

As Laureen says,“If the curls are well formed when wet, they will always be when they are dry.” The idea is then to style your curls in the shower, during your routine. As you know, curly hair loves water and it is essential to help define and sublimate its curls naturally!

Once your hair is clean and untangled – and on hair still wet, apply 1 or 2 styling product(s) according to your hair type and your desires!

Styling products are essential for:

  • Protect your curly hair (from dehydration, external aggressions, friction,…)
  • Moisturize and nourish the hair fiber
  • Limit the appearance of frizz and the sparkling appearance
  • Style your curls, form them and define them
  • Freeze and perpetuate your curls

Belle Boucle Tips:

  • Perform your routine with your head tilted down. This technique makes it possible to take off the roots well, brings volume and promotes the formation of loops from the root.
  • From time to time, do an acid rinse with apple cider vinegar. Indeed, this last rinse will close the scales of the hair fiber and thus, limit frizz.
  • Your hair should be well wet when you apply your styling products. Thus, by scrunchant you will hear the famous sound of victory! 🍍
  • Depending on your hair mass, proceed by section (2 or more) to facilitate the application of your styling products.
  • Adopt our curly hair detangling brush which is ideal for untangling and perfectly defining your curls!
  • Test different dosages to see what works for your curly hair. Then, if necessary, add some little by little!
  • If you have shy curls, you can work them on the fingers with techniques like finger coiling or finger rolling!

Styling cream:

Apply your styling cream on all your wet lengths (as for the conditioner), taking care to insist on the tips. Moreover, if your hair does not grease easily, you can apply a little bit from the roots. Then, untangle your curls one last time; either with your fingers, with the wide-toothed comb or with the curly hair detangling brush. The use of the comb or brush will allow to distribute the cream evenly as well as preform your beautiful curls. Finally, scrutinize your curls (squeeze the tips towards the roots) to optimize their formation! If desired, you can then add a styling gel before going to drying.


Styling jelly:

The styling jelly is perfect to bring more hold without weighing down the hair fiber. Always on wet hair, distribute your styling gel by scrunching tips towards the roots; alone or after your styling cream. Finally, do not hesitate to gently pass your hands over your roots with the jelly, in order to fix your curls and limit frizz.

· Refresh your curls when you wake up

Set up a Morning Routine to refresh your curls when you wake up. Promised, in maximum 10 minutes, you will find beautiful curls in great shape! If your roots are greasy, apply a little dry shampoo to the roots to absorb excess sebum. Then, moisten all of your lengths with the curly hair spray. Finally, depending on the needs of your curls, spray a moisturizing spray or apply a little cream and / or styling jelly before scrunches!

This Morning Routine is perfect to space your shampoos and redefine your curls between 2 washing routines! Besides, remember to protect your hair at night by tying them in pineapple and sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Thus, the curls will be protected from friction and knots, frizz and the frothy effect will be limited!