How to soften your hair easily?

Dry, rough, and undisciplined hair may be your nightmare, and you then ask yourself the same question as us: how to soften your hair? Many women have tried everything to soften their hair while providing flexibility. But after several attempts, impossible to bring softness to the hair. However, many solutions exist: food, hydration, nutrition, products… And it works!

Soften your hair and make it shiny and supple

Many criteria can define the beauty of hair. But above all, we would like to say that all hair is beautiful, no matter how textured. Nevertheless, having healthy hair brings together several criteria: flexibility, softness, shine and well-defined curls in case you are concerned by this.

But also, beautiful and healthy hair is less prone to breakage, they have few forks, they do not suffer from a lack of hydration and nutrition. Finally, having beautiful hair means that it must be taken care of daily, with rigor and repetition.

Among women’s concerns, the lack of flexibility and gentleness prevails. When you touch your hair, it may lack softness and suppleness. To answer this problem, it is necessary to take the bull by the horns!

There are no miracle methods to soften your hair. Nor a magic wand capable of transforming the hair fiber in no time… If you want to get softer and supple hair, let’s take the problem to the root. The softness of the hair is the result of good hydration, a suitable routine and some gestures to perform.

How to bring softness to the hair?

If you want to have soft hair, then it means that your hair is dry. This may seem logical, but in aiming for an objective, we must identify the problem. Many people are faced with this and there are many solutions to remedy it.

Adopt a good skincare routine to soften your hair

Dry hair is terribly lacking in hydration and nutrition.

It does not receive enough assets to lodge under the scale of the hair fiber. To illustrate this, let’s take as an example a plant. If it is not watered daily, it eventually drys out and hardens naturally. The slightest contact can even cause breakage.

Well, your hair is based on the same modus operandi. To make a hair soft and silky, nutrition and hydration are mandatory. Over time, these good habits will participate in the repair of the hair fiber, and no need for magic for this!

Dry hair is also caused by its lifestyle.

That is, it depends on the styling techniques you use. Among them there is the use of straightening iron, hair dryer, coloring, discoloration and exposure to the sun.

Heat is acceptable for hair, but in small doses.

It is necessary when it comes to lifting the scales of the hair fiber to integrate a nourishing care. But by excessively using too much heat, the hair fiber is damaged, and the scales remain open. As a result, the hair is dry, it lacks softness and suppleness.

Run away from silicones, sulfates and paraben to soften your hair

What makes it possible to soften your hair is a routine of adapted care, and techniques of non-aggressive hairstyles. However beware of silicones, paraben and sulfates, these ingredients participate in the dryness of the hair.


Their role is to bridge the gap between the hair fiber and the open scale. They also create an envelope around the hair, making it hermetic. When you use a shampoo or conditioner containing silicones, it is obvious that your hair is extremely soft and silky. But be careful, it’s only aesthetic…

As for sulphates,

They are also to be avoided to have soft hair. Just like silicones, it is an ingredient to flee as soon as possible. Sulfate molecules cause dryness and irritation of the scalp. As a result, the sebaceous glands are weakened, so they can no longer produce as much sebum as usual.

The paraben

It acts in a different way on the hair. Unlike sulfates and silicones, paraben causes a hormonal imbalance. It is an ingredient harmful to health and it is suspected of being carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors, responsible for a decrease in fertility, allergens and even toxic to the liver.

To bring softness to your hair, there are gestures to apply and others are to be banned from a daily routine. All these good habits will help you soften your hair…

Good habits to soften your hair

To soften her hair, let’s move on together to the practical part of this guide. To achieve convincing and meaningful results, we draw up an example of an adapted care routine. From one hair texture to another, there are differences, but these tips are a good basis for everyone!

Moisturize regularly to soften your hair

How to soften your hair easily?

In order to bring softness to the hair, it all starts with hydration. This should be daily if you have curly hair. Curly hair is naturally dry and requires special attention.

To properly moisturize your hair, use natural and powerful active ingredients. For example, aloe vera is a good ingredient suitable for all hair textures. Linen gel is also very interesting to moisturize your hair daily.

If you have naturally smooth hair, softening your hair will be easier: moisturize it two to three times a week is enough. As for curly hair, moisturize with water, active ingredients such as aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, hair milk and seal everything with a vegetable oil.

Nutrition to strengthen and soften your hair

Nutrition is also an important point to soften your hair. This helps to strengthen the hair fiber and give them a better look. The softness of a hair is also associated with flexibility, and therefore with the fight against breakage.

Every week, carry out a nourishing and restorative care based on oils. Among them, we recommend the vegetable oil of coconut, mango, argan, avocado and olive. If you have fine hair, prefer sweet almond oil, jojoba and a little castor oil.

To make your mask, mix a few oils and apply everything on the entire hair. Leave for 1 hour before washing. Ideally, wear a heated cap or wrap a food film around your head to optimize nutrition.

Use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt

Softening your hair also involves the accessories you use. Traditional bath towels are too aggressive for hair fiber. Especially if you are used to rub it against your hair, it is a gesture to banish!

Make gentle gestures to get sweetness… Invest in a microfiber towel or use an old cotton t-shirt to absorb excess water. These two materials are very soft, they do not damage the hair and they do not dry out suddenly.

This little trick may seem innocuous, but it really makes a difference. To get softer hair, it will really be of great use.

Rinse with cold water and white vinegar to soften your hair

We dedicated an article about the benefits of cold water and white vinegar on hair. These two elements are much more effective than we imagine and they can be added to a care routine to soften the hair.

White vinegar

It has a fairly high pH, and the hair likes it. When in contact with the hair fiber, white vinegar (or cider) closes the scales of the hair. In addition to bringing softness, it is a good natural ingredient to make the hair shine and strengthen it. To use white vinegar on the hair, add a dose in a bottle of cold water of one liter. Use the solution in last rinsing water.

Cold water

It offers the same benefits of white vinegar. It purifies the scalp while making them brighter and stronger. If you have too oily hair, cold water helps regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. Finally, you will have less frizz and hair growth will be all the more stimulated.

Protect hair from heat to bring softness

Although it is recommended to avoid heat to soften the hair, it is possible that you may want to use a straightening iron. If necessary, it is advisable to prepare the hair to avoid damaging and damaging it considerably:

Follow the washing routine to soften your hair

To smooth your hair and maintain its softness, remember to respect your routine. In other words, do not forget the conditioner as well as the restorative mask to properly nourish the hair. These small steps are essential to properly prepare your smoothing.

Use a thermoprotective spray to soften your hair

This type of hair product protects the hair fiber from heat. When applying a thermoprotective spray, the heat caused by the hair dryer and straightening iron will have a less aggressive impact on the hair fiber.

Perform a blow dry

Before straightening your hair, do not forget to do a blow dry. If you have curly hair, this step is essential. This makes it possible to smooth the hair from the root to limit the time spent with an iron. Besides, it is also a great way to keep hair smooth for several days.

Monitor the temperature of the iron to be straightened so as not to attack your hair

To keep hair soft, do not adjust the iron to smooth by opting for the maximum temperature. For example, if the straightening iron has a maximum temperature of 210 degrees, set it to 180 degrees. In addition, pass up to two times maximum on a wick, not beyond.

Post-smoothing vegetable oil, a miracle solution to soften your hair

To perfect your smoothing, apply a few drops of vegetable oil to bring softness and nourish the hair. Insist on the tips because they tend to dry up quickly.

Nutrients that make it possible to soften your hair!

If you want to know how to soften your hair, some nutrients are really to be preferred. In addition to consuming them, some can be applied to the hair. In addition, know that food plays an important role if you want to get beautiful hair…


In addition to being good for your health, eggs provide an excellent supply of protein ideal for softening your hair. These proteins are also found in keratin up to 95%. To improve the health of your hair and to soften it, do not hesitate to make masks based on eggs.

Salmon to soften your hair

Rich in proteins and vitamins A and B, salmon has essential fatty acids that participate in the life cycle of hair. By eating salmon or favoring foods rich in omega-3, your body will fight against the aging of cells while purifying and sanitizing the scalp.

Strawberries, full of vitamins

To soften your hair in addition to bringing it shine, eat strawberries! They are rich in vitamin C with a high content of folic acid, just like red fruits. In addition, strawberries contain iron and magnesium, two essential contributions to maintain the beauty of hair.

Honey and olive oil to soften her hair

Make a mask based on honey and olive oil, allows you to soften your hair very easily and effectively. These two foods have important nourishing properties and favorable to the suppleness of the hair. To optimize the recipe, add an egg yolk and leave the mask for 30 minutes, soft hair guaranteed!

Other foods allow you to improve the health of your hair such as spinach, white meat, or skim milk. By having a healthy and balanced diet, without forgetting to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, you will get the expected results!