How to take care of your colored hair?

Dyeing hair has become a trend that has become widespread over the years. Nearly one in two women do so, and more and more men take the plunge every year. Whether it is to change the look or to hide his white hairthe goal is often aesthetic. However, to preserve the color and keep the hair healthy, it is imperative to do a thorough maintenance. Coloring tends to dry out the hair and break it, not to mention the fact that it tarnishes in the absence of proper care.

To prevent your colored hair from weakening, it needs to be well hydrated in addition to specific care to strengthen and protect the hair against external aggressions.

Find our tips and tricks for a better maintenance of your colored hair.

Choosing your hair products well

The first thing to do before even coloring your hair is to find out about the types of products suitable for the desired coloring. You can find out more on the internet, or ask your hairdresser for advice if the choice of coloring is made in the salon.

By opting for products specially dedicated to colored hair and the type of coloring, not only do you maintain the color, but you also avoid breaking your hair.

Opt for sulfate-free products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) so as not to dehydrate your hair and distort its color.

Colored hair products nourish the scalp weakened by color in depth and help keep the hair healthy.

Adopt a good hair routine

For bright hair full of vitality, the habits that follow must now be part of your hair routine.

  • Before shampoo

Limit washing your hair to 1 or twice a week. Beyond that, its color may tarnish and quickly lose its shine.

Once a week, apply a suitable treatment the day before your shampoo. Generally it is an oil bath intended to nourish the scalp. The night is ideal so that the care penetrates as much as possible into the hair fiber so that it gorges itself with the nutrients necessary for its health, and for intense hydration.

You have a whole range of choices of oil for colored hair:

  • Castor oil appreciated for its fortifying, fall arrest, and shiny effects
  • Argan oil used to moisturize the hair and calm the scalp suffering from irritations
  • The sweet almond oil preferred for its restorative, moisturizing and nourishing effects
  • Calendula oil recommended for very irritated scalps thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing action
  • During shampoo

To avoid attacking your hair already weakened by coloring, perform the shampoo in two stages.

The first will be useful to clean your hair of all residues of dandruff, limestone, or excess sebum. We advise you to always opt for a shampoo with a neutral PH.

The second shampoo has more of a treatment purpose and must be chosen according to the nature of your hair: dry, greasy, for colored hair, etc. This one is to be left 2 to 3 minutes on the hair before rinsing.

After shampooing, do not forget to use a conditioner and mask for colored hair. The latter make it possible to moisturize, nourish and sheath the hair while keeping the color intact for as long as possible.

As with standard products, the conditioner is applied to wet and wrung hair. Perform a light massage on your scalp and let the product act for 3 minutes.

Then rinse with water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to bring your hair shine.

Care with or without rinsing?

Whether you have a preference for one or the other, you can find the right formula for your hair.

Care with rinsing

You have two options: the use of a mask, or the use of a conditioner.

For the first, it is to be applied at most twice a week on wrung wet hair. Leave it at least 30 minutes on your hair so that it can penetrate well and nourish the hair fiber while repairing it. The hair mask also makes it easy to untangle your hair.

His choice should be focused on the care intended for colored hair, which have been designed to close the scales of the hair fibers and maintain the pigments with a color enhancing effect.

For the application, make points to the root. Do not forget to use a warm microfiber towel to open the scales of your hair and promote the penetration of the different active ingredients that make up the care.

Regarding the conditioner or untangling balm, the exposure time is much shorter than the hair mask. It is to be applied on wrung hair after shampooing.

If you have fine hair, this is the best option. Its lighter and smoother texture than the mask facilitates its application. For a beautiful hair, the conditioner also brings a moisturizing and untangling action.

Care without rinsing

These are moisturizing treatments to be applied to wrung hair to make them soft and silky. Generally in the form of creams, nutrient-rich care is perfect for dry, thick or textured hair.

If you have fine, short or oily hair, a bi-phase without oil is more suitable.

As for sensitized hair, both long and thick, the oil bi-phases provide intense nutrition.

The care without rinsing can be used daily on dry hair, and even during daily detangling. It can be combined with the hair mask or conditioner for a perfect result.

Some precautions and tips to take for the maintenance of colored hair

In order not to damage colored hair, it is important to take some precautions.

All sources of heat should be avoided.

Avoid assaulting your hair with the straightening iron, especially when it is still wet. You risk breaking them, and making them lose their shine. In case it is difficult for you to do without straightening iron, space the uses at least 10 days apart.

Prefer drying in the open air. When using a hair dryer, do not program it at too high a temperature at the risk of breaking your hair and weakening it.

Protect your colored hair from the sun and sea salt during your summer holidays. For this, use protective oils or sprays, as well as shampoos, masks and after-sun care.

 In addition to a good moisturizing and nourishing hair routine suitable for colored hair, some products can help you revive and prolong your color.

Such are the case of re-pigmentant care and keratin care that preserve the color in the long term and provide good resistance to the hair as well as a magnificent shine and real protection.