How to take care of your wavy hair?

No more searching for smooth hair! The trend today is wavy hair. Short, half-long and long, all lengths reflect a trendy and glamorous look with the ripples. If your hair is naturally wavy, you are a real lucky one. Many women envy you.

However, it is not always easy to keep them, and the longer the hair, the more the ripples relax. If they catch the eye and bring a real touch of originality, it is a real headache to keep them healthy and keep beautiful ripples. More delicate than smooth hair, they require specific care.

Discover in this article the tips and advice to take good care of your wavy hair.

Know what category your wavy hair is in

Knowing the type of your hair makes it easier to find suitable care.

Unlike curly hair, wavy hair is less tight and easier to treat.

Wavy hair is in the type 2 category. The latter is itself subdivided into two categories: 2a and 2b.

Type 2a is recognized in its light S-shaped form. If your hair is in this category, usually it is easy to style.

As for the 2b, the hair that is classified there is more rebellious and clings slightly. Their shape is more drawn than type 2a hair.

The care routine

A good care routine is necessary for pretty ripples.

The importance of hydration

Hydration is the basis of healthyhair. To do so, choose 100% natural products based on shea butter, almond oil, or aloe vera.

An application twice a week is ideal in the form of a mask. Your hair thus regains its suppleness and softness. Not to mention that well-hydrated hair regains a magnificent shine.

Opt for jojoba oil to have vaporous curls.

A shampoo suitable for wavy hair

By opting for a shampoo adapted to the nature of your hair,you promote well-defined ripples, while offering them an excellent hold. Curly shampoos are also suitable for wavy hair because the maintenance is quite similar.

However, we advise you to opt for a specific shampoo with wavy hair that has a soft characteristic for a healthy hair fiber.

Make sure that the shampoos are well spaced and do not exceed a wash of one to two times a week. This is to preserve the natural barriers of protection of your hair and limit the excess of sebum.

During your shampoo, perform a light massage of your scalp without rubbing to promote the fixation of care, and stimulate hair growth.

Gentle drying

Promote drying in the open air after washing. Even if heating devices allow a real saving of time, their heat damages the hair fiber over time. You will have dull, britper and dry hair.

For drying, start by gently dabing your hair with a cotton or microfiber towel without rubbing.

The mask applied during washing promotes ripples that will be more defined when drying in the open air.

Caring for your hair during the night

During the night, all the cells of the body regenerate at a faster rate. Applying the care for wavy hair in the evening (masks, oil baths, etc.) is then a good method for a deep repair.

Distribute the products evenly over your hair, then cover with a cotton or microfiber material before going to bed.

Upon waking up, your hair will be well nourished, soft and shiny. After rinsing, you will have beautiful undulations or well-defined curls.

The gestures to avoid to have well wavy hair

All heat source devices

Whether you have wavy, curly or curly hair, straighteners, blow drying, or even buckling irons are to be banned. These heat source devices are the enemies placed in the foreground of the hair. They help to dry out the hair fiber and are sources of a lot of damage to your hair.

Store the comb and brush

Avoid combing or brushing your hair when it gets wet. To untangle them, use your fingers. In case an accessory is indispensable to you, opt for a comb with large teeth. On wet hair, paint tips towards the root. This makes it possible not to destructure your ripples.

Opt for wood or horn materials that are appreciated for their strength without having static effects. Frizz will also be reduced. Don’t forget to use a styling balm or moisturizer to perfect the finish of your curls or ripples.

Some tips to promote the result of your care

Choosing the right pillowcase

In order not to be in a bad mood as soon as you wake up, choose a cotton satin pillowcase. This will produce less friction on your hair.

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Before going to bed, separate the strands and make simple twists to have pretty ripples in the morning. Not only will you save time, but your hair will not suffer during the night.

Opt for a proper cut

Some cuts are ideal to accentuate the value of wavy hair.

  • Degraded cross-sections

Perform a cutting of the tips every three months.

To bring out the curls and highlight the ripples,favor a degraded cut adapted to the structure of your hair.

  • Graphic cross-sections

For a modern look, you can opt for frank graphics, asymmetrical or plunging cuts that beautifully enhance your wavy hair.

The use of an anti-frizz serum

As one of the number 1 enemy of wavy hair, frizz usually testifies to poor hair health. Applying an anti-frizz serum to damp hair can help you limit them.

Some oils such as coconut oil or broccoli vegetable oil used as a mask before shampoo or as a replacement for a serum, are known to control the appearance of frizz.