Are you tired of your dull, torn, irritated and flaking skin? Don’t know why it’s dry or how to treat it? Find out how to moisturize it to give it a little vigor and flexibility.

Moisturizers: essential to fight dry skin

Moisturizers like the ones you find here can help you fight dry skin by plumping the skin by retaining moisture. If you have naturally dry skin, a good moisturizer can combat this dryness, but it can also prevent your skin from drying out in the first place.

To treat your dry skin, include this step in your morning and evening care routine. To do this, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer that not only restores lost hydration, but also prevents dehydration while keeping your skin supple and pleasantly soft. In the evening, apply a moisturizer with a stronger effect, and in the morning another cream lighter, ideally with built-in UV protection.

Moisturizers for optimal hydration

First of all, it’s important that you apply your moisturizer at the right time. For best results, do it right after taking a shower and cleaning your face. It is important that your skin is free of impurities. For the face, you need to remove makeup, grease and dirt so that the moisturizer is better absorbed by your skin.

The moment after showering and cleaning the face is a good time to moisturize your skin, as it can take advantage of the moisture already present. However, make sure it is dry to the touch so that your moisturizer can be properly absorbed. If not yet, tap lightly with a towel. Then gently massage your moisturizer onto your skin.

The right ingredients for a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated

Often you don’t know which ingredients are most effective in moisturizing your skin. However, there are a few that need to be present in dry skin care.


It is a natural compound with strong moisturizing properties for dry skin. It attracts water molecules into the upper layers of your skin and restores lost water where it is most needed.


It is a hydrophobic ingredient that creates a protective barrier on your skin, traps moisture and helps prevent moisture loss.


Moisturizers containing niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) as an ingredient enhance the natural hydration barrier and keep your skin hydrated.

In short, to keep your skin healthy and supple, choose a moisturizer that contains these three key ingredients.

Knowing how to moisturize the skin from the inside

Moisturizing your skin from the inside is just as important as treating it from the outside. Drink enough water every day to protect your body from dehydration and keep your skin moist.

If you don’t like drinking as much water, you can cover some of your daily water needs with fruits that contain a lot of water (e.g. watermelon, strawberry, melon, peach, orange). In addition to moisturizing your skin, these foods also provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants for the skin.