IT Cosmetics bye bye Pores – Review

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Foundation can be defined as a cosmetic product that can unify the complexion and can sometimes hide certain facial imperfections. A real camouflage tool, the powder is constantly used to perfect make-up and make pores disappear. On the other hand, there are foundation that plays several roles on the face and can be taxed as a versatile product. So, if you are an advanced age and you are looking for a foundation that can blur wrinkles we advise you to take the foundation it cosmetics bye bye pores. It is a very effective product for makeup and at the same time allows you to visibly smooth your wrinkles directly after application.

Is IT cosmetics bye bye pores recommended?

Of course we recommend this product. It is a foundation like no other that is compatible with mature skin and is able to conceal certain wrinkles. With this foundation on the face you have a perfect complexion and a good opportunity to make your pores disappear. It is a cosmetic product that goes well with all types of skin without consequence. Moreover, it is composed of several elements very unfaring to the face. It therefore has no side effects after prolonged or short application of the powder on your face. Its application is quite simple and easy for everyone to do and it gives you quick and instant results. You don’t feel anything on your face thanks to its light texture and you can take it anywhere because of its light weight and compact size.

Reviews for or against IT cosmetics bye bye pores

  • Perfect complexion
  • For any skin type
  • No side effects
  • Simple application
  • Quick and durable result
  • Light texture
  • Multifunctional product
  • Easy to take away
  • Not for everyone

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As a professional makeup artist I have to have the best products in my kit and be ready to make up all ages and all skin types. That’s why I use most of the cosmetics I buy on myself before using them on customers. Once the cosmetics bye bye pores came out I ordered it for my personal use and I was very happy with the results. It is a protective foundation and pleasant to wear as it does not have a heavy texture. Its composition has no side effects on the skin and it can spend the day on my face and I only remove makeup in the evening. I have already ordered other foundation to insert them into my makeup kit. I’m sure the majority of my clients will also enjoy this foundation.

Perfect complexion

When you’re at home you don’t care too much about your appearance but once you want to get the complexion out of your face is the priority because it has to be perfect. However, the search for a good complexion is often the cause of the use of several cosmetic products unsuitable for the face. Now, no more trial and error in choosing a good foundation because it cosmetics bye bye pores can meet all your expectations and much more. This product is able to make your complexion uniform, without task and with a good fading technology that perfectly conceals the imperfections of your face. Once you have properly applied this foundation to the face you have a flawless finish and you have a hard time recognizing yourself on the mirror.

For any skin type

The difficulty that some women often have in finding the foundation that suits them is that they have oily skin that leaves the face shiny even after applying this product. This is where the difference lies between this foundation it cosmetics bye bye pores and other classic products. With this model you don’t need to know what type of skin you have before applying or buying it. Not only does it fit all skins but it is also compatible with all complexions. You can have oily, acneic, dry skin this does not matter for the application of this book powder. Just as you can have a black or light complexion its translucent shade is unique and universal for all complexions.

No side effects

Many women do not use certain cosmetics in application on the face because of the side effects that many of them have already shown on the face. Especially since it is the most visible part of the body and the one you look at first when you are facing a person. However, the need to take care of it is universal and it cosmetics bye bye pores may well help you in this process. What we want you to understand here is that this cosmetic product has no side effects on the skin. It was designed with a mixture of plant extract and chemicals that respects the hydrogen potential of each skin. Thus, the application of this foundation is safe for your skin even after a long period of use.

Simple application

You have long used a professional makeup artist to perfect your complexion and others have already spent huge sums to go to beauty salons in order to make yourself beautiful. Still, anyone can apply their foundation alone at home and get the expected rendering with it cosmetics bye bye pores. It’s a product that’s quite simple and easy to apply that anyone can do at home before going out. The product comes in the form of a small box and inside is a soft sponge that will serve as an application. You pat a little product on the powder and pass it gently over your face so as to make it uniform. If you wish and have it at home you can also use a brush designed for free powder only.

Quick and durable result

No need to wait several hours or apply foundation in large quantities to your face to get the results you expect. With it cosmetics bye bye pores it’s action and reaction which means that once you’ve finished applying it to the face you immediately see the results. Your skin becomes different from what it was before the application of foundation and that’s all many women ask for. Your pores disappear directly and your fine lines and wrinkles automatically become invisible the whole time you wear foundation. You can do a before and after experience with a photo to really see the difference that there is after using this product. The most interesting thing about this product is that it is able to last all day on the face unlike other foundation that fades quickly at the slightest perspiration.

Light texture

Some classic foundation on the market sometimes gives a heavy and pasty look on the faces of many users. This directly creates a discouragement and a lack of desire to continue applying foundation to the face. If you try the cosmetics bye bye pores you will regain taste in your makeup as it is a product that is quite light and fine on the face. You won’t feel like you’ve worn a product on your face even after sweating. The texture of this foundation is quite fluid and goes unnoticed on the face apart from giving you a perfect complexion. Plus, you don’t need to work the powder on your face for a long time to give it that light look. A single pass on the face with the sponge or brush is enough to normally spread the foundation on the face.

Multifunctional product

This foundation it cosmetics bye bye pores allows you to remove all pores from your face and make it pleasant and smooth to the touch. But its action is not only limited to this because it also contributes to the protection of mature skin. Indeed, it is a product that is suitable for the elderly because it also helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles of the face. When applied to some skins it allows to have a matte finish with a face without oil and without gloss effect. From a certain age you can no longer use any product on your face at the risk of increasing the signs of old age on your skin. This is why it cosmetics bye bye pores is very recommended for older women who wish to have flawless skin.

Easy to take away

If you are a user who works all day outside the home you will need at some point of day to do a little touch-up with your foundation. This is not a problem because the compact size and light weight of this it cosmetics bye bye pores will make your job easier. Indeed, you can take it anywhere for all your travels since it does not create any clutter and does not weigh. It’s packaged in a box that is 8 x 8 x 3 cm in size and is a size that can fit even into your wallet without difficulty. After using it in the morning you can throw it in your handbag to use in the evening or during the day according to your convenience. The weight of your bag will not change and you won’t even feel like you’ve introduced a cosmetic product. Storage in the house is very easy as it can be enough in your make-up kit, in a drawer in the bedroom or on a shelf in your bathroom.

Not for everyone

Unfortunately, it cosmetics bye bye pores is a cosmetic product that does not fit everyone. You should already know that it is not made for men let alone for children at the risk of destroying their skin still supple and young. It is a foundation that is much more designed for mature people and who already show the first signs of wrinkles on the face. If you are young and still have beautiful skin it is useless to choose this foundation that will not be compatible with your youth. Indeed, this product is practical and advisable enough to hide pores but it takes into account the age of the person who wants to use it. So you can’t decide to buy this foundation and apply it to your face only because you like it without taking into account a number of settings.

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