Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a plant called Simmondsia Chinensis. This plant is found mostly in Southern California, Mexico, and Arizona. It is a native plant in the American Southwest. It has been getting a lot of attention because jojoba oil is packed with the right blend of minerals and vitamins that have been known to nourish both the scalp and the hair. These vitamins are vitamins B, C, and E. Vitamin E, in particular, plays a big role in boosting overall skin health. Vitamin C is crucial for skin and tissue repair and healing. Vitamin B goes a long way in restoring as well as improving skin elasticity and cellular energy absorption. In terms of minerals, jojoba oil is packed with copper and zinc. This oil has many antioxidants that help protect the skin from the ravages of free radicals that strip away the cellular health of skin which can lead to early degradation and aging. Jojoba oil can also hydrate and moisturize the hair.

Using Jojoba Oil for Hair

This product can be used to mask your scalp. All you need to do is massage the oil onto the base of your hair and into your scalp right before bedtime. Leave it overnight so it can seep in and help your scalp deal with irritations. It moisturizes the outer layers of your scalp skin and penetrates deep to boost the skin’s existing self-replacement and self-rejuvenation process. What else does jojoba oil do? It ensures your hair does not suffer from split ends, breakage, and dryness by boosting the overall health of your scalp skin. It nourishes the top layer of your scalp so it is more conducive to healthier hair follicles that are less likely to break and fall out.

This leads to an overall strengthening of the hair strands at the base. This is important because everything starts with the scalp. In terms of cosmetic appearance, jojoba oil moisturizes your follicles producing more voluminous and shinier as well as silkier hair. If you want hair that is soft to the touch and smooth, consider using jojoba oil.

How Much Heat Does Jojoba Oil Need?

Since you are applying it to the base of your scalp and your hair directly, it is important to warm the oil a little bit before you apply it. This is especially true if you are going to apply it directly to hair strands. The amount of oil you apply depends on the length of your hair. One tablespoon for short hair is plenty. Longer hair will need two tablespoons.

When applying to your hair instead of the scalp, apply the oil just above the scalp and then comb upwards until you reach the tips of your hair. Leave the product on your mane for around twenty minutes. Using commercial shampoo and conditioner, rinse out and condition. The best use of jojoba oil is as a supplement to the hair care products you are already using. It is not a replacement. It boosts the overall health of your hair, but it does not cleanse or condition your hair. Keep in mind that jojoba oil is a hair care supplement.

Factors that affect Jojoba oil quality

When shopping for hair care products with jojoba, make sure you keep an eye on the following considerations. They ensure that you end up with the product that will deliver the benefits you’re looking for. Otherwise, you might just be rolling the dice and crossing your fingers (and still end up with less than awesome results).


Pay close attention to where the product sourced its jojoba from. Different parts of the American Southwest grow jojoba but the best oil comes from Arizona.


Much of the jojoba oil products currently on the market are blends. Make sure you know which oil the jojoba is mixed with and see if your skin normally interacts well with that carrier oil.


Look at the bottle of the jojoba product you’re buying. Make sure the concentration is high enough (over 50%). If not, you may be wasting your hard earned cash.

Natural formulation

Take a look at the rest of the ingredients on the jojoba oil product bottle. If you can’t access the product physically, look up the ingredients label on the Web. Make sure most if not all of the listed items that make up the product you are thinking of buying are completely natural. For bonus points, see if the jojoba and its other ingredients actually came from organically grown pesticide free feedstock. You may have to find specialty brands for this all natural, 100% organic, non-GMO combination.

Best jojoba oil brands for hair recommended list

Different people have different types of hair, we have listed some of the best-selling and most popular jojoba oil products currently on the market.

Ultimately, it depends on your choice of products based on the type of hair you have as well as your other preferences. Use this as a starting point.

This is by no means to be used as some sort of a one size fits all solution. Different people have different types of hair and they have different needs and experiences.

Let’s keep it at that level. The key here is to give you a starting point so you can eventually investigate a product that makes sense in your particular situation. 

Leven Rose’s jojoba oil

This is an all-natural moisturizer made out of unrefined jojoba oil.  It is intended for optimal skin and hair health.

What makes this product stand out is that it is cold-pressed, completely organic, and unrefined. No wonder it can be described as “pure” jojoba oil.

Please understand that if you use jojoba oil does that has gone through a high-heat extraction process, its chemical structure might have broken down. The good news is you can take a lot of confidence in unrefined products because their oils have retained their structural integrity.

So the fatty acids play a big role in moisturizing and improving the quality of your hair is left intact. On top of that, the other Ingredients in this unrefined formulation helps ensure overall hair health.

These are nutrients which help moisturize both your hair and skin. If you’re looking for a healthier, silkier, and smoother hair you should consider this product.

This especially true if you have an untameable and hard to manage frizzy, dry hair.

Clijanic 100% pure organic jojoba oil

Any manufacturer can claim their jojoba oil is organic but the good news about Clijanic is that it is certified by the US Department of Agriculture sourcing only purely organic.

It’s really important to understand the importance of organic in the setting. What’s the point of using a natural product when it’s grown using harsh chemicals?

Pure and organic jojoba oil is sourced from plants that were not subjected to artificial fertilizers and pesticides.  Another selling point of Clijanic is that it’s hexane-free which is a big deal.

Normally, oils are extracted at high efficiency because they are crushed and put under a lot of pressure and then mixed with a chemical called hexane.

This slurry is then heated up and nothing is left of the base product because everything has been reduced to a gas, then hexane is freed into gas and what’s left is the oil.

This may make a lot of sense in commercial oil processing but when it comes to products that are supposed to boost your skin health, you probably would want that item to be as hexane-free as possible.

This is exactly what Clijanic delivers. It is also cold-pressed and unrefined which means that all the natural goodness of the extract remains in the product and hasn’t been filtered out. 

This product is so awesome that you can use it on a lot of other places on your body besides your hair. You can use it on your cuticles, nails, skin, as well as the face.

If it’s formulation isn’t awesome enough, please take note that it also comes With B complex and vitamin E nutrients.

This product is so pure that you can even use it as a carrier oil by mixing it with your favorite blend of essential oils for soothing healthy massages. Finally, this product is also cruelty-free and completely vegan.

Artnaturals organic jojoba oil

This jojoba oil is unrefined and is used for primarily therapeutic purposes. It is a very powerful moisturizing agent and can cleanse your skin.

This particular formulation is packed with a lot of antioxidants that prevent your skin from being integrated with free radicals in the environment This protection also extends to your hair.

If you’re looking to use this on other parts of your body it also makes for a great gentle facial cleanser.

Kat Blanc cosmetic jojoba oil

This brand is getting quite popular because of their commitment to a 100% natural product. How do we know?

Well, first of all,  the jojoba oil used in this product is cold-pressed. It hasn’t gone through any kind of heating extraction process which could degrade the chemical structure of the oil.

On top of that, it hasn’t been filtered. So it hasn’t gone a refining process where it’s heated distilled or somehow filtered.

You can then rest assure that it contains a lot of the phytonutrients contained in jojoba feedstock. To set you at ease, it wasn’t processed with hexane so this means that the feedstock for this product was ground up and turned into mush then mixed with hexane and then basically vaporized.

Instead, this product uses raw jojoba organic feedstock and is extracted manually. The yield may be very low, but you can rest assured that there are no chemical additives, nasty residues, or any unpleasant surprises.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people who use this product say that their hair and skin got a nice radiant glow after application. A lot of people also use this to treat pimple scars as well as acne.

If you’re looking to soothe your skin and deal with redness and irritation, this is a good choice. Also, a lot of people who suffer from psoriasis and eczema use this product.

The final word

If you want to tap the amazing styling and hair body building power of jojoba oil, you really have to do your homework. Seriously. There are too many products out there that say ‘jojoba oil’ on their labels but deliver lousy results. Get the inside scoop on this amazing hair styling component by reading the tips above and using them when you’re out shopping for your next hair care product.