Kelo Cote – Review

Everyone at some point in their life has a scar, whether it’s an injury, an operation, or just an accident. Depending on where they are placed, these scars are sometimes unpleasant and gives only one desire to the victim is to get rid of them as quickly as possible. For this, there are nowadays anti-healing products, very effective that you can use, such as Kelo Cote, which is a gel that reduces the redness of scars. With this gel, you can finally say completely goodbye to all your scars, even the most stubborn ones. It is not enough for us to say that you trust this product, but you have to go through the article to get more details, and understand that this is a freeze that everyone should have.

Is Kelo Cote gel recommended?

This product is highly recommended. It is indicated for the treatment of old or new scars, including even hypertrophics and keloids. It is an effective gel for scarring resulting from trauma, wounds, burns or even surgery. It is also able to iron out scars that are a little elevated, while reducing the pain associated with these scars. The Kelo Cote is a transparent, odourless product that goes unnoticed and can be applied even to go out for a walk during the day. Especially since the texture is light and dry quickly, within seconds of its application you do not notice that you have put a product on the scar. No matter what type of skin you have, it suits all skin types and all ages, giving you at the end a visible result from the first week of applications.

The “for” and “against” notices of the Kelo Cote gel

  • Transparent
  • Smell-free
  • Dry quickly
  • Treats all scars
  • Suitable for all skins
  • Quick results
  • A little high selling price

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I am a very curious person, and I like to experiment with some simple and health-safe products, as is the case with this Kelo Cote gel. I saw it on the internet and decided to order it to see if it was able to remove a scar that had already done two years on my knee without moving. And there, a big surprise for me, I’m only three weeks of application and my scar is already improving. Everyone around me is even starting to see the difference, and some people are asking me what I might have applied to it. I’m really excited about this purchase, and I keep recommending it to everyone, everyone around me. It is a really very effective gel and that acts quickly, today there is only a small trickle of scar that is difficult to see.


The colour of a product for an injury is not often the most consumer-viewed criterion when buying. With an injury, it is sometimes bearable to put a color product without worry, because in any case, the injury is already much more visible than the product in question. But when the wound is gone and it is a simple anti-healing, that’s when some people look for a product that’s not going to be too visible after application.

Fortunately, you can count on the Kelo Cole healing, which is perfect for what many are looking for. It’s a completely transparent gel, which is just like water, just with a slightly heavier texture. This transparency is a real asset for this product, because it allows you to apply it even if you are going out for a walk in the middle of the day. He won’t see himself, and no one will know that you put a product on your scar. If you have a scar on your face, you can apply your anti-healing gel and put your makeup on top without any problems.


It is known to everyone that there are ointments that have unbearable odors during the application, and that even continues to be felt minutes after application. It is often unpleasant to have to be confronted with this kind of product, especially if you have to put it and go to your place of service. Such a product unfortunately forces the user to skip the application sessions, because he can only do so when he is at home, so as not to disturb his surroundings with the smells. The Kelo Cote is very different, its transparency rhymes with painless, it really looks like water, yet it is indeed a very effective product for your scars.

Even when you get closer to the entire tube, you feel no bad smell, let alone during its application. It’s a freeze that you can even in any circumstance, even on a public transit bus. No one will realize that you have opened a tube, and that you have just applied a product. This absence of odour is very beneficial for those who do not support the unpleasant little smells that often come from products of this kind.

Dry quickly

There are several styles of ointments, some in the form of gel and others in the form of cream, resembling a body milk. The difference between a cream ointment and a gel ointment is the cream often tends not to dry quickly, so the gel is a substance that evaporates easily, and therefore dries as quickly. It is certainly for this reason that this manufacturer has chosen to make this anti-scar ointment in the form of gel. By choosing this texture, it pleases consumers,because a product that dries quickly is a product that gets put on as quickly, without wasting time.

To make some other products disappear on a scar, you have to rub for very long minutes. However, with the Kelo Cote, as soon as you apply it you have to massage directly lightly, because if you let the product evaporate and dry very quickly. So you can apply it even before you wear your garment, without fear that it will do a visible task on it. So you only have a few seconds to get your gel into the scar, otherwise you’ll have to put it back every time so it works well on your scar.

Treats all scars

Some scars may look the same, yet they are not caused by the same effects. Each scar is unique, depending on where it comes from, and the ability of a scar to disappear depends precisely on that source. The scars of a surgical procedure, for example, do not have the same time of disappearance as the scar of a simple wound, or an injury. This is why there are anti-healing products on the market for each of these types of scars. But you don’t need to clutter up with a multitude of anti-healing cream when you can have the Kelo Cote that acts effectively on all types of scars.

It is a gel that makes no distinction about the scar you have, whether for a wound, for an injury, for surgery, the Kelo Cote responds in the same way on all scars. The hardest part is often to remove a scar left by an operation, because those wounds are often very easy to remove. But this gel is very effective to act quickly on all the scars of your choice.

Suitable for all skins

The skin is a very delicate part of the human body, because it has a different texture depending on each person. You can see people with sensitive skin, others with dry skin and much stronger than others. This is why, before using certain products on the skin, you should ask a dermatologist. This is just to reassure yourself that the product will have no side effects on the skin after a few days of application. With Kelo Cote, you don’t have to worry and run to your dermatologist. It is a gel that is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

You will also see on the notice that it is a product that you can use even on young children. It’s just to tell you how soft this anti-healing gel is and has no effect on the skin. No allergic reaction was found on all those who have already used this product, no irritation, even after several months of application. On the contrary, it soothes and relieves the itching and some pain associated with scarring.

Quick results

Having a scar is a situation that no one likes, especially when the scar is visible and placed under everyone’s eyes. The only thing you want is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. When we find a gel that gives us the possibility and hope that this scar will disappear, we would not like to wait forever before we see it act. It’s a chance to count on this Kelo Cote gel, which acts very quickly on scars. Regardless of the size of your scar, you can be sure to start seeing the changes only a few weeks after its application. It is recommended to put it twice a day,after bathing, for an optimal result from the first week.

After applying for a few months, you find that the size of the scar has decreased considerably, and that there is only a tiny part left that is no longer very visible as before. It is a really effective gel that will allow you to regain a soft and beautiful skin where the scar was placed. It is better to take a picture before, because after using this gel, you will no longer know or was located the scar, because it will have completely disappeared.

A little high selling price

Obviously, all good things have a price, and it’s no surprise that this gel is sold at a price a little too high for some people. Especially since the tube is not big enough and is only 15 gram, for its price, it’s really expensive. Even if with all the advantages and efficiency of the product, it is understandable that the manufacturer puts it at this price. But he certainly did not think about all the scholarships in making such a decision, because those who do not have enough means will not be able to afford it. Everyone can end up with a scar, so it’s not just the rich who are victims, the less well-off too, may very well need it. This manufacturer should think about revising its price, in order to put its anti-healing gel, within the reach of all.

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