Going natural, or dealing with natural hair that hasn’t been treated with a relaxer can get frustrating. So here we will break down a list of the top 10 best natural hair growth products for women.

From navigating multiple hair textures and running trial-and-error experiments with products until hair starts breaking off. You’ll almost always encounter that it can be frustrating. It can be tempting sometimes to just throw your hands up in the air, grab your flat iron and run off with a tub of a relaxer.

But once the transition period is over, there’s a high chance of you finding a full head of gorgeous kinks and curls emerging and thriving atop your head.

There’s a lot to be said and done but ultimately, the process is individual to the person. I’ve seen friends go from a pixie to bob in months simply by sticking to a biotin gummy. Everyone’s got their very own list of the best natural hair growth products and a specific way of using them.

Over time and through a good amount of conversations with experts and hair experts I have gotten to know that the best way to start and keep going is by making simple, healthy choices. These choices include improving my diet with protein-rich foods and plenty of water, followed by a wash day routine and daily styling regimen that doesn’t compromise moisture. 

As you and I know, now that people are staying in their homes in an effort to practice safe social distancing, some are embracing — or being forced to embrace — more natural tendencies. FOcusing on ways to promote not only natural hair growth but also natural skin care, this can get challenging.

Transitioning to natural hair can seem akin to conducting a chemistry project: It takes time, it can get messy and complicated and it can be a process to figure out the perfect formula for your hair. It can also be tempting to violate coronavirus-derived closure rules and visit a salon. “The closing of beauty shops across the country because of the coronavirus pandemic has left many black women frustrated — and a bit panicky,” NBC BLK reported.

But once you nail the process, you may find that your natural style is preferable to a style fixed with heat and heavy products. To help take some of the guesswork out of your own journey we have compiled a list of the top 10 best natural hair growth products on the market today.

Now let us proceed to the reason why we are here, the top 10 natural hair growth products, and they are as follows;

1. Oribe Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control for Natural Hair Growth

natural hair growth

For those who love washing their hair with conditioner or co-washing, I recommend the Oribe Cleansing Crème.

Co-washing can get really complicated. It’s not just about washing with conditioner to avoid the drying and stripping effect of shampoos. Rather, it’s using a cleansing conditioner specifically formulated to clean your scalp and moisturize it at the same time.

Oribe’s co-wash cleans hair without stripping it of its natural oils. “It’s a heavier product for hair that is thicker and frizzy, so it also tames your curls.”

2. Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Shampoo

Dani Priester, the owner of Haus of Beauty Salon in Englewood, N.J., is a fan of the entire Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling line, particularly the shampoo and conditioner utilizing the amazing natural hair growth benefits of almonds and avocados.

Both products work to hydrate, soften, and detangle your hair while leaving it feeling clean but not stripped. That squeaky-clean hair feeling is not welcomed in the natural hair world — squeaky-clean hair to naturalists can mean that it’s over-stripped of its natural oils, which can lead to damaged hair prone to breakage.

“These are amazing products for retaining the moisture in your hair,” Priester said. “They perfectly hydrate for the natural-haired, and those with any type of real texture.”

3. Ouidad Curl Immersion Low-Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner

This product Is sulfate-free, extra moisturizing, and great for nourishing curls. it is coconut oil-based, which is great to avoid breakage and promote healthy hair growth.”

4. dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

For naturalists seeking a real natural product (or one you might find outside of your bathroom, maybe in the kitchen), using an apple cider vinegar rinse has been recommended by some hairstylists. In contrast to shampoo, it will clarify your scalp and remove impurities while maintaining your hair’s natural oils.

It is also great to keep the hair and scalp in its proper pH level while giving a gentle cleanse.”

5. it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in treatment

Some people actually prefer the similarly named It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in treatment, and it’s a no brainer. I recommend using this after you shampoo and condition because it detangles and makes hair easier to manage.

It is also great for hair because of its amazing benefits, such as eliminating frizz, restoring shine, and enhancing body, and it’s also great for damaged hair.”

6. Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner boasts 25 benefits that keep hair protected from heat, while also preparing it for detangling, providing hydration, and counteracting dryness so your curls will be soft and bouncy. 

“Detangler, curl refresher, blow-dry refresher, leave-in, hair primer,” are better off for starters. who really want o take care of their hairs

7. Jane Carter Condition and Sculpt Smoothing Curl Prep Gel

Are you among the wash-and-go people of the world or those who tend to wash and style their hair without manipulating heat or protective styling? If yes, then the leave-in, oil, cream, gel method (LOCG) is likely the way to go.

And to best perform it, I recommend Jane Carter Condition And Sculpt. The smoothing gel (the G in LOCG) will lock in moisture while smoothing the hair cuticle, fighting off frizz and protecting and conditioning hair.

When applied while hair is fully saturated with water, it dries in the same state that your hair looks like wet, It dries hard, like gel, but can be finger-combed because it still gives a flexible hold with no flakes or product build-up.”

8. Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Hot Off the Press Thermal Protection Hairspray

This product is perfect for a silk press or wand curls and barrel curls.” The spray uses rice hull extract to create a lightweight barrier between the hair and the hot tool.

This hairspray is an anti-humidity spray that allows a flexible hold, allowing the hair to stay sleek and straight against the elements that cause it to revert.

9. Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Sulfate-Free Shampoo

If detangling only leaves you with more shedding, Design Essentials’ entire line of softening and moisturizing almond and avocado products (including the sulfate-free cleanser) will keep your hair strong and hydrated.

10. EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Soufflé

I’m pretty sure someone with some amazing curls has been scrolling down this page for something that is meant for them, well search no further, for curl-seekers, EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Soufflé is a great option, according to Collington.

“It’s lightweight but it works wonders on finer texture curls, bringing outshine and definition.”

Relying on its all-natural ingredients, the Coconut Shea Pudding Soufflé will get you setting, twisting and curling your soft and moisturized hair. A curly balm that gets the job done just as well it’s evo’s Liquid Rollers Curly Balm, which holds your curls and afros in place while eliminating frizz (it being the enemy here, in case you hadn’t heard).


A big key in going natural with your hair is finding the best treatment for it. More specifically, that means finding a functional leave-in treatment, a mask, or a detangling spray.

Giving your hair a last-minute dose of moisture can make the difference between smooth, bouncy curls, and a disastrous moment of floppiness. Good treatments also help protect and save your hair from future damage like split ends or breakage. A good hydrating or moisturizing treatment will keep your hair looking and feeling healthier for longer and help your hair stay frizz-free for longer.

“Using a shampoo and conditioner that are paraben- and sulfate-free keeps hair much more manageable,” Vanessa Collington, a stylist at Mizu Hair Salon New York, told NBC News.

As with a majority of natural hair products, what works for one person may not work for another. An entire family can gather a full pantry of products and what works for mom might dry and bring forth a flaky mess for one of the kids (that’s personal experience speaking).

Styling natural hair, therefore, can be tricky. Some naturalists love wash-and-go options.

Some want to prepare their hair for protective styles like wigs, weaves and crochet braids

And some want to take care of their hair so it’s at its strongest before they apply heat.

When it comes to blowing drying or flat ironing hair, the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and its curling counterpart, the Airwrap styler, both help protect against extreme hair damage and reduce the drying time on wash days, notoriously lengthy experience in the natural hair community.