The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is clinically proven to treat hair loss for both men and women. The Low-level laser therapy is known to be non-invasive, safe, and clinically proven thanks to the hair follicles that helps to grow thicker and fuller hair. This non-invasive hair loss method is sure to spark some excitement.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

This powerful medical device uses clinical-strength laser technology to treat balding, thinning hair, and receding hairline. Within the clinical study, 100% of users who grew their hair had experienced significant hair growth. During the 4-month study, the typical increase in hair count was an astonishing 43.2%.

The engineers who are behind this product have calibrated the lasers to the optimal wavelength (650nm red light) proven to promote hair growth. This non-invasive hair loss method involves 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs radiate light energy that’s absorbed by the hair follicles to reinforce cell metabolism rate and reactivate follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Although it is often used alone, physicians often recommend laser therapy to be used alongside other solutions (such as minoxidil, finasteride, shampoo, or supplements) to accelerate growth and obtain maximum benefits.

Unlike drug-based hair loss products, iRestore is safe & non-invasive hair loss treatment. iRestore is a must-have for anyone who wants to grow more hair or improve hair volume.

non-invasive hair loss method

iRestore is made with the right combination of lightweight, comfort, and sturdiness. This device is certified to be compliant and safe by world-renowned Intertek Testing Services.

This machine treats hair loss and thinning hair using clinical strength lasers and LEDs, the Rechargeable Battery Pack is an adjunct that permits mobile treatments far away from a wall outlet, so you’ll move around untethered during iRestore treatments.

You’ll expect to ascertain visible improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks with regular use of the device (25-minute sessions, 3 times weekly); also, this machine is often utilized in conjunction with other hair care products or hair loss treatments. Whether you would like to grow more hair or just improve your hair quality and volume, iRestore is the best non-invasive hair loss treatment.

Frequently asked questions on the iRestore growth system;


Will this re-thicken individual fine hairs? No obvious thin spots at roots, but the quantity of a ponytail has much decreased. I’m a senior female?


The iRestore device can assist you to thicken your hair even at the age of 60 or 70+. Our device uses low-level light therapy to reinforce cellular metabolism and stimulate hair follicles to market hair growth. It stops the progression of hair loss and grows thicker, fuller hair.


Can the irestore be used daily?


I don’t recommend using iRestore every day because overstimulation with light can even have adverse effects and isn’t beneficial to hair growth. We recommend to use it every other day for 25 minutes until desired results are achieved, after which you’ll either continue an equivalent frequency of use or reduce it to once or twice every week for maintenance. Results and wishes will vary by individual.


Can I use this on other parts of my body? Like my feet or knee caps?


I don’t know how effective it might be, the helmet is formed for the top area. Putting it elsewhere would allow it to maneuver around and have an incorrect distance from the skin. Bottom line is that it might be an upscale purchase to undertake something it was not designed to do.

Other users reviews:

-I love my iRestore helmet. It works great and my hair is growing faster now. I also ordered the battery pack so I’m liberal to move around the house with the helmet on. (I highly recommend it.). I carefully considered whether I should spend the cash, but there’s a government study favorably supporting this technology for hair growth and therefore the study was conducted on the iRestore helmet

– After almost 5 months of normal use, my head seems like a dandelion! Filled with new growing hairs!. I’m still taking biotin 10,000 every single day, and that I am still within the process of trying to combat my disorder (it isn’t easy).

– I’m a 60-year-old physician who was losing my hair, male baldness pattern. My kids were making fun of my thinning and balding hair. I decided to shop for the irestore unit with a transportable battery. I also bought biotin shampoo. Within the primary 2-3 months, I lost some hair, but I cursed with it having read previous accounts. I’m happy to mention that the wait was well worthwhile. No more comments except that they can’t tell that I even have any longer thinning or bald spots. Even my barber commented on my “nice hair”. Highly recommended

Other non-invasive hair loss iRestore products that help with growing your hair;

iRestore 3-in-1 Hair Growth Supplement:

iRestore 3-in-1 Hair Growth Supplement is multi-nutrient blend that promotes fast and healthy hair growth by treating the basic problem of hair loss. This unique formulation combines a number of the foremost effective hair growth ingredients, including Biotin, DHT blocker, scrub palmetto, and various extracts that are researched and proven to be beneficial for fighting hair loss.

This 3-in-1 hair growth formula not only helps to stimulate the growth of thicker and fuller hair, but it also supports healthy skin and nails. A bit like all iRestore products, this non-invasive hair loss supplement is safe, and effective for all. This proprietary formula is formed with essential ingredients that are shown to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair in scientific studies


  • Unique hair growth formula
  • CONTAINS BIOTIN, scrub palmetto & DHT BLOCKER
  • Biotin & b-complex vitamins
  • Saw palmetto & DHT blocker

iRestore Anti-Hair Loss Serum:

This revolutionary formula is unlike anything within the market. Best hair loss solutions, unlike some other drugs that cause increased health risks from long-term usage but this is not the case with the iRestore Hair Growth Serum.

This non-invasive hair loss formula is made with plants and natural ingredients, this serum is drug-free and non-invasive. This serum is one of the foremost effective ways to grow fuller hair and appearance your best without sacrificing your health.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you would like to. The iRestore Anti-Hair Loss Serum is proven to significantly increase hair thickness and fullness for both men and ladies this Anti-Hair Loss Serum has also been clinically proven to significantly increase hair thickness and fullness with visible leads to 3 months. Developed in advanced medical research laboratories, the patented molecules (Redensyl) reactivate hair stem cells and nourish hair follicles to make the optimal environment for the rapid climb of thick, full, and healthy hair.


  • Proven hair loss treatment
  • GET leads to AS LITTLE AS 3 MONTHS
  • Reactivates hair stem cells
  • Made with natural ingredients