Oiling Dry Hair


Do you have hair that does not get enough moisture? If yes, then you have dry hair. You have three layers of hair. One of them is the outer layer. When you have dry hair, your exterior will not have any moisture that can help inner layer maintain healthy hair. Apart from this explanation,  there are multiple causes of dry hair. And the common are hot climate, too much exposure to sun, wind, and storm, bathing in salty water frequently, washing hair too often, use of chemicals like dyes, health issues like anorexia nervosa, lack of calcium, and other diseases. Indeed, you need to consult with any doctor in case of dry hair because they can cause your hair to break. This issue affects both genders indiscriminately.

Thus, the possible solutions to battle with dry hair are to use shampoo and conditioner, avoid too much sunlight, wash hair infrequently, stop using too many chemicals, and go to a doctor. Crucial of all, oiling is one of the best possible solutions to avoid dry hair. Even, doctors recommend oil for dry hair because it causes moisturization to your hair. If you are hunting for the article that can explain everything about oiling of dry hair, then this will be the best for you. This article will tell you everything you want to know about dry hair oiling so that you can become healthy out of this disease.

Benefits of Oiling


Moisturization and hydration

Dry hair is dry because of the lack of moisture. Thus, your outer layer of hair is thirsty of getting some moist thing. Hence, the hair oil is the best for dry hair because it keeps your hair damp. If you do not oil your hair, the inner layer will be in an unquenchable thirst for moisture, which is the leading cause of dryness.

Prevention from hair fall

When you have dry hair, you will feel that your hair is falling gradually because dry hair makes your hair very brittle. To end this gradual hair fall, you should opt for oil as it will make your hair unbreakable.

Hair nourishment and growth

You will want to not only keep dryness out of your hair but also keep your hair grow continuously. If your hair nourishes well, there will be chances that dryness is no longer close to you. Thus, you will surely go for oiling as it has characteristics to keep your hair nourish.

Reduction in Lice

People who have dry hair can feel a considerable number of lice in their hair. Dry hair is home of lice because these hair does not obtain enough moisturization that can kill lice. Thus, you need to remove lice from your head. And it is only possible when you oil your hair.

Avoiding Premature Grey

When you leave your hair like an abandoned home, they will tend to become grey because of deficiency of vitamin B12. Resultantly, it will provide you with the appearance of an aged person, even if you are very young. Dry hair is one of the curses that cause your hair to get grey because of lack of maintenance. Thus, oiling is the only solution to combat this outrageous problem.

Getting rid of dandruff

Do you have itchiness in your head very frequently and scratch your head very angrily? This problem is, indeed, because of dandruff. Dandruff is a tiny piece of dead skin in your scalp. This small piece causes a very irritating situation for you. Redeem this harsh feeling by oiling your head.

Have lustrous hair

You will not use any oil that can get rid of your dryness but make your hair very coarse and uneven. Thus, you will readily use the product that can provide both functionalities. Indeed, hair oil serves these benefits very well. Oiling makes your hair very lustrous, shiny, beautiful, consistent, fair, and healthy.

Distancing bacterial and anti-fungal infections

When you expose too much sunlight, hotness, and chemicals, you will likely come across bacteria because those factors cause dry hair. As a result, bacteria make a home in your hair. Thus, oiling can decimate bacteria. As far as fungal infections, they also exist in your scalp. The common fungus is ringworm that causes your hair to have patches. Thus, there you will find patches in your hair because it breaks your hair. Hence, the oil is also one of the stimulators of disinfection of fungus.

Improves blood circulation

This circulation is an indirect benefit of oil because here we are talking about oil benefits regarding dry hair. When you use hair oil, you will feel that every part of your scalp gets the grease. As a result, blood circulation becomes better. Hence, you should use oil for dry hair along with other products.

Potential Side effects of oiling dry hair

Oil Allergies

Many people have oil allergies. Although this allergy is rare, this problem is still prevalent. You will not use any oil if you have an allergy because it can cause redness, hives, and rash. Apart from these issues, there can be nasal and eye irritations like sneezing, runny nose, eye redness, and burning. All you must do is to have any oil allergy test before applying it. Moreover, you should or can consult with a dermatologist in case this problem prevails. 

Over oiling

When you oil more because you feel that it relaxes your mind, then there will be the likelihood of greasy hair. The smooth coat can be home to dust and air pollutants when you intend to go outside. Thus, try to avoid this heavy oiling. Too much oiling is not suitable for your healthy hair. It is helpful if you do not think like the traditional thinking that the more you use something, the more you will feel better, shiny, glamorous, and healthy. s

Recommended Oils for Dry Hair

There are two general categories of oil: carrier and essential oils. We refer carrier oils as vegetable oils because they come from different fatty parts of the plant like seeds, kernel, and nuts. We use these oils to dilute the essential oils. On the other hand, essential oils come from the fragile part of plant-like bark, roots, and other factors. Unlike carrier oil, these oils will give you great fragrance and moisturizing power. So, we will tell you both oils for your dry hair.

Carrier Oils

Sweet Almond Oil

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Almond is one of the hair oils that come from nuts. In other words, this oil comes from almond seeds. Moreover, almonds contain massive fat that enables your hair to grow and avoid breakage. This oil gives you enrichment in various nutrition: 119 calories, monounsaturated fat of 9.4 grams, polyunsaturated fat of 2.3 grams, saturated fat of 1.1 grams, Vitamin E of 26%, phytosterols of 35.9 milligrams. Hence, people who have a lack of minerals they should use this oil as it contains healthy nutrients to help your grow and remain healthy. Finally, the two best products are Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics and NOW Solutions.

How to use it

  • Almond oil is naturally viscous when it lies in room temperature. Thus, warm it on the heat for application on hair.
  • Remember to make warm at least a tablespoon.
  • Now, start rubbing your scalp very gently with warm oil.
  • If you have used oil at night, you can either wash out in the morning or at night.
  • If you have shampooed, then you can still use oil.

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil comes from well-known coconuts. This oil is also edible. Furthermore, it contains various nutrients like calories of 121, 13.5 grams of fat, including 11.2 saturated fat, and no protein and cholesterol. These nutrients foster your hair to grow and take speedy recovery. Thus, you can expose to more sunlight as this oil will shield your hair and scalp against any kind of damage. Apart from this information, you can find many varieties of this oil like unrefined, refined, and extra virgin. You should use these two best brands for oiling your dry hair: COCO & CO. Organic Pure Extra Virgin and OKAY.

How to use it

  • Like Almond oil, first, you must warm this oil as it will be challenging because of temperature.
  • Now, use for your hair except very roots when you have an oily scalp.
  • From roots to top, apply the hair if you have dry scalp.
  • After application, you need not wash it for at least 30 minutes.
  • Use alcohol-free shampoo to rinse your hair after 30 minutes.
  • Apply it one time in a week.

Olive oil

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It is one of the natural oils that come by pressing or squeezing olives. This oil has got tremendous nutrients like other oils. These contents are 119 calories, 13.5 gram of fat including 186 saturated fat, 1.9 and 8.13 of vitamin E and k, respectively. Apart from this, it contains various antioxidants that impact not only your body positively but also your hair. If you apply this oil regularly, there will be chances that your hair adapts to it and abandons any hair conditioner and other products. The following two brands are the best olive oils that you can apply: OKAY and Olive Oil Pomace.

How to use it

  • Depending on hair thickness, use spoons of oil accordingly.
  • Have dry hair.
  • Give one to two spoons of oil to your hair.
  • Have cover on your hair with a shower cap for 15 minutes or so.
  • Rinse it with cold water.
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly.
  • Do not use any conditioner.

Grapeseed Oil

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Grapeseed oil is a product of grapes, but mostly a by-product of wine. It contains superior qualities like antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. Like other natural oils, this oil is also rich in fats like saturated and unsaturated, and Vitamin E that helps your hair smooth and lustrous. This oil is very effective against any dandruff that has caused a nuisance to you. The most famous grapeseed oils are Botanical Beauty and Verdana.

How to use

  • This oil is odourless and lightweight. Thus, it is handy for consistent use.
  • Coat your hair with this oil.
  • Rub it on the scalp for dandruff extermination.
  • Use warm oil at night and rinse in the morning.
  • If you do not do at night, then you will have to leave it for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.

Argan Oil

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Its common name is Morocco oil because of the culinary staple. This oil originates from the kernels of the argan tree. Like other natural oils, this oil has also Vitamin E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory qualities, and fats like saturated and unsaturated. Thus, these things help your hair develop well. Unlike other oils, it has a pure golden colour. It is the best oil for your hair because it is pure and free from any additives and chemicals. You should purchase the following two brands of this oil for your hair: VoilaVe USDA and ECOCERT and Argan Oil Hair Mask.

How to use

  • Do not care about dry or damp hair.
  • Use drops of oil in your hands and rub your hands with oil together.
  • Remember to not apply to your roots when you start using.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes or more and then rinse it if you have applied in the morning.
  • Apply daily if possible, for dry hair to treat.

Essential Oils


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This essential oil comes from a herb. This oil can be beneficial for your dry hair because of antioxidants and anti-inflammation that can prevent your hair loss. Thus, it is very healthy for moisturization of your hair. You can use it individually as well as with carrier oil for more benefits. Gya Labs and H’ana are the common types of rosemary essential oils to use.


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With the excellent fragrance, lavender oil is the second essential oil recommended for you. Do you want to avoid dryness, itchiness, and dandruff in your hair? Why not? Since you are reading about dry hair, you should opt for this oil as this will reduce the above problems that you want to avoid. You should use this oil with a carrier oil to enhance the capability. You can purchase Handcraft and NaturoBliss as essential lavender oils.


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This oil is the product of the Eucalyptus tree. It is beneficial in growing and nourishing your hair, mainly dry hair. Moreover, it is also great in removing dirt and pollutants from your hair. You should use this oil for infrequent rinsing. Like other essential oils, this is also useful when you mix it with carrier oils. These Natural Riches and Gya Labs are the best essential oils.


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You must have heard about roses every day. Oil extraction takes place from its leaves that are full of fragrance. Thus, oil becomes very aromatic. Apart from this benefit, this rose oil also stops hair loss. If there are dry hair on your head, then you must use this oil as it will strengthen your hair. It is commendable if you use this oil with a carrier oil for healthy and robust smell and benefits. You should shop the following rose essential oils: H’ana and Gya

Use essential oils with carrier oils for dry hair


First, start combing your hair for smoothness. Remember that you should not have shampooed for the last 24 hours. Secondly, put towels for protection against any splatter.


Essential oils are too heavy to use alone in large quantity to the scalp. Even if you dilute, there will still be a strong scent and sensation. Follow the given steps for the mixture.

  • Drop a spoon of your carrier oil into your hands, mostly palms.
  • Mix 2 to 3 drops of chosen essential oil into palms along with carrier oil.
  • For the mixture, you need to rub hands gently and take the oil to fingertips.
  • Use in roots and scalp

Rubbing your roots

Essential oil is essential for roots and scalp. Thus, you need to apply it with a carrier oil to very roots. For that, you need to use your fingertips to spread it into your hair root through intense massage. Do not leave any part of the scalp.

Split your hair

While you are applying oil, make sure that you have split hair into two sections with a comb for useful application. Thus, you can quickly spread oil into your hair where you could not apply.

Important Considerations

  • Try to purchase oils for your dry hair, that have minimally processed oil. In other words, you must use all-natural oils because they are high in minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Thus, you are bypassing any chemicals or additives.
  • When you purchase any product, read its list of ingredients. Thus, you will come to know about natural ingredients.
  • We have mentioned earlier; more oil is the source of jeopardy of your hair.
  • Keep in mind that you need not comb right after rinsing your hair. It is dangerous as it can break your hair.
  • Avoid tying your hair immediately after oiling because it may cause breakage of your hair.
  • You should not simultaneously use any other product with oil unless you have rinsed your hair thoroughly. 
  • You do not need to use only one oil product like almond oil. You can diversify your portfolio if you can afford it.
  • Do not use too much oil on scalp daily. Try to oil your scalp periodically.
  • Try to buy spray bottle for dilution of the oil.
  • Use oil instead of conditioner twice a week.
  • You should dilute essential oils at any cost because they may cause reactions or problems when you use them directly.
  • It would help if you chose any light plain cloth for the wrap. The towel is too heavy to wrap. Thus, it can cause your hair to break.
  • Do not massage your scalp and hair too hard as it will be the biggest reason for hair fall.


After how many days should I apply oil to my hair?

Since you have dry hair, it will be best if you regularly oil your hair to remove dryness.

What if I fall asleep while oil is in hair?

No problem! You can even deliberately go to bed when you have oiled your hair. But you need to wrap any piece of cloth to your hair.

Can I use a comb after oiling?

Although it is not preferable to comb immediately, you can still search if you have a wide-toothed comb for spread.

Can I use shampoo if I apply oil overnight?

Yes, you can use the shampoo in the morning for washing your hair because this shampoo will remove any dirt that stuck in your hair at night.

Should I leave my oily head for the whole day?

No, it is not recommendable. You can only leave your oily hair up to 8 hours. After that, there can be problems for you. Thus, you should rinse it.

Can I use oil on both dry and damp hair?

Mostly, dry hair is preferable to oiling. But you can also oil your damp hair. The problem will be of watering. You cannot apply it effectively as water has created layers in your hair.


Dry hair should not be a matter of concern as there are many products. However, you should not intentionally expose to any environmental factors like hot climate, sun, and wind. These variables are very lethal. They can cause your hair permanent damage. Moreover, if you have dryness because of the medical issue, it is preferable to visit the doctor for consultation before applying any oil.

Oiling dry hair provides multiple benefits to you. You should not think that if you do not have dry hair, you will not oil your hair. Oiling offers you both direct advantages like growth, alleviation in lice and dandruff, and indirect benefits like improvement in blood circulation, memory sharpness, and other biological advantages. However, there is a potential problem with oiling. This problem is that people who have allergy are sensitive to oiling. Thus, they cannot use or apply oil unless improvement and allergy test. You should not use any carrier oil like Coconut without essential oil as they will together give you more excellent value. You should always use the recommended steps for oil application. Try to find the steps on brands because every product has different guidelines. Finally, read through considerations for efficient and smooth application.