Do you dream of a 2 in 1 brush capable of giving you smoothing or perfect curls at home in just a few minutes? The REVLON brand made it for you! Discover the Revlon Perfectionist blower brush , the solution for those who cannot do without a hairdryer.

Revlon Perfectionist blower brush

Presentation and characteristics

The Revlon Perfectionist blower brush is a two-in-one system brush with both blowing and smoothing qualities . With its power of 1100 Watts, the brush dries the hair at the same time as it styles them in record time; this is the perfect blower brush for women on the go. A real blow-dry, it gives your hair the shape you want in a simple twist. The ionizing property of the brush removes the static electricity found in the hair ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

In terms of practicality, the Revlon blower brush has nothing to envy its competitors . Indeed, it will now be possible for you to style your hair behind your head without hurting your arms with this new prototype. The brush has two types of adjustable temperature depending on the type and thickness of your hair as well as the kind of hairstyle you want to achieve. The higher temperature is ideal for thick hair that is difficult to tame. If you have much thinner hair, go for a lower temperature.

The REVLON blower brush also has a touch of cold air that will allow you to fix your hairstyle at the end of the brushing. With this option, you can be sure that your blow-dry will last throughout the day. To avoid burning yourself, always have a comb to part your hair when using this blowing tool.

The Revlon Perfectionist blower brush, unlike other blower brushes, has only one accessory. The latter not only offers drying and smoothing , but also a head massage. The brush provides a relaxing effect through the soft round nubs and the air cushion with which it is provided. This ensures ultimate comfort to your scalp by the massaging balls of which it is composed.

Equipped with a ceramic coating , the brush does not attack the hair and ensures ease and comfort of use. Its heating time takes less than a minute and it offers a pleasant grip, although it is quite bulky. Equipped with a swivel cord and a winding electric wire with a length of 2.5 m, the brush is easy to use and carry; it will not take up much space on your dressing table.

Simple and light, this new blower brush from Revlon respects the scalp and does not risk damaging the hair. It has made a place for itself among the countless blower brushes available on the market through its practical and comfortable side. Indeed, its two in one formula allows it to obtain a smoothing without frizz as flexible and perfect as a straightening iron would offer; in just a few minutes. The result is guaranteed whatever the type, thickness and length of your hair. The brush is very popular with both professionals and individuals.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is not for nothing that this jewel from Revlon is highly acclaimed. It presents a two-in-one asset allowing to obtain both drying and brushing of the hair through its power of 1100 W, its two temperatures / speeds and its ionizing option. It has a cold setting to help fix the hairstyle once the hair is dry. It also has soft spiked hairs topped with small balls offering a comfortable massage to the head during use. Practical and ergonomic, the brush has a rotating power cord that can rotate up to 360 ° without tangling. Its price is also very affordable, despite the fact that it is very efficient. In particular, you will have access to a three-year warranty from the brand if you purchase the brush.

The REVLON blower brush does have some drawbacks, however! If your hair is wet, you will need to iron the brush several times on the same strand in order to obtain the desired result. Although its unique accessory can offer various kinds of hairstyles, it might be difficult for you to achieve perfect curls or beautiful waves if you are not used to using a blower brush. The Revlon Perfectionist blower brush is quite impressive in terms of its weight and width; which ensures a rather complicated grip for those who have small hands. Another weak point of the brush: noise! Rest assured, the brush is not as loud as a hair dryer!

Our opinion on the Revlon Perfectionist blower brush

With the REVLON Perfectionist blower brush, you no longer need to have a hair dryer and a straightener to have a perfect finish. Its unique accessory adapts to any type of hair and styles in an instant. It offers excellent value for money and great durability. We recommend it to both simple and demanding women!

It is very convenient to style your hair easily using a brush such as the Braun AS530 AirStyler blower brush. It greatly facilitates the hairstyle with its power of 1000 Watts and with the steam function. A brush from the workshops of the famous world brand Braun, offered with a 2 year warranty and ensuring professional hairstyle quality and simple, fast and efficient daily use.

HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold 

Presentation and characteristics

Equipped with a triple function, heating, and blower this brush is suitable for daily use to have elegant hairstyles on any type of hair and as needed (outing, meeting, travel, work, … ).

This styling device offers everything to do (or get) styling at home without going to a hairdressing salon and it is specially designed to protect hair from drying out during styling. The HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold  is undoubtedly one of the top hot air blower brushes, it is available in Gold/Black

It is adjustable in speed and can be adjusted to quickly dry hair, style and style it properly. Even if it is not removable, this practical brush does not take up much space. The 3 heat settings give a final touch to the hairstyle and fixes it for a long hold after having smoothed the scales of the hair with the double heating and blowing function.

Summary of features

  • Hot air blower brush
  • Heating and blower functions: 3 combined functions
  • Volumizer accessory
  • 3 heat settings
  • 8ft swivel cord
  • Color: Gold/Black

My opinion on the HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold blower brush

First, this brush ensures a short heating time and allows intuitive use. Then she dries well and styles professionally. Finally, it is not very bulky and can be taken in a small bag when traveling or on vacation.

That said, women who use this type of brush for their daily hairstyle will find it very practical. Before finishing, a little advice for novices, you must read the instructions carefully and take it easy to better enjoy it and always have beautiful hairstyles and shiny hair all the time.

BaBylissPRO BABNT178 Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

The Babyliss BABNT178 blower brush is a brand new product equipped with the latest technological developments in the range of professional home hairdressing products from giant BaByliss.

Its ergonomics have been revised, and you will find three very practical accessories to style your hair quickly and efficiently every morning. This blower brush turns out to be the essential beauty accessory for any woman in a hurry who wants to be very presentable before going out. Its very practical side makes it a great asset and it is very easy to take everywhere with you, discreet and efficient.

Presentation and characteristics

The principle of the Babyliss BABNT178 is very simple: it allows you to have at the same time, at hand, everything you need for a successful hairstyle, smooth or curly, to obtain a perfect brushing and this, regardless of the texture or length of your hair.

This blower brush can be used as a classic hair dryer by leaving it free of accessories, it easily coils your locks thanks to the boar bristles placed on the ceramic coated cylinder which gently tidy your hair. The adjustable temperature allows you to adapt the power to your liking according to your hair type in order to preserve their health as much as possible.

For fine hair, you will always be careful not to overheat, although the ceramic coating gives you optimal protection for your hairstyle.

A heat adjustment, a blower adjustment and three accessories, a titanium and ceramic coating, great maneuverability, this is what the new Babyliss BABNT178 offers you . With this hairdressing tool at home, in a quarter of an hour, every morning, achieve a perfect straightening of your hair, even over the length, or a glamorous hairstyle thanks to the perfect curling that the use of this brush offers you.

I repeat it quite often, but I advise you to pre-dry your hair quickly, head down, if you have long or medium hair, before starting your hairstyle session.

If you want a brushing , fairly free and moving, you adapt the blower according to your hair type (powerful if you have thick hair, softer for fragile hair), then you adapt the accessory that suits you and you wind your locks one by one by sliding down the hair, you will have a very professional rendering. The result is much faster and more efficient than with a simple hair dryer and brush. For people who have trouble raising their arms, this is a relief!

You will have at your disposal a round blower brush with a diameter of 2inch for long hair and a thinner round brush with a diameter of 19mm for shorter hair. Its power of 700 Watts is perfect for gentle styling without any risk of damaging your hair.

The ceramic and tourmaline coated cylinder is equipped with flexible pins with thermo-protective epoxy ends to easily slide along your fine or thick hair.

For a perfect straightening, you adapt the heat according to your type of hair and you gently stretch your locks downwards while sliding. The ceramic coating of the cylinder guarantees the protection of your hair. Smoothing is softer than with a dedicated straightener but also can be less efficient in terms of speed.

For thick or thin curls , you will choose the curling iron accessory. Then keep your lock coiled for a few moments, and one after the other you treat them in the same way, being careful not to overheat the hair. You then unwind by blocking your wick with pliers until it cools down to allow the scales of the hair to reattach. With this precaution, your curls do not fall out and remain elastic and alive. This blower brush is very popular with professional hairdressers and it is not for nothing.

Summary of features

  • Ceramic and Titanium / Tourmaline coated cylinder
  • 700 Watts of power
  • 2inch wide round brush
  • Soft and thermo-protective pimples with cold tips
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 360 degree rotatable 2.7m power cord

Advantages and disadvantages

The BaByliss Pro Titanium Air Styler blower brush is a model very popular with professional hairdressing salons. With a fairly low power of 700 Watts, you are guaranteed to preserve the health of your hair thanks to a gentle and uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface of the cylinder. The flexible pins are equipped with epoxy tips to protect the hair from heat by staying constantly cool.

BaByliss has focused on the high quality of its device and these accessories intended to achieve a perfect brushing in a minimum of time.

However, I regret the absence of a storage case as offered by certain models of the same brand, but you should know that it is widely used in hairdressing salons so always close at hand.

My opinion on the BaByliss Pro Titanium AirStyler blower brush

With the BaByliss Pro Titanium AirStyler blower brush, every morning you will obtain, quickly and without difficulty, a professional hairstyle as if you left the hairdresser. Displayed at a very reasonable price, this professional home hairdressing device will delight the most demanding women. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

Remington AS1201 air brush

The Remington AS1201 air brush is not just one accessory. This is a home styling kit consisting of a total of 5 components including a wide round brush, a 25mm diameter round brush, a curling iron, a flat brush and an air concentrator. A professional storage bag accompanies the set and allows its user to group the set of accessories to avoid losing them.

Remington, the American brand specializing in home beauty devices, therefore (thanks to its very good quality blower brush) competes with the behemoths in the sector such as BaByliss, Philips or Calor.

best blower brush

Presentation and characteristics

As I told you in the introduction, this model is a high quality home hairdressing kit, easy and practical to use, and moreover composed of 5 accessories that will allow you to create all hairstyle styles as you wish. desires.

The longest round brush, measuring 30 mm in diameter, is accompanied by retractable pins. It is the perfect accessory for making waves and firm curls. It is designed with natural silk bristles.

The other round brush , whose diameter measures 25 mm is perfect for giving volume to short locks. It is warming and smoothing, and it can work from the roots of the hair to give them volume.

The spiral curling iron on the other hand, is intended for small locks to curl. Of course, this accessory will not be as effective as a curling iron dedicated for this purpose, but it has the merit of being present and works quite well.

The flat smoothing brush hides a double utility. It is also warming and smoothing. It is made with mixed boar and nylon bristles. It is the perfect accessory indicated for brushing and disentangling hair without any difficulty.

The Remington AS1201 air brush is equipped with ionic technology. It allows to obtain shiny hair and without frizz because it eliminates static electricity. This device has a power of 1200 watts . For better use, its temperature can be adjusted according to the styling needs. There are a total of 3 heat and speed positions including 2 levels and a touch of cold air ideal for fixing your hairstyle. It is equipped with an ion diffusion switch. Its indicator lights up when the switch is ON. It is also equipped with a 180 degree rotating cord with a generous length of 3m.

professional blower brush as I like them: ergonomic, practical and efficient! With this model, you have all the versatility you need to master your style.

Summary of features

  • Brush equipped with boar bristles and nylon
  • 30 mm thermally conductive round brush
  • 25 mm thermal conductive round brush
  • Flat blower smoothing brush
  • Air concentrator for precise drying
  • Volumizing accessory
  • 1200 Watts power
  • Ionic function
  • 2 speed / temperature levels
  • Cold air button to fix the hairstyle
  • Ready-to-use indicator light
  • 360 degree rotatable 3m power cord
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Advantages and disadvantages

The Remington AS1201 air brush is not difficult to use. It is moreover its practicality which constitutes one of its main assets. You don’t need to be a professional hairdresser to use it. It is intended for the general public and you only need to perform the same classic everyday styling gestures to obtain a perfect brushing . This ease of use is not its only asset, it is also powerful and fast. It is the perfect ally for people who are always in a hurry in the morning to reach their place of activity.

The details of each accessory have been carefully considered, resulting in a very ergonomic handle having the perfect size for good handling. It should be noted that the engine is installed precisely in this part. All accessories and the device can be stored in a professional storage case. Thanks to this case, you can easily take it with you in case of travel or business trip. The pack is not bulky and can be installed at the bottom of a suitcase or in a bag.

My opinion on the Remington AS1201 air brush

The Remington AS1201 air brush is very easy and simple to use. The first step is to put all the accessories and the device in place. The accessories are easy to put on the handle (just follow the instructions on the manual the first time). Hot air begins to blow when the air concentrator is attached and the unit is plugged in. Once it’s ready, it is possible to proceed with styling. Offered at a very affordable price, this blower brush offers a very competitive price / quality ratio. It’s time to judge for yourself!

Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

The Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush is a very glamorous design while delicacy embedding a concentrate of technology that will fulfill its mission without hindrance. The Philips Essential Care blower brush will therefore allow you to dry your hair while giving it the desired style. The ThermoProtect function is always present to guarantee you total protection of your hair. Four performance accessories come with this blower brush to create natural styles without any difficulty.

Presentation and characteristics

The Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, like any self-respecting brush, will allow you to dry and style them at the same time. Style them yes, but above all give them the style you want.

The promises of the Drybar brand are largely kept with its new model of blower brush. If this brush does not really change compared to its big sister, it nevertheless hides some surprises behind its shy look. It is very elegant and extremely efficient! The use of this brush is no different from its competitors and, in order not to deviate from the rule, I remind you that to obtain a hairstyle that will last over time, you will need to pre-dry your hair using a towel to keep them slightly damp. Your hair will dry more quickly and your hairstyle, under the effect of the hot air and the movements of the brushes, will take the desired style. At the end of the hairstyle, a passage of cold air will fix your hair for a long day of work.

The Drybar brand has decided to reiterate its desire to stand out by offering an extra-large 38mm flat blower brush. This brush will allow you to very easily straighten your hair and create waves of the most beautiful effect. The distribution of hot air is controlled electronically (EHD technology) and this uniform distribution over the entire surface of the brush guarantees total respect for your hair.

The Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush also has a very practical flat straightening brush, allowing you to smooth your hair gently without the inconvenience of a straightening iron. The round blowing brush with its ceramic coating and retractable pins is very practical. With the push of a small button, the pins retract, letting the device glide along your hair to create beautiful curls.

Finally, to make a complete tour of the accessories, the Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush has an air concentrator which allows the air flow to be channeled to the targeted areas for precise styling and perfect finishes.

What really surprised me with this model is its power of 800W. It sounds weak, but it’s actually an asset in keeping your hair healthy. The 800W provides optimal air flow and gentle drying . It should also be borne in mind that the brush is a little more in contact with the hair, which has the effect of acting like a 1600W hairdryer. A power largely sufficient and very effective on fine hair.

The brush integrates ThermoProtect technologies and ionic function . The first guarantees an optimal drying temperature and protects your hair against overheating. The ionic function, on the other hand, eliminates static electricity from the hair and thus prevents frizz that could distort your hairstyle.

Finally, the cold air button, easily accessible on the handle of the brush will allow you to use a low temperature air flow to fix your hairstyle and thus make it last longer.

Summary of features

  • An extra-large 38mm smoothing flat brush
  • Ceramic coating of all brushes
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Electronic heat distribution (EHD)
  • A power of 800W
  • Thermo Protect technology
  • Ionic technology bringing shine to your hair
  • One 1.8m 360 degree rotating power cord
  • A hanging ring for storage

Advantages and disadvantages

Each home styling device has advantages but also disadvantages. For the Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush Essential Care is on the one hand very elegant due to its sleek and very glamorous design, but also very powerful.

I was immediately seduced by its ergonomics , with decent dimensions while offering a good grip. The handling is very appreciable. The accessories delivered with its sufficient to perform most hairstyles and your brushings will be successful without too much effort.

Power wise, a nice surprise with 800W effective which allows your hair to dry very gently . Lower power than most blower brushes but still very effective, especially with the electronic distribution of the hot air flow over the entire surface of the brush. Combined with the extra-large flat brush, the result is simply excellent.

The round brush, equipped with retractable bristle bristles, allows you to slide over the entire length of your hair without the slightest risk of snagging. If you have curly, thick or even frizzy hair, this brush is ideal.

Small flat however for a device of this quality. Indeed, Philips did not see fit to provide a heat-resistant storage kit as for the Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush. To compensate for this lack of storage, Philips has added a suspension ring but it will be necessary to find a place for the accessories.

My opinion on the Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

The Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush is an innovative product with a very elegant design. A very ergonomic brush, very handy and featuring the latest technologies to protect the health of your hair. Increased ease of use to achieve even the most complex hairstyles without too much difficulty. A product that I recommend to you without hesitation.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is one of the best sellers in this very competitive home hair styling industry. The French brand, very present in this market, does not hesitate to invest fully in offering us ever more advanced and ever more reliable products to ensure optimal results for its users.

The blower brush is the ideal ally for girls in a hurry who still want to get out of their homes well dressed in the morning! It allows to dry and style the hair at the same time for a perfect result. In fact, it combines a round brush and a hair dryer, allowing you to have a free hand to separate and hold the strands. Several brands offer it because it is really a device designed so that we can all, from our bathroom, do our hair as if we had just gone to the hairdresser. I tested the John Frieda Hot Air Brush and I will tell you a little more about it in the rest of the article.

Presentation and characteristics

First of all, when you buy this air brush from John Frieda , it comes with two accessories. A 2inch round ceramic brush is the largest and is ideal for straightening long and / or thick hair. A 1.5inch, smaller and in boar bristle, which will therefore be used for finishes and shorter hair. 

It’s really practical, for example I used to straighten my hair for professional meetings, on the other hand to go out with friends I like to make pretty curls. The other advantage is that with these three accessories, when you go on weekend or vacation, you can only take one device. It is also provided with a small handy carrying pouch.

It is one thing to be pretty and well-groomed, but not at the expense of the beauty and health of my hair. With this blower brush from BaByliss I had no concerns because the ceramic is used to protect the hair, so no risk of drying it out. In addition, the boar hair makes them very soft. The brush is also equipped with “ionic” technology, which eliminates static electricity and thus prevents frizz. I was really satisfied with the result, especially because, whatever hairstyle I tested, it is immediately glamorous and chic because the brush gives volume to the hair.

The important thing when you want to achieve a blow-dry, and you have surely noticed it with your hair dryer, is that the heat is sufficient for the hair to dry quickly and completely. If there is still a little humidity, they will start waving again a few hours later, or on the contrary the curls will fall back. The power of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is 500W, and that is more than enough. Some blower brushes go up to 1200W but I had no disappointment with the temperature of this one. There are even three different temperatures. I advise you to use the hottest for the lengths, and the less hot for the locks near the face so as not to burn yourself.

As for the “cold air” button, it is essential to fix the hairstyle. You iron each strand with fresh air and your hairstyle stays in place until the next shampoo. It’s not magic, it’s scientific. The heat has smoothed out the scales in your hair and by cooling them, the scales become attached.

Summary of features

  • 500 Watts of power
  • Ion technology
  • Ceramic thermal brush 2inch
  • Boar bristle brush 1.5inch
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Fresh air function to fix the hairstyle

Advantages and disadvantages

This brush is offered at a price of just over 30 euros with all the accessories, which is very reasonable for a device that will serve you every morning and which in a way includes your hair dryer, your straightener and your iron to complete. It can be used like a classic hair dryer by removing the nozzle. Very practical is very handy.

Small flat however, I found the brush quite noisy and its handle seemed a little big to me even if it remains ergonomic and very handy.

My opinion on the John Frieda Hot Air Brush

In conclusion, and you will understand, my opinion on the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is very positive. It is very handy, easy to use, even if you are not used to it. I have no doubts that with just a little practice anyone can achieve great hairstyles. She takes care of the hair and that is really my number one criterion for choosing all my accessories or hair products.

It also represents a significant time saving. With a round brush and a hair dryer, I needed about thirty minutes to comb my hair, with this blower brush I achieved both a smooth brushing and soft curls in less than a quarter of an hour!

Tru Beauty Rotating Ceramic-Coated 2-in-1 Ionic Hot Hairbrush

The Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush is the ideal partner to easily and quickly achieve all the desired brushing styles with a perfect result by always adding more volume whether on short or medium hair.

As you already know, the blower brush is one of the essential accessories in my bathroom. It is a very practical way to achieve all kinds of hairstyles quickly since it dries and styles the hair at the same time.

I tried the Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush and I am very happy with it, it allows an optimal result without damaging the hair and offers an unbeatable quality / price ratio. This is why I am sharing my discovery with you here! 

Presentation and characteristics

styling blower brush consists of a “hairbrush” cylinder attached to a handle that blows hot air to dry your hair while styling it. It is in a way a hybrid between a hair dryer and a round brush.

Like a simple hair dryer, it must heat up enough for the hairstyle to be easier to achieve, so this criterion is important to take into account when choosing your blower brush. With its power of 1200W, the Calor blower brush is perfect on this point. You can even choose between two temperature levels. No risk of damaging your hair because it has a ceramic coating, and, unlike metal, ceramic does not make hair dry and brittle . Also equipped with “ionic” technology that eliminates static electricity and frizz, your hair will be soft and shiny.

It is supplied with two round brushes . One is quite large with a diameter of 38 mm and the other smaller allowing to vary the effects in the hairstyles. There is also a volume accessory that allows you to avoid the sometimes “raplapla” side of brushings.

For a perfect hold of your hairstyle , the Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush has a “cold air” button which is used to fix the brushing.

Styling with a blower brush is a bit like styling with a hair dryer and a round brush, except you only need one hand! They were invented to reproduce at home the gestures of professionals used in hairdressing salons, but today, some hairdressers also use them to save time but also to have a free hand.

With one hand you hold the Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush and with the other you separate your strands of hair very easily. You then simply style your locks, giving them the desired shape.

On average, for mid-long hair without much training, 15 minutes is enough to have a perfect hairstyle, with volume and very glamor. It is a significant time saving!

Summary of features

  • High power of 1200W
  • 38 mm round ceramic brush
  • 20 mm rigid bristle brush
  • Air concentrator
  • Volume accessory
  • Ion technology
  • 360 degree rotating power cord
  • Large storage case

Advantages and disadvantages

Its handling is very easy even if you are not necessarily used to using a blower brush. My hair didn’t get tangled in the brush. The result is impeccable on medium long hair but it is also suitable for shorter or longer hair thanks in particular to the two sizes of brushes. Thanks to the ceramic and the “ionic” technology, my hair was shiny and very soft, with a really pleasant texture: volume and lightness.

The ” volume ” accessory is very effective. It really helps lift the roots and build up some substance in your hair.

I especially liked the 360 ​​degree rotating power wire. Thanks to it, you don’t get your arms tangled in the wire while brushing. The storage pouch is also very practical to take it with you on weekends or on vacation.

As I said above, its price is very attractive. Finally, and this may be important when getting ready in the morning, for others or for your own comfort, she does not make too much noise.

My opinion on the Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush

In conclusion, the Tru Beauty Hot Hairbrush is a really good product whether you are used to using a blower brush or are looking for one for a first purchase. It is an accessory that quickly becomes essential for all those who like to be well styled, thanks to its ease of use and the speed with which you can style your hair while respecting your hair.

Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler blower brush

The Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler blower brush is a concentrate of technology at the service of your beauty. The majority of blower brushes being round, the Philips brand thinks outside the box and innovates by offering us an extra-large flat brush ideal for drying and straightening hair, whether it is fine, curly or very thick.

The Philips Pro Care Air Styler brush is very easy to use and will allow you to create all the hairstyles you dream of in record time while taking care of your hair. A very versatile 5 in 1 device that can be used to give volume to your brushing, create beautiful waves or tighter curls with a minimum of effort thanks to the 5 accessories included in the box.

The Philips HP8656 / 00 brush is highly recommended for women with curly or very thick hair who often find it difficult to do their hair alone in front of the mirror.

Presentation and characteristics

Dry and style your hair at the same time. This is the promise made by the manufacturers of air brushes. This promise is largely kept by the model HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler from Philips . This brush allows you to create beautiful styles with natural effects while preserving the health of your hair as much as possible. The method of use remains the same as for the rotary blower brushes, namely that you will have to dry your hair quickly with a towel before using the brush on your still damp hair. I remind you that the fact of drying and styling your hair at the same time allows to obtain a lasting result without necessarily having recourse to a hairspray; a big advantage offered by this type of device.

Among the accessories, you will find in the box an extra-large 38 mm blower brush which is ideal for achieving smooth hairstyles and creating beautiful waves. With the electronic distribution of heat diffusion (EHD technology), Philips guarantees total respect for your hair by distributing the hot air flow evenly over the surface of the brush. The second, smaller straightening brush will allow you to achieve very smooth hair without damaging it.

Still on the accessories side, the round blower brush with a diameter of 19 mm is the result of a mixture between a brush and a curling iron. All you need to do is wrap a long wick around the cylinder and wait a few moments to get beautiful curls in one go. This brush is equipped with pins which retract with a simple press of a button which will have the effect of letting the device slide easily along your hair without risking any snagging.

Finally, for always impeccable finishes , you will have available an air concentrator that will channel the air flow to the areas you want to target for very precise styling. This accessory is ideal for touch-ups but above all to put the finishing touch to your hairstyle. To go further in the finishes, the volume accessory, resembling a hair clipper shoe, will allow you to very easily create a beautiful volume effect directly at the root. The air flow is, like the air concentrator, channeled for precise styling.

Like any self-respecting blower brush, the Philips HP8656 / 00 brush is equipped with ionic technology which eliminates static electricity from your hair and therefore has the effect of strengthening it and intensifying its shine. You will then get smooth, shiny hair without any frizz. Combined with the Thermo Protect technology from Philips, your hair will be protected against all the usual attacks of a classic hair dryer.

Finally, a cold air touch is present on the handle of the brush. This function allows the hair to be dried at low temperature. Can be used on all hair types and ideal for fine, dry or damaged hair. This function is very popular in summer to end with a touch of freshness.

I invite you to watch this little video showing you how to blow-dry very quickly in the comfort of your bathroom.

Summary of features

  • An extra-large 38mm smoothing flat brush
  • 5 accessories to create all the styles of hairstyles you want
  • Ceramic coating of all brushes
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Electronic heat distribution
  • 1000W power
  • Thermo Protect technology
  • Ionic technology bringing shine to your hair
  • A 2 meter 360 degree rotating power cord
  • A heat-resistant storage pouch

Advantages and disadvantages

When I came across the Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler blower brush and saw its rather low price ( less than 40 euros ), I immediately imagined the worst in terms of overall performance. Well, I was largely wrong about his account while doing my research. Starting with the technical characteristics, this brush is ultra complete and very innovative.

Philips breaks the codes by highlighting its extra-large heated blower brush, ideal for straightening the hair while protecting it thanks to the uniform heat distribution ( EHD technology ) but also thanks to the ionic technology which intensifies the shine and eliminates the risk of frizz.

The round brush is equipped with retractable pins allowing the brush to slide smoothly over the entire length of your hair, which is very appreciable especially if you have thick or curly hair.

On the downside, I will start with the large size of the device which could scare away more than one but the ergonomics remain there and it remains very manageable. A fairly noisy blower brush, but no more than a conventional hair dryer. If Philips had added the treatment to Keratin as proposed by the Remington CB65a45 blower brush , it would have been simply perfect!

On paper, this blower brush is simply impressive in terms of efficiency, but reading the opinions of users ( click here to read them ), we immediately understand that Philips has won its bet by offering a blower brush that is inexpensive but responding. to all our expectations.

My opinion on the Philips blower brush HP8656 / 00

The Philips HP8656 / 00 Pro Care Air Styler blower brush seems to me to be very versatile and very effective despite its very affordable price. I already had the Remington CB65a45 model in my sights but now I’ll have to make up my mind and this choice promises to be quite difficult. No matter what I choose, I know I won’t be disappointed. A brush that I do not hesitate for a single moment to recommend to you.

Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush

If your wish is to appear in public with shiny hair and gorgeous curls, then the Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush is for you. The famous Remington brand is better known among men in the world of beard trimmers, but has made a name for itself in this very competitive market for blower brushes against the behemoths BaByliss and Philips.

Remington has managed to win thanks to his innovations and the result is worth the effort. This blower brush, equipped with a ceramic cylinder, differs greatly from the competition with its keratin treatment integrated directly into this coating. This integrated Keratin treatment protects hair against heat and adds extra shine.

As I told you before in my buying guide for the best blower brush, I have been using the BaByliss 2735E blower brush for almost a year but I think if I decide to change the brush my choice will be on that of Remington.

This model offers a very natural rendering and I recommend that you continue reading to discover its main characteristics, its advantages but also its disadvantages.

Please note, this model is a heated brush (and not a blower) which is used on dry hair, which will require the use of a hair dryer before using it to style your hair.

Presentation and characteristics

The Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush heating brush has the great peculiarity of working only with two different temperatures. The lowest temperature (120 degrees) will allow you to achieve a very light curly effect which will give you a very relaxed look. Conversely, if you use the highest temperature (180 degrees), you will get real tight curls and above all perfect.

The device temperature is selected by a control button judiciously placed on the brush handle, making it easily accessible and very practical to use.

This brush is equipped with a very comfortable 45mm diameter brush for women with medium to long hair with a cylinder topped with heat resistant mixed bristles. When I say mixed hair, it means there is a mixture of nylon nubs and boar bristles.

I assure you, the quality is there, and this mixing has a big impact on its price. The fact of using both materials for the pins allows the brand to halve the price and to offer this heated brush.

What makes this brush unique in its kind and which propels it widely to the top of sales is the integration of a keratin treatment within the brush coating itself. I’m not going to go into the chemical details but I’m just going to digress on the action of this molecule.

Keratin is a molecule naturally present in the hair for 95% and which gives it its shiny and beautiful appearance. Its main function is to protect it against external aggressions, but the amount of keratin decreases over the years.

If you are used to using keratin treatments, it’s not for nothing! We must nourish our hair so that it keeps its youth. This treatment is ideal for dry, dull, brittle or damaged hair.

The Remington brand has therefore bet on hair protection by integrating a keratin treatment that diffuses automatically and directly into the coating of its brush which is in permanent contact with the hair. The heated brush has a sensor that detects the level of moisture in the hair and that will adjust the level of dryness to adapt the level of diffusion of the treatment.

To use it, it will have to be plugged in but its power cord with a length of 1.80m which can turn 180 degrees makes it very practical. If you are head in the air like me, know that if you forget to turn it off, the device will automatically shut down after 60 minutes.

Travelers like me will be delighted to be able to use it anywhere in the world thanks to its dual voltage. It is also a criterion that appeals to me! Remington offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty which, for this criterion, places it in first position. The Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush in the end only offers the best for home styling.

Summary of features

  • Brush equipped with boar bristles and nylon
  • Ceramic coating with keratin care
  • Easy to use temperature selector
  • 2 heating temperatures: 120 and 180 degrees
  • Power on indicator light
  • 360 degree rotating power cord
  • Can be used anywhere in the world with bi-voltage
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Advantages and disadvantages

As usual, after having spoken of the main characteristics, I like to make a small point on the advantages and the disadvantages of a device in order to inform you as well as possible for your future choice.

I’ll start with its biggest advantage, which is its price. The Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush heating brush presents an exceptional quality / price ratio  ! The use of both types of heat-resistant bristles allows more than satisfactory results to be obtained without the risk of snagging and damaging the hair. The keratin treatment integrated into the ceramic coating of the brush is a big plus and will save you from spending a fortune on additional cleaning products. Your hair will be nourished while you style your hair. The fact that it can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its power supply compatibility is also very appreciable, especially when you are on a business trip abroad.

On the downside, it should be noted that this heated brush does not have additional accessories so if you decide to buy it, it will be in good conscience and it will then have to be done according to your needs. This brush is not blower therefore without air diffusion but this is not really a disadvantage because it is part of its characteristics. It is intended for hairdressing on dry hair as I said above in the article. Personally, I find it a shame that Remington didn’t add a temperature of 80 degrees for super fine hair.

My opinion on the Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush

The Remington CB7400NA Professional Style Hair Straightening Brush is a product accessible to all but I think you have to analyze your own needs before taking the plunge. For my part, owning the BaByliss 2735E blower brush but liking the change, I will not hesitate because I have a hair dryer which will compensate for the absence of the blowing side.

An ideal brush for straightening the hair and also for giving a beautiful wavy effect. Forget the classic brushing if you do not master the simultaneous use of the brush and the hairdryer. For an easy blow-dry at home, opt for a blower brush, you will not regret it.

Finally, this heated brush offers a very natural result, and for this price, I do not hesitate for a single moment to recommend it to you!