Natural Hair sprays

There are a variety of hair sprays in the market. Different types seem similar, but you need to find an ideal one for you. Hair sprays help tame your hair, make your hairstyle look awesome, make your hair shine, and also ensure your hair looks perfect.

Thus, their effectiveness is based on our choice and the task the spray is intended for. Hence, you need to make various considerations before buying a particular hair spray to ensure it doesn’t let you down after a while.

If you were used to using the chemical-based kind of sprays, you need to consider using the natural organic methods that are safer.

Why you should not opt for chemical hair sprays

  • Toxic chemicals can affect your body

Never in time have toxic materials ever been embraced. In as much as a product may seem as fine, you need to consider that it can have adverse effects on your body. You are exposing your self to unnecessary chemicals that when they build up can have adverse effects on your body.

No matter how much a deal seems good, just countercheck to see if it can pose an issue to you.

  • Your body is not strong enough

Let’s take the example that all your hair products are made from toxic chemicals? Just imagine that build up in your body? Is that worth it? Your body won’t be able to fight all the chemicals and even result in conditions that won’t be favorable to you.

The dangerous ingredients include parabens, lilial, eugenol, synthetic fillers, artificial fragrances, benzyl salicylate, and much more. Just be cautious of what you use on your hair. Read the ingredients well. Hence prevention is better than cure.

  • Allergies and sensitivity

In as much as you may want to try out all types of products, be cautious of the ingredients used to make them. We wouldn’t want a case in which your skin starts to react or you start getting unwanted allergies.

Thus, whenever you spray on your hair, ensure your wipe your face to ensure no spray landed on your face. Ensure the product you are using doesn’t cause any health complications. They can lead to headaches or certain health implications. The rashes, acne, and other scalp sicknesses are not worth it. Sensitive skin can cost you.

  • Destroy your hair

You may be having this perfect kind of hair, then just this once, you use a certain chemical hair spray that affects your hair completely. Don’t put yourself in such a position, look for the best natural sprays that will help ensure your hair remains great at all times.

 If your hair gets damaged, reverting it to the initial state can be a bit hectic for you. Also, use compatible hair care products for more efficiency. If they come from the same line of manufacturers the better.

  • Unrequired result

You may want your hair spray to help make your hair look more beautiful. However, with continual use, you may not get the right result. That means you might be using a low-quality product that will affect you adversely. Try not to take that route and you will be in a better position. Plenty of natural hair sprays can help you achieve the result that you want. If you use the chemical types, it might even drag you behind due to poor performance.

  • Use of plastic

In some hair sprays, they tend to use some sort of plastic. Yes, it allows your hair to relax, but the little plastic particles that have been broken down tend to create a layer on your hair that helps keep frizz and your hairstyle in place. This is what makes the hairspray to leave your hair looking tight and shiny. Those plastic polymers can be harmful if they get into the environment. Hence, you can easily breathe it through your nose or mouth and enter your lungs or skin. We shouldn’t get there, as the adverse effects can make you regret what is currently happening.

  • Clog pores

You may find an ideal hair spray and think it is the best in the world. But then you start noticing issues on your scalp and face. It can start causing clogged pores on your scalp and also face. This can even lead to scalp acne due to the clogging of the pores. This can be too painful and annoying for you. It can also lead to thinning of your hair, dry scalp, split ends, rashes, and making it weak. Your face will also feel like it is breaking out and even lead to acne formation.

  • Health issues

With the above-discussed issues, it can also lead to kidney and lung damage. The irritation can make your skin to be too sensitive and if you are using other beauty products that are harmful the result won’t be that nice. It can also lead to eye and nose irritation when you least expect. Some other major medical effects can be cancer and other major diseases. Thus, always be cautious of the ingredients in the products that you use. Also, sprays can affect the environment if made from harmful chemicals.

  • Ethanol rich hair sprays

If you find that a particular hair spray contains ethanol, you need to take care as it can be damaging to your hair as it tends to dry out. It also irritates the scalp. However, there are certain that contain other alcohols that are not harmful and moisturize the hair. Also, ensure there is no buildup of spray as it can create layers of dandruff-like particles that easily flake off. Thus, with some certain kind of sprays wash your hair often to prevent buildup. However, if you are plaited you can use a wet cloth to wipe your hair once in a while, don’t allow too much spray to accumulate.

How to choose the right organic hair spray

  • Credible brand

If you don’t want to go wrong with the kind of hair spray you buy, ensure it is from a credible brand. It is not also bad to promote a new brand that seems reliable but just know its origins. You may be blinded to think that a certain product is made from natural ingredients then it ends up affecting you.  The right hairspray will facilitate your hairstyling by using it properly.

  • Determine your hair type

You need to determine your hair type before deciding to buy a hair spray. You may think that a specific product is good for you, but you may end up using it and not see the results. Be it the straight type, thick type, curly type, weak type, fine, wavy, or the strong type of hair. The color of your hair also matters. Get a suitable hair spray that will ensure you diagnose your hair in the best way possible.

  • Type of hair spray formula

You need to find the right formula that will work for you, thus always check the labels and search for the right ingredients. You can either decide to opt for the aerosol hairspray that tends to emit a fine mist to add volume to your hair. It works in that it releases the atomized liquid when you activate the release valve, the spray comes out. Thus, if you have thin hair, this is ideal for you.

The other type is non-aerosol hairspray that is also known as pump spray. Instead of emitting a continuous mist, they use a combination of tubes, springs, or valves to release the liquid inside the container. They are ideal for thin, thick, or curly hair.

  • The volume of the hair spray

The products that have volumizing products help to add body to your hair. For example, if you have locks it provides an ideal dramatic touch. It also helps to add extra weight to fine or straight hair. Also, if you decide to use these kinds of hairspray on our thick hair it can cause the strands to appear puffy.

  • Setting hairsprays

These kinds of hairsprays help to style your hair and smooth it out. They are also designed for fine or straight hair and help to hold together the lighter strands and is an effective way of reducing static and acts as a straightener. There is also the control type that works to keep your strands locked in place. These types of sprays tend to be suitable for all hair types. Hence, it helps to fix your hair perfectly.

  • Anti-frizz type hairsprays

This type of sprays is geared towards people with frizzy hair. It helps to even keep your locks looking great, smooth, and straight.  It is also essential during humid or rainy days. Some types provide a perfect shine. They help to maintain a natural glow and even provide a great look. This will make your hair look perfect.

Benefits of using organic hair spray


Organic hair sprays are essential as they help your hair to grow so well and you won’t feel frustrated that the chemicals are destroying your hair. Your hair will also grow healthy and full. You also won’t have to worry about any allergies or thinning of your hair. Your scalp will also be healthy no unnecessary acne.

Organic hair sprays also provide no zero compromises. Thus, also the environment will be safe and it won’t pose any threat to your bodies at all.  You eliminate the chemical intake into your body. Also, using an organic hair mask is good as it helps to maintain your hair well.

The Common ingredients in an organic hair spray are:

  1. Aloe vera helps to promote hair growth, moisturizes hair, and hydrates the scalp. The scalp also becomes healthier and reduces scalp issues like dandruff.
  2. Another amazing ingredient that is essential in your hair spray is vegetable glycerine. I am sure you might have seen it in a hair product, well, basically it helps reduce moisture loss and is found in various capacities. The next time you find it in any of your hair products, don’t fear using it.
  3. Tea tree oil smells nice. Hugely, it helps to unclog hair, follicles, and nourish the hair roots. It is also antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. It is also a great ingredient and whenever you are buying hair products you can check it.
  4. Rosemary is mainly used in tea to make it taste better. However, it can also be used to encourage hair growth. It also hydrates your hair, soothes, and helps reduce dryness.

Homemade hairsprays

Maybe you may want to make your homemade hair sprays. Well, it ain’t that hard:

  • Sugar hair spray

This one you can make in various ways, you just need sugar, filtered water, and lavender essential oil. You will first need to heat water in a saucepan, add sugar and stir until dissolved, then add the essential oil and pour into your spray bottle. Always shake well before use and discard after 1-2months. If you follow the right procedure you will get an ideal homemade hair spray.

  • Lemon hair spray

You can use a lemon that you have added a small amount of baking powder to reduce the acidity of real lemon juice.  In the procedure, you just need filtered water, baking soda, and rosemary essential oil. First, pour the water in a bowl and add the lemon by squeezing the juice, add the slices of lemon also into the mixture and let the lemon water boil until half the water has evaporated. Allow it to cool and strain. Then add the baking powder and rosemary essential oil, put in a spray bottle, and then shake well before use.

  • Aloe oil hairspray

This homemade hair spray can help soften your hair and combat frizz. You need to apply to wet hair for a softer natural hold. You just need a whole leaf aloe vera, filtered water, bergamot essential oil. Simply combine all the ingredients in a small bowl then pour it into a spray bottle. Also, shake well before use. It is great when your hair is wet. Discard after 1-2months. Aloe vera is a great natural plant and it is mainly found in most organic hair products as it helps in proper hair growth.

  • Rosewater hair spray

Rosewater is essential as it helps to reduce dandruff due to the inflammatory and circulatory properties found in rose. Rosewater also helps to provide a beautiful shine and amazing smell. Just add the warm rose water in a saucepan then add sugar and stir till it dissolves and allow it to stir. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well before use and discard between 1-2 months.

Best natural hair sprays in the market

This is among the best natural hair sprays around. It is also alcohol-free so no worries about your hair getting dry. It is also made of herbal mint that makes it even smell nice when you spray to your hair. The honeybee brand is also well recognized and won’t let you down. It is made from different ingredients that you can check to certify if it can affect you. In the end, you will get a perfect shine.

It will also help to keep your hair perfectly styled and even make it be stronger and have a natural look. It is also enriched with amazing ingredients that will help nourish the hair and increase the shine. Thus, its alcohol-free nature will ensure your hair remains as perfect as possible.

Why not try out a pleasant smelling hair spray? It is also perfect for all kinds of flexible styles and will provide a perfect hair shine. You won’t feel any kind of stickiness or heaviness. Thus this will help against frizziness and flyways. Also, this superb spray will help to control the static nature of your hair too. Hence, the brightness shine of your hair is enhanced by the citrus in the product. The sunflower oil tends to help in nourishing your hair and making it flexible.

 The ultimate result is strong hair, less split ends, and frizz.  It is made from natural ingredients and that’s why it is a great pick. The ingredients are chemical-free, non-GMO, and free from any harmful substances. The manufacturers also have a wide variety of products that can combine well.

This amazing natural spray is made by nontoxic synthetic chemicals and is effective for most hair types. It is a great choice for anyone and won’t let you down. It is also from nature’s brand which has a great reputation. It is also paraben-free thus not dangerous for your hair. Importantly, it also doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, or harmful chemicals. Thus, be assured of a great product. It is also free from all synthetic chemicals or dyes. This Mari Herbal choice is a great product that can never let you down.

This amazing product is from a credible brand and is found in the form of a spray. It helps strengthen your hair and provide a perfect shine. It can be used on all hair types, color-treated, and the dry type. You can never go wrong with this choice. It also has a touchable and medium hold that helps to add volume and protect you against harsh humidity that can affect your hair.

It is also made from recommended ingredients that will help provide a natural look that will ensure your hair doesn’t dry out easily. It is also a lightweight formula. It is an all-natural, plant-based formula that doesn’t leave your hair looking all sticky and flaky. It also aids in nourishing and protecting your hair. Its aloe vera component will help keep your hair nourished and healthy at all times.

This is the non-aerosol type of spray thus is certified to be good for us. It is made from natural ingredients and free from plastic, preservatives, and phthalates. The brand is an amazing one that will never let you down no matter what. In a great way, this product will help to control frizz and ideal for wavy hair. This one is perfectly safe for everyone and won’t have side effects on your body.

It will help provide amazing styling and last for a long.  It will also ensure you don’t get dandruff easily because of its use. It is super strong and with proper application, your hair will look as perfect as possible. It practically has no known negative effects thus you need not worry about it.

You simply need to spray on damp hair to create volume and diffuse to set. Also, allow it to air dry for effectiveness. If you have the wavy kind of hairs, spray on wet or dry hair to enhance the curliness and reduce the frizz. You can also use it in combination with certain shampoos.


You have to realize that you need to evaluate a hair spray before buying. Some tend to be toxic to our bodies and also contaminate the environment. Natural hair sprays are great because they are made from high-quality safe materials. The packaging also tends to be eco-friendly and sustainable and free from all toxic materials.

They also help to style your hair in the greatest way possible. For the homemade hair sprays, ensure you follow the right procedure that will help it to be most effective to your hair. Also, if you feel a certain spray is not helping you, you can cease using it or find an alternative one. Also, your health should always come first in all cases, if you start forming acne, allergies, or irritations once you stay using a certain product, just withdraw it and look for an alternative. Washing your hair is a care tip that you should never assume.