Precious Stones, Crystals & Gems For Hair

Since the early civilization, men and women alike have used precious gems as accessories. These stones are used not only to enhance one’s beauty but precious gems are also used as trademarks for an individual’s social status way back in the early centuries. The kind of precious gems used stand for the kind of status the owner has in the society.

Gems have various characteristics and classification for one to be considered precious. In regard to this matter, diamond is considered to be the most precious among the gems and earth mineral classified so far. Although the value of the precious gems change every now and then, diamond so far has established itself in the market as the highest priced stones.

Who would not fell head over heels on luster of this precious stone, its undying crystal reflection when light meet its surface? Although precious stones are categorized according to their color and value, diamonds on the other hand maintains the same color and yet still the best-priced gem of all. Diamond stones have gained the exact representation of faithfulness and love because of its high and excellent vibration.

This is the reason why the saying “diamonds are forever” fit greatly this precious stone, that aside from the hard labor in mining this jewel, diamond underwent series of tests and its values is never been compromised in the market.

On one hand, other precious gems are also graded according to their colors. In fact, color is one consideration for any colored stones on how much it will sell in the market. However, color alone cannot guarantee the market price of the precious gems, excluding diamond of course.

Other precious gems are priced on their rarity, their market popularity and depending on the market mechanism. Some examples of precious stones that are determined according to their colors and value are tanzanite as seen above which is evaluated according to market price fluctuation, red beryl which is graded according to the rarity of the stone, sapphire, ruby, pearl and emerald to name a few.

These days however, precious gems are no longer limited to those who are holding high status in the society. Precious stones are now duplicated for fashion reasons. For one, replicated crystals, diamonds and any precious stones are best used for hair accessory purposes. Moreover, these stones can be used as clothing accessories like brooches.

Choosing which hair accessory is best for you depend largely on your preferences and personality. Many women prefer to use hair accessory items depending on their mood. At times, many women prefer to use precious gems as accessories as an expression of their interests in precious stones. On one hand, others prefer to use these precious stones according to their birth zodiac.

For so many reasons out there, the use of precious stones as accessories or status symbol depict just how people love to enhance their physical outlook. These valuable stones
in return provide the luster, the value and sophistication when worn. For the same reason, women above all are the ones who love to use precious gems