Protein Hair Care: Everything you Need to Know

Do you have damaged hair? Would you like softer, brighter hair? You don’t really know how to beautify your hair?
Have you ever tried using a hair protein treatment? If not, we have some tips for you that could be very helpful in this article. Indeed, we’ll tell you all about hair protein care. You’ll know how to apply your protein care, but also what are the best on the market and even how to make your own if you wish.

Thanks to our article you will be exactly how to have more beautiful, brighter and stronger hair! Are you ready to learn more? Then stay with us! This is where it happens!

What is a hair protein treatment?

Protein: the main components of your hair

Of course, so you can understand what it’s all about, we’ll explain what hair protein care really is.

As you should surely expect, a protein treatment is a hair product enriched with natural proteins that allows you to strengthen your hair. Indeed, it can make them more flexible, but also to rebuild the follicles of your hair.

Such results are possible because the hair fiber itself is 95% of a protein: keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up your hair but also your nails and in both cases brings strength, shine and flexibility.

Most protein treatments therefore strengthen the hair fiber naturally directly in the heart of the hair but also by providing the follicles with all the proteins necessary to produce the keratin that makes up your hair.

Your hair will therefore be less brittle but it will also grow healthier since the follicle will be better nourished.

It is important to note that coloured or relaxed hair is the best subjects for this type of care on a regular basis so that it can remain strong and beautiful throughout the year despite the weakening effects of coloring and straightening.

It should also be noted that a protein treatment is very different from a moisturizing mask. Indeed, the latter, as the name suggests, is a mask that simply moisturizes your hair to avoid frizz and dull appearance. If they are damaged, they may be hydrated, but they will not become beautiful again.

On the contrary, a good hair protein care can make your hair stronger and therefore more resistant even when it is already damaged or weakened. Of course, they will be much more beautiful in the long run.

The best hair protein care

There are excellent hair protein treatments that you can find in specialized shops or on the internet provided you know the best and most effective. Fortunately we think of you and you have been listed the best hair care on the market below to prevent you from falling on poor quality products. Here’s the list of the 3 best hair protein treatments you can find:

We start with the care of the professional brand Vitamins enriched with keratin protein. Easy to apply it doesn’t require rinsing: perfect if you’re in a hurry and want an efficient and convenient product to use on a daily basis. With an average score of 4.5 / 5 out of more than 1780 customer reviews difficult to find better:

Vitamins Protein Care

  • Keratin Protein Enriched Care
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Makes hair softer and softer

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If you want a slightly cheaper product you can turn to the treatment (without rinsing too) enriched with CHI brand care keratin protein. This brand, if you don’t know it, only makes natural products without aggressive components. It too is extremely well rated with an average of 4.5 / 5 out of 500 reviews. This is undeniably the best value you can find for an effective and affordable hair protein care:

CHI Care Keratin Protein Care

  • Silk Keratin Protein Protein Care
  • Softens and repairs fragile hair
  • Care without rinsing

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Finally, the last treatment you can recommend if you prefer a consumer brand is the famous expert treatment enriched with L’Oréal quinoa protein. Rated 4.5/5 by more than 1,400 customers this treatment will also soften your hair and repair it if it is damaged. It is a little more expensive than the previous two but much larger with 500 mL: you will be the winner:

L’Oréal quinoa protein-enriched treatment

  • Strengthens and softens hair
  • Enriched with protein through the use of quinoa active ingredients
  • Care without rinsing
  • Rating of 4.5/5 on more than 900 reviews

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What are the signs that you need a hair protein treatment?


Not sure what causes your damaged, brittling or dull hair? You also don’t know how you could fix the problem?
Thankfully, we’ll explain the different reasons why your hair can be britter. It should also be noted that this is not necessarily your fault. Indeed, certain life events or external factors can make your hair more fragile. Here are the different aggressions that will make your hair more brittling and therefore more damaged:

  • You have brittling hair and it has always been like that. Indeed, for many years, you may go to the hairdresser, your hair still tends to spoil easily. Maybe it’s time to change your hair routine. Indeed, the fact that your hair is so damaged can basically come from a lack of protein. Thus, a hair protein treatment would allow your hair to be better nourished and grow more healthy, without deficiency. So that’s exactly what you need to restore all their beauty to your hair.
  •  You’re used to using heat: whether it’s to curl your hair or smooth it out, you use heat. This is convenient, but it is important to note that your hair is not big fans of these techniques that resort abundantly to heat although it is the most effective. If you are used to using heat it is therefore crucial to bring enough protein to your hair to compensate for the evaporation of keratin. For this the best solution is to make hair protein care in a much more regular way to sink any hair problems of dry or brittle hair.
  •  Temperature changes can also weaken your hair and make it brittle. The cold is thus another enemy of your hair. In winter it is therefore imperative to find the right balance between the protein that your hair needs and sufficient hydration to prevent it from getting damaged.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to find different reasons why your hair becomes brittle and lacking in protein. However, it should also be noted that if you do a protein treatment too often on your hair, you may also damage it. It will therefore be necessary to find the right balance between too much protein for your hair, but also a total absence of this essential nutrient to your hair.

What are the benefits of protein for your hair?

As you must have understood, a hair protein treatment has many benefits. So we’ve listed all the benefits and benefits of doing a hair protein care on a regular basis:

  • To repair your hair from daily aggressions: indeed, in everyday life your hair suffers more or less strong aggressions. Between the heat, the cold, the fact of tying them or pollution,they are not at the end of their pain. To have beautiful hair, it is therefore crucial to repair all the consequences of these too frequent assaults. For this, a protein-enriched treatment will strengthen the keratin of the hair fiber for a hyper-effective restorative effect.
  • To strengthen the hair fiber of your hair: beautiful hair is synonymous with a strong hair fiber rich in keratin. As we told you keratin is a protein itself. So a hair protein treatment will strengthen the hair fiber, thus beautifying your hair that will be brighter, softer and softer.
  • Bringing shine to your hair: shine is the result of well-nourished, protein-rich hair. It is therefore also one of the benefits of protein care that will help to nourish the hair fiber in depth.

As you can see, the benefits of hair protein are numerous: repair, strengthening and shine.
Also be aware that you don’t necessarily have to wait until they are damaged to perform this type of care. On the contrary, incorporating it into your hair routine once in a while so that your hair is always strong and shiny will avoid future problems: prevention is better than cure!


How to apply a hair protein care?

Have you made your choice of protein care? Now you need a suitable hair routine to get all the benefits and have resplendent hair.
Thankfully, we’ll give you some tips so you can carry out your care to perfection. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Start either after you have washed your hair or after brushing it to remove all the small residue from your hair.
  • Then apply two to three drops of vegetable oil: sweet almond oil is perfect because it is very light and therefore allows you to feed without greasing.
  • Dry your hair at this time if you have washed it, otherwise move on to the next step.
  •  Then divide your hair into 4 separate root sections. You must then apply your care on each section equally.
  •  Use a comb to spread the treatment over the 4 sections, from top to bottom. This will allow for a very regular amount of care throughout the hair.
  • Gently rub your hair, strand by strand, between your two hands to penetrate the treatment.
  • Go over a comb to avoid the knots and you’re done.

Of course, a hair protein treatment is not necessarily complicated to do. Nevertheless, we must follow all the steps that we have highlighted above. What for? Simply because these are important for the effectiveness of your protein care. Otherwise you won’t get all the benefits.

How do you make your own homemade hair care?

Don’t want to spend money on a protein mask? Do you want to make a homemade recipe for the fun side of making it yourself? No problem, we’ll show you the different elements you need to achieve your own hair protein care.
Here are the ingredients you need:

  • An egg: it is a very protein-rich ingredient
  • 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil or olive oil if you don’t have coconut oil
  • 3 or 4 drops of essential oils if you want to add a purifying effect and a good smell to your care (lavender, lemon, mint, etc…)

As you can see, there is nothing complicated to find in terms of ingredients. Here’s how you can make your homemade protein treatment:

  • Mix the ingredients well in a bowl until you have a perfectly homogeneous treatment in terms of texture and colour (a homogeneous colour is indeed a sign that the ingredients are well blended).
  • Apply the care to your hair from the root and down to the tips.
  • Leave to rest for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm or cold water.

All you have to do is try your homemade hair protein care, which is as fun to achieve as it is effective to nourish your hair.
In conclusion, hair protein care is really something you need to think about for the well-being of your hair both to repair it if it is damaged and as a daily routine to have soft and shiny hair.
Their effect is very real simply because our hair itself is 95% protein: keratin. Protein care strengthens the hair fiber and gives the follicles everything they need to produce healthy, strong hair.

It should also be noted that you can do it perfectly even if you don’t have damaged hair. After all, just because they are healthy doesn’t mean they don’t suffer external assaults. It will therefore be important to opt for this type of treatment, if you want to keep your hair healthy.