Is your scalp itchy and burning after shampooing? Check out the three community favorite best/worst shampoo for sensitive scalps.

The best shampoos for sensitive scalp

Oat Delicacy Gentle Soothing Shampoo – Ultra Doux by Garnier

Purifying cleansing scrub with sea salt from Christophe Robin

Anti-Dandruff Soothing Shampoo – Nodé A by Bioderma

Why use this type of product? 

The usual shampoos can be too aggressive on the sensitive, reactive and irritated skins of certain scalps. This is why brands are developing gentler cleansing formulas specifically designed to overcome and even treat this problem while effectively cleaning your hair. They are generally enriched with soothing active ingredients (vegetable allantoin, oat milk, balancing salts, D-panthenol) which relieve the sensations of irritation and itching to allow you to be more comfortable. They also contain moisturizing and softening ingredients (rice cream) that help keep a healthy scalp while taking care of your lengths. 

1. Gentle soothing oatmeal delicacy shampoo – Garnier Whole Blends

The brand’s promise: Thanks to its formula which combines the moisturizing and protective properties of rice cream with the softening and soothing properties of oat milk, this shampoo from Garnier washes and moisturizes the hair without weighing it down while respecting the sensitivity reactive scalps. Its creamy texture, both soft and comforting, has the advantage of soothing itching. 

Suitable for daily use, it is suitable for everyone – children from three years old as well as adults – and therefore comes in two formats, one classic of 250 ml and the other, more generous of 400 ml if you share it and / or that you use it every day. 

The gentle soothing Oat Delicacy – shampoo from Garnier is at the top of the ranking with a score of 4.2 / 5 and the nice sum of 673 reviews gathered on the site. A first step of the podium that he owes to the many encouraging comments to try it like that of Courtney D. who affirms, for example, that with this shampoo calming his scalp is “really soothed” . Delighted to have been able to test this product, the beauty-tester adds that it makes her hair “very soft” and “easy to comb” . For her, it is obvious, this shampoo “keeps all its promises” in addition to having a “smell to die for” . 

On this last point, it is Mary C. who said the opposite because she also finds that Garnier’s soothing shampoo formula  “smells super good” . Her  “ultra sensitive scalp”  seems to have found a suitable treatment in this shampoo because she says: “I haven’t scratched my scalp since I tested this shampoo” . This is why she wants to  “adopt” it on a daily basis.

 Kimbra H. also confirms the soothing and moisturizing effects of Garnier oat milk and rice cream shampoo. She explains that in addition to making her “hair soft” , her formula “does not attack the scalp” but above all she notes a real improvement:“I have no more itching since using it” . Also satisfied with the “pleasant smell” of the product, she seems to have found her shampoo, 

Despite these very positive results, some beauty testers have a more “mixed ” opinion, as Wendy N. herself emphasizes . She readily concedes that he “calms the itch” but is not fully satisfied with the way he treats the hair. She reveals in more detail: “I find my hair impossible to style properly. With this shampoo, I feel like I should wash them every day”. She adds that he  “leaves the hair flat” since it greases too quickly with him. Even if it “smells good, washes well and rinses well”, and it “calms the itchy scalp a bit” , she is “Disappointed with this product” and regrets that its soothing effect largely depends on the way the shampoo is dosed. 

For Autumn N., it’s worse. This shampoo ended up having the opposite effect as it “caused dandruff and itching” very quickly. She explains that after the “3rd or 4th shampoo”, she had “direct dandruff” and that her hair was “dry”. She therefore finds him “horrible!” and warns the community: “Sensitive scalps abstain!”  It is not the only one to have observed counter-productive effects. Kyle P. also notes that it “Causes itching and dandruff” without further explanation. 

2. Purifying cleansing scrub with sea salt from Christophe Robin

The brand’s promise: Specifically designed for sensitive or oily scalps, this sea salt scrub paste exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin and chemical residues from hair products to calm the tingling and itching sensations that are linked to it. 

The rebalancing mineral salts that it releases during washing make it possible to soothe the scalp for a long time by ensuring good hydration for up to four days after use. 

Also posting a very good rating of 4.2 / 5, Christophe Robin’s Purifying Cleansing Scrub with Sea Salt is the second favorite soothing shampoo in our community because it has collected only 99 reviews. 

For Lisa M., this treatment was a real discovery. She was looking for a “miracle purifying cleansing” treatment for her “itching, dandruff and scalp patches”, seems to have found it with Christophe Robin’s purifying cleansing scrub. After having tried many “products sold in para”, she says that it is one of the few to keep its promises and that the latter is “really adapted to extreme situations of the scalp, such as itching and patches”. She is particularly delighted that it “immediately calms and purifies ” the scalp when it needs it. She advises, however, to reserve it for “crisis situations” and to think about “alternating it with a milder shampoo”.

JoMarie F., who also has a “very sensitive” scalp and can “itch”, is also very satisfied with this calming shampoo: “this product is the only one that has succeeded in calming the itching, although I have tried a lot of shampoos bought in pharmacies” . She explains that she “uses it twice a week” and that thanks to it, her scalp“ doesn’t bother her anymore” because the treatment formula “soothes the irritated scalp” . 

Julie D. confirms the soothing effects of Christophe Robin’s scrub on his scalp “with peeling and itching” linked to “ eczema ”. She adds that “it’s the only really effective product” she has found. 

For other testers, however, this treatment does not only have advantages. Jennifer M., for example, uses it “to totally purify her hair when the need arises” and appreciates that her “reactive and sensitive scalp no longer itches after this treatment”. But she regrets that it is difficult to benefit from the exfoliating effect of her formula because the exfoliating paste does not spread well on the scalp with long hair “because the salt crystals do not easily reach the scalp”, even though she “hasn’t hesitated to buy it back for several years” and is not convinced of the exfoliating aspect with long hair. 

According to Fenella C., this cleansing scrub “Purifies the scalp” effectively but she emphasizes that with its “oily roots and dry lengths” , it turns out to be “much too drying” on its lengths. 

As for Katja G., that’s a whole different issue. She confirms that he “washes very well” but explains that in “one month” he gave her “horrible dandruff” when she had never had any. She therefore stopped using it. 

3. Anti-Dandruff Soothing Shampoo – Nodé A by Bioderma

The brand’s promise: Formulated with gentle cleansing bases that are not invasie, this shampoo respects the sensitivity of sensitive and irritated scalps. Nodé A by Bioderma  is enriched with soothing D-panthenol and climbazole, active ingredients capable of fighting against malassezia (a fungus that causes dandruff), the formula calms irritation in addition to lastingly eliminating dandruff.  

Rated 4/5 on the Test website, the Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Nodé A by Bioderma gathered 63 opinions. Among them, many are positive, including that of Kate W. who “has been using it for 4 years”. She finds it “really effective on dandruff and itching” and confirms that the product “soothes itching from the first shampoo” . Additionally, she notes that it “treats dandruff quickly” and leaves hair “perfectly clean”.

Asia H. got this shampoo because her “scalp was very irritated” and she is also satisfied because it “Calms the scalp quickly”. She claims that it “immediately soothed” her reactive skin, that she “no longer itches” and that “the irritation is totally gone” after using the product. She further adds that this hair care product is “good value for money”.

Sarah S. was also delighted with its effects and agrees with Kate W. concerning the express effectiveness of the treatment since she found it “effective from the 1st shampoo”. She feels that he “washes her hair well” and that it “really soothes the scalp” because she “no longer notices itching”

But not all users were blown away by its results. Indeed, Lynda M.  notes that “for the alleviation of the itch, it is not immediate” on her. Having taken this treatment on prescription from her dermatologist “following severe itching on the scalp due to dry dandruff”, she says that she is  “3/4 of the product” and that her scalp is certainly “less sensitive” and “less irritated.” But she is still having “problems.  That is why she is “not a fan of this shampoo” and does not think of repurchasing it.

To Gabriel B.  the results are mixed because she finds it “Not very effective on dandruff and itching” and adds that his hair “grows quickly and is flattened ”. 

As for Aldo U., she openly says that she is “very disappointed with this shampoo, especially considering the price it is sold” . She suffers from “a problem of dandruff with a sensitive scalp” which “causes itching”. Unfortunately she notes that “this shampoo did not solve either of the 2 problems”. She therefore finds it “not effective” and will not repeat the purchase. 

Editorial suggestion 

Lazartigue Dermo-Soothing Shampoo 

With its formula composed of 94% natural ingredients, this shampoo manages to soothe sensitive and irritated scalps thanks to the calming benefits of vegetable allantoin and vegetable α-bisabolol (a powerful soothing active) which also acts on redness. The brand warns, however, that its sulfate-free composition can make the hair greasy faster during the first uses (when they are used to it), but that after about four applications the scalp will regulate itself.