As I age, my scalp hair tends to become thinner , particularly on the top (also called Chaussée au Moines) but also a little above the temples. For several years I have been trying to reduce this hair loss: anti-hair loss shampoo, massages, special lotions, but nothing helps. It is often impossible to go against nature and genetics. Of course, we can try to slow down the effects of time, but the result is inevitable. So I turned to another solution, a more cosmetic and directly aesthetic.

I tested the densifying hair fibers

I have not tested hair implants. It is a solution that has the wind in its sails but clearly I am not ready to spend 10k to have hair planted on my head. In addition it seems that it is very painful. So I turned to hair fibers . These, sprinkled on the bald areas will come to fill the holes by mixing with the few hairs that make resistance. The result is meant to be natural and fleeting but I think it’s worth it. Here are the results of my test. 

TOPPIK set application of hair fibers to camouflage sparse skulls

TOPPIK densifying hair fibers  , how does it work?

These are densifying hair fibers (cosmetic product), intended for women and men, who have thinning hair. From there, how to apply this product and ensure that the result is as natural as possible? 

I did my test with TOPPIK starter kit. This contains everything you need to test the solution without breaking the bank (its price: 25 €) namely: a pump for the application + a fixative (spray) + a front line delimiter just not to worry. on the forehead + fibers composed of natural and colored keratin proteins (at a price of 46 € per bottle of 27.5g)

Apply hair fibers step by step

  1. After the shower, I dry my hair well in the open air or with a hairdryer
  2. Then I sprinkle the fibers on the sparse areas of my scalp until I see more of the scalp.
  3. Above the temples I use the delimiter. I arrange it like a comb on the forehead and then I sprinkle on the sparse areas.
  4. I then put my hand on my head to distribute the fibers well if necessary.
  5. Then I gently comb my hair
  6. Finally, I use the spray a bit like a hairspray to fix the fibers and finish my haircut

How does the fiber hold on the head?

Please note that these are not synthetic fibers. Ultra fine TOPPIK fibers are created from keratin, a protein that is naturally found in our hair. Thanks to its characteristics, these keratin fibers are very adherent to the scalp and the hair. Thus, they are resistant to wind, rain and even perspiration. I still advise you not to stay in a downpour. If you go to the swimming pool: remember to wear a swimming cap.

TOPPIK densifying hair fibers  : Questions / Answers

After this test I imagine that you have some doubts or at least some important questions. This is completely legitimate because I myself have asked myself a lot of questions about this product. I have therefore concocted a FAQ that reflects my experience. In any case you can also ask your questions in the comments of this article and I will answer them with great pleasure.

Does it itch?

Not at all. The fibers attach themselves to the hair and scalp without being able to feel them. They don’t scratch, there is no feeling of discomfort.

Does it stick?

The fibers are naturally light and are deposited on the hair and the scalp. They do not stick, they simply come to wedge where you put them. It is then via the styling spray – fixative that the fibers will attach themselves more to your skull.

Does the fibers fall on the shoulders during the day?

Not at all insofar as you use the spray to fix the fibers well. At the time of application, the fibers are so volatile that it is important to shake your t-shirt or shirt collar well in case the fibers have settled there. I advise you to do the application shirtless.

Want to test TOPPIK hair fibers?

  • Products available in pharmacies, drugstores or on Amazon – Buy here >>

TOPPIK set application of hair fibers to camouflage sparse skulls

About Toppik

Toppik, leader in hair powders in the United States, arrives in France to alleviate the harmful psychological effects caused by hair problems. Thanks to its densifying hair fibers and its keratin-based composition, this innovative product, sold exclusively in pharmacies, instantly creates an impression of denser hair. The range of 5 shades ranging from black to white promises a natural result and constitutes a real revolution in everyday life.

Toppik: Hair fibers to densify your hair! 

If I have a good amount of hair, it can happen that some areas are sparse. Indeed, the side of the temples, especially the left side, bothers me when I want to tie my hair. It is not at all aesthetic , and although I have tried for a long time not to think about it, it often happened to me that I think about it.

However, I never thought of a cosmetic product to remedy it… what a mistake! There are hair fibers with ultra natural results and easier to apply. This is the case with the Toppik brand that I am testing today to give you my opinion.

So what are hair fibers? These are colored keratin proteins that attach to the scalp or hair in order to fill or densify their appearance. Here are its characteristics: 

  • Instant densifying & thickening effect
  • Resists wind, perspiration & rain
  • Natural effect
  • All hair types

The Good Mood box by Toppik: My opinion

The Good Mood By Toppik box includes: 

  • Spray Applicator
  • Hairline Optimizer
  • Travel Size (1.7 fl oz) FiberHold Spray

Toppik Densifying Hair Fibers

Toppik hair fibers come in a 12g pot. The goal is therefore to sprinkle the product on the affected parts in order to obtain the desired result. I first tested the product without an applicator, by applying the fibers directly to my scalp… Simple & effective.

My opinion ? Densified hair and part of my head completely covered. It is not even possible to suspect that I applied any product. 

I would add that this is not a treatment, but really a cosmetic product to be applied when you want an immediate result. 

Toppik hair fibers are available in drugstores or directly on Amazon .

Perfect finish duo kit Toppik

Here are two handy little accessories to polish the application of Toppik hair fibers. We start by adding the applicator to the starting pot, then we press the silicone ball in order to release the product. The advantage? Homogeneously dispersed and diffuse fibers. Once the application is complete, you can leave the applicator directly on the product or remove it and store it separately.

Finally, the small frontal delimiter makes it possible to make the appearance of the contours ultra-natural. I don’t particularly need this accessory given the area to apply, however, it can be very handy close to the hair.

My opinion ? An even simpler and more natural application. I recommend if you want to apply yourself to the maximum.

Toppik Fixing Spray

For maximum hold, Toppik offers us a fixing spray to maximize the effect over time. It helps strengthen the bond between hair and fibers.

My opinion ? It respects its role as a fixing product and allows my hair to no longer move. The basic Toppik product is as if protected by a veil. Be careful not to apply too much at the risk of having a strong lacquer effect which would take away the naturalness of the result.

My overall opinion on Toppik products

The result is there, I can’t deny it! I was able to observe an ultra natural rendering for an application of a few seconds. I wonder how I could have missed this for years. The fact that I can fill in those “holes” to restore an aesthetic appearance when I tie my hair is just revolutionary. The hold is interesting since it goes without problem until the end of the evening for an application in the morning. The results on the official site are also impressive (baldness, thinning hair, fine hair, alopecia or even weaving on thinning hair).