Steampod 3.0: Reviews and Tests of the Latest Generation Straightener


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L’Oréal now offers its new Steampod model, the Steampod 3.0 We tested it for you by reviewing all its features. What innovations does it offer compared to the Steampod 2.0? What results can you expect? We tell you all about this new generation straightener!

Features of the new Steampod 3.0

Buying a steam straightener is always a tricky choice. The heat on the hair fibers can have a devastating effect on the life of the product if the product is not of quality. Some features are essential to make it an ally of your hair! How does L’Oréal’s next-generation Steampod 3.0 steam straightener work? What benefits does it offer?

Ergonomic and practical with its built-in tank

Unlike some straighteners that include a separate water tank, the Steampod 3.0 incorporates it into its structure. The manipulations are simpler. Despite this innovation, its weight remains light: less than 600 grams. So you have a very practical product with less constraints.

Its handle with a pleasant grip is very ergonomic. Long smoothing sessions are no longer a chore. Its small weight combined with a non-slip handle make it a practical and easy-to-use product.

Handy with its rotating cord

The rotating cord prevents the wire from squirming. You can use it freely without having to constantly check that the wire doesn’t wrap around itself. It is your straightener that adapts to you, to your position and not you who must return it with each strand!

Another important point: its cord measures 2.4 meters. So you have room to handle it without having to bend because of a cord too short.

Protector for your hair by steam scattering

The straighteners that damage the hair are the ones that do not diffuse steam. The heated plates attack the fibers and dry out the hair. On the contrary, steam has protective virtues. Classic straighteners tend to make hair forked or even brittle. Steam has beneficial properties: it helps to deeply moisturize the hair. It opens the scales of the hair and promotes the penetration of water droplets into the core of the fiber.

Efficient and fast

Another advantage of the action of steam is that it saves you precious time. Where conventional straighteners require multiple passages for a perfect result, the steam straightener requires only one pass. The diffusion of heat by steam is more active and produces a much better result in record time. The flow of the Steampod 3.0(0.8 g/mn)reinforces this efficiency.

Floating plates new technology

The plates of the Steampod 3.0 are treated anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion. This steam straightener therefore offers good prospects in terms of lifespan. Their anodized coating makes the plates more efficient, less aggressive and more durable.

The plates incorporate a removable comb. So you can fine-tune the hair detangling during smoothing if you wish.

Adaptable to all hair types by temperature setting

The new Steampod 3.0 model offers three possibilities for temperature adjustment: 180 degrees, 200 degrees or 210 degrees. It therefore adapts to all hair natures and all hair densities.

From Steampod 2.0 to 3.0: what changes?

Brands often offer new versions of their products without incorporating significant innovations. This is really not the case for the Steampod! The differences are easy to see and the added value is real.

The integrated water tank

That’s the main change. Steampod 2.0 had a separate water tank. This feature makes the newest product more convenient, more manageable, easier to store and transport. It takes up less space in drawers or suitcases if you want to travel with it.

The rounded shape

L’Oréal’s Steampod 3.0 steam straightener is rounded. And that’s not a detail! These curves make it possible to make very natural ripples and loops. This soft shape also gives it a more modern and contemporary design combined with the white color.

Is the new Steampod 3.0 for you?

One can answer “yes” without hesitation because it can be useful to all. Whatever your hairstyle and hair type, you can take advantage of it. Fine hair will withstand the lowest temperature better, thicker hair will require a higher temperature (210 degrees).

Whether you’re looking for a classic smoothing or looking for a curly brushing effect, the steam straightener can give you the desired result. It adapts to all styles for a flawless look.

The brand lives up to its reputation with this new model. It has all the technical characteristics of a professional straightener. Whether you’re wearing long or short hair, with coloured, curly or even frizzy hair, streaming offers you endless hairstyle possibilities.

In a nutshell

We like:

  • Its built-in tank
  • Its manoeuvrability
  • Its versatility
  • Its robustness and reliability
  • Its diffusion of steam streaming

We like less:

  • Its price… but we have nothing without nothing!

L’Oréal’s latest-generation Steampod 3.0 2-in-1 straightener guarantees the protection of your hair. You’ll quickly make it an essential part of your styling routines. Its built-in tank gives you better ease in your movements. The diffusion of steam is homogeneous and ensures a regular result over the entire length of each strand and the entire hair. The materials used make it a high quality steam straightener, made to accompany you in the long run for a shiny and soft hair.

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