Sugaring and threading best options for removing unwanted facial hair

The reason that the hair keeps coming back is because the hair is not being pulled out from the roots and this is causing hair to grow back. This might happen for the first few times but with regular and proper threading, the problem should completely go away.

What you probably should also do is to pluck out these hair, whenever they do turn up and eventually, they will stop coming back altogether. You might also want to consider a chemical epilator or hair removal cream as another option.

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Hair growth goes through many stages in our lives. When we are born, we have a very fine hair, which is completely taken over by an intermediate stage of hair that is still retained in some parts of the body like the forearm. After puberty and adulthood we develop hair which is thicker and of a completely different consistency.

Depending on where the hair is, the quality and texture also changes, so pubic hair on any part of the body has the same consistency whether in the genitals, underarms or face. Sometimes, hormonal inconsistencies can cause the odd hair to spurt out suddenly. The best ways of removing facial hair are to wax it, thread it, sugar it or use a hair removal cream.

The most effective remedy to remove facial hair of this kind is to use a chemical epilator but if that is not an option available to you then you should consider sugaring.

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Sugaring is a technique that is an offshoot of waxing. The reason for sugaring suddenly taking prominence is because some people tend to have problems with using the regular wax solution. Also skin problems like irritation that happens subsequently in waxing is greater than in sugaring. The technique of using it is simple.

First, take some sugar syrup and mix orange juice from a freshly squeezed orange into it. Then, boil the mixture until it takes up the consistency of very thick oil. Wait for it to cool a bit and then apply it to the skin. Apply a porous cloth to the skin and then wait for the skin to tighten with the contracting sugar mixture. Pull off the cloth as you would a bandage, in a quick action.

This is most effective if the hairs are numerous. If there are just a few, get a pair of tweezers and pull out each individual hair as gently as you would pull out a nail from the skin. This will ensure that the hair comes out along with the root.