Sunflower Oil for Hair

This is a time where natural products are more prevalent than ever, time and again natural products have proven to be extremely beneficial not only for your health but also for skincare and haircare. 

Essential oils have been proven to strengthen your body from the inside out.

When one talks about essential oils, they think of coconut, lavender, or even rose; however, an underrated oil that is a part of this group is sunflower oil! Sunflower oil is often used in the kitchen for cooking or other purposes, however, what most people do not know is that sunflower is extremely advantageous for your hair and its health! 

Now, most people don’t even know that you can apply oil to your hair but it is very deeply ingrained in many cultures of the world Oil is often known as the food of the hair and it is a substance that makes hair stronger, longer, shinier, etc.  

Sunflower Oil for Hair

The special thing about sunflower oil is that it can be used for multiple purposes like cooking, skincare, and haircare. Sunflower oil is known to fix dull and dry hair, it also has many other properties that would fix your hair naturally and from the inside. So, let’s list out the benefits of sunflower oil for hair. 

Sunflower Oil: Benefits for hair 

  • Moisturises dry hair: Sunflower oil is super rich in vitamin E, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and sesamol; all these ingredients are natural antioxidants that provide an instant boost of health to dry hair and a dry scalp. Oleic acid prevents the breakage of hair and also stops it, it helps in the growth of your hair. Since sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, it helps in stopping baldness, prevents hair loss, hair thinning, and much more! 
  • Boosts hair growth: The thing that is most essential for hair growth is moisture and when it comes to moisture, vitamin E, again comes into play. Vitamin E and omega 9 that are both found in sunflower oil act as a natural moisturizer for your hair. It prevents hair loss, stops breakage, etc. These substances are also famous for stimulating healthy and natural hair growth
  • Say goodbye to frizzy hair: Another reason why Sunflower oil is an excellent choice for your hair would be its properties to eliminate frizzy looking and unruly hair. This has to do with moisture again; when hair loses its natural moisture or does not receive enough of it, it tends to get frizzy and weak. Sunflower oil has properties that diminish the look of frizziness in your hair and weigh it down. 
  • Emollient: Sunflower oil is also a great product to keep your hair hydrated. It has properties that similar to jojoba oil, sunflower oil is non-polar. Sunflower is also odorless and can be mixed with other scented or non-scented oils. It is a great way to keep your moisturized and hydrated!
  • Makes your hair look good: Unlike most oils, sunflower oil is not too greasy and it adds a nice shine to your hair! It can make the hair look healthy, gives it volume, and gives it just the right amount of shine without it getting too oily! 

How to use Sunflower Oil on you Hair

Now, it is understandable that most of us have skincare routines that we follow strictly; however, what most people forget about is the importance of having a hair care routine! Haircare in this and age is super important because your hair takes on a lot for you; the scorching heat, the snow, the rain, the pollution, and the list just goes on and on. Your hair is out in the open most of the time and that is why it is important to nourish it and give it the nutrients it needs that a standard shampoo cannot provide. 

Again, oiling dates back centuries when it comes to hair care and is the way to go if you are looking to start haircare. Why is oiling great? It doesn’t require any expertise, it is not a time-consuming task, you just need to know what you want and sunflower oil does the trick for basically most types of hair, oils are also super affordable and you do not need to spend a fortune finding the right one! 

Scalp Treatment: Scalp treatment is pretty simple and does not take up too much of your time! Just put a drop of sunflower oil on your scalp, you can do this with both dry and wet hair. Take a towel and cover your hair up for about 30 minutes and comb your hair from top to bottom for proper application before rinsing the oil off with shampoo and conditioner like usual. 

Make a Hair Mask: Now, this would be super fun for anyone who loves DIYs and homemade remedies. Take an avocado or a banana, you can use both as well! Mix it with honey, coconut, or olive oil, and add sunflower oil! Put it on damp hair for about 15-30 minutes and then rinse it off for silky, smooth, and volumized hair! 

Control the Frizz: This is super easy and doesn’t take up much of your time. It only takes a few seconds to get that frizz under control from sunflower oil! Take a pea-sized amount of sunflower oil on your palm and rub them together; apply anywhere you see frizzy hair to get rid of the frizziness. 

Use it as a Hair Conditioner: Yes, you can use sunflower oil as a conditioner! Sunflower oil has great conditioning properties and is a great addition to your normal hair care. Take a dime-sized amount and add it in your conditioner, and follow your normal routine. If you feel that your hair is too oily, just double rinse and you would be good to go! 

DIY Scalp Treatment Sunflower Oil 


  • 2.0 oz Sunflower Seed Oil
  • 1.0 oz Organic Argan Oil
  • 2 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil
  • 1 tbsp Castor Oil
  • 1 Roots Only Comb Applicator


  • Mix all your ingredients with the measurements mentioned above with the comb applicator. 
  • Shake the mixture well so that all the ingredients get combined properly. 
  • Massage onto your scalp for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Repeat this twice a week or more depending on the dryness of your hair. 

Maple Holistics 100% Sunflower oil

Ingredients: Pure Natural Cold Pressed Refined Sunflower Seed Oil

Scent:  Sunflower Oil

Item Form:      Oil

Brand: Maple Holistics

Skin Type:       Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal

Product Description:

  • This oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and is cold-pressed into a pure sunflower oil perfect for skin, face, and the body!
  • This helps retain your natural skin glow and has anti-aging properties. It helps in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.  
  • Helps in hair growth and makes hair lustrous and strong. Store in conditioner and add it to your regular hair routine for the best results! 
  • This oil is also perfect for a body massage as it contains natural and essential fatty acids, skin emollient, and vitamins B1, B3, B6, and E to help reduce scars and stretch marks on the body. 
  • This sunflower oil comes oleic & linoleic acid is chemical free paraben free & cruelty-free making it perfect for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. It comes with a money-back guarantee!

Daana Organic Sunflower Oil

Size: 12 Fl Oz

Ingredients:Organic Sunflower Oil, Cold Pressed
Item Form:Liquid
Item Weight:12 Ounces   Product Description:
  • This is an unrefined organic sunflower oil that would be a perfect addition to your skincare routine. Take a coin-sized amount on your palm and rub on the body before taking a shower for soft and silky smooth skin, add more if required. 
  • The product is packed with vitamin E, linoleic acid, and lecithin and helps fight skin issues like acne, inflammation, dermatitis, general redness and irritation of the skin.
  • The oil has anti-aging properties and helps in preventing signs of premature aging. The oil is rich in Vitamin  E and therefore protects collagen and elastin in the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face.
  • The oil is packed with Vitamin E and Oleic Acid and helps in promoting natural hair growth, reduces frizziness, and helps hair be more manageable. This also helps in reducing the thinning of hair and helps prevent baldness and males and females along with alopecia areata.
  • This product is grown sustainably on rain-fed farms by small organic farmers in India, using traditional eco-friendly farming practices. Read more about them at
  • The product is plant-based and is cruelty-free! 

Premium Nature: Sunflower Oil 

Product Description:

  • The product is packed heavily with Vitamin A and Vitamin E making is perfect for your skin. It helps rejuvenate dead skin and makes your skin glow. 
  • It is perfect for your hair as it helps in natural hair growth and can be used as a conditioner. It adds shine to hair. 
  • The oil has anti-aging properties and can be applied to the skin directly, it is super gentle on the skin and can be used daily! It can be applied to the skin directly. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for the ones with sensitive skin as well. It can be applied to the skin without having to worry about any redness or irritation. 
  • The oil protects the skin and hair from any harmful sun rays. The sunflower oil absorbs UV rays from the sun and helps in preventing dark spots on the skin. 

Life-Flo Pure Sunflower Oil 

Ingredients:    Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (99.5%), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) (Antioxidant to preserve the freshness of the oil)

Scent:  Sunflower

Item Form:      Oil


Skin Type:       Acne prone,mature,sensitive,all skin types

Product Description:

  • This is a complexion and body oil which is great for mature skins and all skin types. 
  • The oil contains antioxidants that help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and balance fatty acids.  
  • The product can be applied to dry hair to add shine and reduce frizziness or it can be used as a massage oil. 
  • Go with the ‘Flo’: Cold-pressed from organic sunflower seeds, food-grade & hexane-free.

Well’s 100% Pure Sunflower Oil

Ingredients:Antioxidants, Sunflower oil, Vitamin-a, Alpha-linolenic acid, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Almond oil
Brand:Well’s Oil
Skin Type:Acne-prone,mature,dry
Product Benefits:Anti-Aging, Nourishing, Softening
Item Dimensions: LxWxH1.5 x 1.5 x 5.51 inches   Product Description:   ✅Well’s 100% Sunflower oil is a natural and healthy way of maintaining great skin, thanks to its calming and emollient properties. ✅Due to its light texture and mild flavor, sunflower oil softens the hair and adds a delightful sheen to it. Sunflower seed oil helps to control frizz, tackles dryness and damage, and makes your hair manageable. Sunflower oil is a vital source of gamma alpha-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps in preventing thinning of hair. It is effective in the treatment of hair loss, baldness and alopecia areata, characterized by round patches of lost hair. Sunflower oil helps the skin retain its moisture with its emollient properties. Sunflower oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for preventing damage to the skin cells by the ultraviolet light or UVA from the sun.

Plant Guru 100% pure carrier sunflower Oil

Ingredients:    100% Sunflower oil

Item Form:      Oil

Brand: Plant Guru

Skin Type:       Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal

Product Benefits:       Nourishing

Product Description:

  • This sunflower is cold-pressed. 
  • It is plant-based and is extracted from seeds.
  • The product is unscented, undiluted, and is tested. It is suitable for all skin types. 
  • Rich in antioxidants – Vitamins A, B, D, and E – High in essential fatty acids – deeply nourishes the skin.

Honeydew’s 100% pure cold-pressed and refined sunflower oil 

Ingredients:    Pure Cold Pressed Refined Sunflower Seed Oil

Item Form:      Oil


Skin Type: Mature

Item Weight:  4 Ounces

Product Description:

  • This is a premium quality sunflower oil that promotes glowing skin and naturally shiny hair.
  • The oil is rich in Vitamins A B C & E and has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps is preventing pre-mature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, scars, and protects collagen elastin. 
  • The product is perfect for dry and damaged hair and acts as a natural moisturizer and hydrates hair. It is rich in linoleic and oleic acid fatty acids and therefore promotes hair growth and reduces hair thinning. 
  • The oil can be diluted with essential oils for an amazing aromatherapy massage experience for joints and muscles. It detoxifies skin and relieves pain for both men and women. 
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee and is chemical-free + paraben-free + cruelty-free. Leaves skin soft smooth hydrated & healthy. Frizz-free hair moisturizer for curly hair. Sunflower oil is great for soap making.

Artizen Sunflower Oil 

Proud Description:

  •  This Sunflower Oil is Completely Pure, Absolutely ZERO Additives! This is as PURE as it gets!
  • 16-ounce Bottle of Pure 100% Therapeutically Grade Sunflower Oil. Buy in Bulk and Save!
  • Apricot Oil is Great for Nails, Skin, and Hair. The Nourishing compounds found in Hemp acts as a Natural Moisturizer.
  • This ensures all the key Omega nutrients are not extracted by heating the plant during the extraction process, ensuring a pure all-natural oil full of nutrients
  • The manufacturer, Artizen Essential Oils, offers a lifetime warranty and guarantee on their product. If you are ever unsatisfied with any reason they will replace your product or refund your money.

Sunflower is a beautiful flower often associated with the feelings of happiness, it is a flower directly in touch with good health and amazing benefits for your body. So, why is sunflower oil or oils for hair so underrated in general? 

Well, even though the idea of oiling hair has been around for decades and is part of some culture around the world, it is not integrated so much in western culture. How your hair looks is important and wester culture promotes external hair enhancers like hair extensions, etc. 

Now, many people would be surprised to know that to achieve that look is super easy and can be done quickly with the use of sunflower oil. 

 Sunflower oil is super rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are not only good for your skin but also your hair! So, you get the best of both worlds while using sunflower oil. 

Most sunflower oils that are made for skin can be used on your hair and have shown some remarkable results in the past. 

Oils are the nourishment that is required for your hair to stay healthy, retain volume, avoid hair thinning, prevent baldness, and promote natural hair growth! 

Sunflower oil is known to provide all those benefits for your hair and much more! The thing about the sunflower that stands out the most is its ease of use and the many options available to choose from.

There is a variety of sunflower oils to choose from in the market and there is one available for specific hair problems or any hair problems at all! Sunflower oils are usually fit for any hair type but if you are someone with dry hair, this is the way to go! Sunflower oil is known for its moisturizing, hydrating, and conditioning properties. It rejuvenates natural hair volume and promotes healthy hair. The oil is known to work wonders on dry hair and it helps in retaining natural moisture of your hair without making your hair look too oily or greasy which is the case with a lot of other hair oils

sunflower oil for hair

Sunflower oil is also super affordable and can be found anywhere online or in offline stores! The oil can be mixed easily with your conditioner and can be added to your daily hair care routine; you can also use it with a carrier oil or all on its own! The product is 100%  natural so it would not cause any harm to your hair or skin. 

Sunflower oil is also known to boost the immune system with its properties. The oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and other important acids and antioxidants that your body needs to function healthily. 

 It has stress-relieving properties. It is recommended that you try a good head massage with sunflower oil to ease any pain and discomfort, you will be surprised by the results that sunflower oil can give! Aromatherapy is known to have great effects on one’s mental state and promotes great mental health as well. The oil is known to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stimulate feelings of comfort and relaxation. 

One would find many sunflower oils to choose from and the process of buying can get a bit overwhelming. So, which sunflower oil is the best? Well, the answer to that question depends completely on the buyer. This simply means that what may work for you may not work for someone else. It is important to choose a product that fits your hair type or what you need the most. The oil need not be super expensive, most sunflower oils are affordable and work just fine so don’t spend your money on oil that claims to be of superior quality. It is best to stick with the one that you feel would cater to you the most. 

Sunflower oil is super beneficial as it promotes healthy skin, healthy scalp, and many other things that benefit your body as a whole like blood pressure. Sunflower is famous for its use in the kitchen but it is far more superior and has many uses other than just being a cooking oil. So, make sunflower oil a part of your daily hair care regimen and see the amazing results for yourself!