Do you have brown hair and you want to go blond? Well, know that going from brown to blond and radically changing hair color is no easy task. This will surely allow you to change your head or even look, but it also requires you to strictly respect the rules to avoid a hair disaster. If you’re ready, let’s see in this guide how to go from brown to blond.


Why go from brown to blond?

Blonde is a very trendy color

The hairdresser ambassador of the Kérastase brand announced that: “All brunettes have had at least once in their lives the desire to dye themselves blonde”. And he’s absolutely right, because blond is a very trendy color right now.

Many actresses, models and artists wear it and display very nice looks. This prompts most brunettes to also take the plunge and discover what it’s like to slip into the skin of a blonde.

Blonde comes in different shades

The other reason why brown women switch to blondes is the fact that it is possible to choose between different types of blondes. In fact, there are three large families of blondes: light blondes, dark blondes and blond blondes.

But these can still be divided into several shades of blonde, citing only: ash blonde, platinum blonde, baby blonde, golden blond and Venetian blonde.

The blond helps to lighten the skin

Also, it should not be forgotten that having blond hair helps to lighten the skin. These actually reflect ambient light and make the skin more lush. And if you have tanned skin, they can guarantee a healthier look thanks to the contrast brought by their golden complexion.

Blonde helps disguise white hair

Switching from brown to blond also makes it possible to disguise white hair. This is a better alternative for older women, as it both facilitates the masking of white hair and highlights younger features.

Switching from brown to blond also reduces the frequency of visits to the hair salon. Not to mention the fact that this guarantees a very natural result.

Blonde gives lightness to blunt hair

Hairdressers confirm that switching from brown to blond also helps to give lightness to blunt hair. The reason for this is simple, because the hair looks clearer when it is blond. This conveys the feeling of depth and thus the decrease in the volume aspect.

Becoming blond increases self-esteem

Finally, it should be noted that becoming blonde can increase self-esteem. If you live in a city or region where most women are brunettes, you will be admired for your difference. Aside from that, you may also be inspired by divas such as Lady Di, Shakira, Beyonce, Scarlett Johannson or Marilyn Monroe.

Natural tips for switching from brown to blond

Maturing your decision

Before switching from brown to blond, you are strongly advised to mature your decision. As professional hairdresser David Lucas points out: “There is a real psychological dimension to this choice.” So you don’t have to do it on a whim. You have to think carefully and find several motivations to assume it well afterwards.

Define the type of blond you want when switching from brown to blond

The second step is the definition of the desired blonde. You may have a little idea of the head you want to have or the kind of change you want to make, but you also need to know how to explain it to your hairdresser.

For example, you can show them models or images that you have spotted on social networks or in magazines. Alternatively, you can also give references that can help your colorist understand your expectations.

Beware, however, of misunderstandings, because as mentioned above, blond is a color that has many shades. In addition, there are shades that go to some women, but that may not suit you, even if you have the same nationality or skin colors.

Focus on a mixture of coconut milk, white clay, honey and vegetable oils

If you want to go from brown to blond without going through the chemical discoloration box at the hairdresser and without mistreating your hair, you can opt for natural tricks. For example, you can go for the mask with coconut milk, white clay, honey and moisturizing oils. It is a formula currently presented by several online tutorials and we must admit that it really works.

Coconut milk, organic or not, is a magical ingredient because it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair fiber. It also detoxifies the hair of chemicals, it brings volume and it makes the colors disgorge by helping you to make your color go off faster.

White clay, on the other hand, can help you discolor a little more. It is a miracle powder that can repair dry hair and greasy hair. It eliminates dandruff and itching and is a better alternative to green clay and pink clay.

As for honey, it is a natural superhero with multiple virtues. It helps to bring hydration and softness to the hair and it can also boost the shine of the hair, without weighing it down. Aside from that, it can be a lightening treatment that gives a little color and shine to your hair and it can come to repair dry and brittle hair.

Finally, moisturizing oils are usually vegetable essential oils such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil or nigella oil. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, most of these hair oils have nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing, antiseptic, protective and softening properties.

Don’t hesitate to recolor several times

It should be stressed that to go from brown to blond in a natural way, it takes a lot of patience. You cannot have a satisfactory result from the first discoloration. You have to recolor your hair several times to reach the blonde color you covet.

But after each discoloration, it is certain that you will see a small evolution, yes, a slight change that is already a good sign.

Chemical colours to go from brown to blond

Know the challenges of moving from brown to blond

Before using chemical colours to go from brown to blond, you first need to know what is at stake. As you know, this is not without consequences on your hair. It will weaken your hair, because it consists of deposing it. So you have to keep in mind that your material is not going to be the same.

Also, if your base is natural, you won’t run into any problems. The work can be done easily. However, if you have hair that is already coloured, you should opt for highly covering artificial pigments, including chemicals with strong lightening power to overcome it. To lighten your hair quickly, you can opt for oxygenated water, but this is not the only solution.

Discolor before summer and switch from brown to blond

The ideal is to wear blond hair in summer, because the sun can make them more beautiful and highlight their shades. During the warm seasons, you will also have a slightly more tanned skin. This will create a contrast with your hair and also allows you to avoid the bland or dull side of a carnation and coloring too close.

In any case, the best colors in winter are those that have more character such as browns.

Choose fading kits from brown to blond

For an impeccable result, you are advised to opt for branded products. These have a better quality and they have been designed to meet your expectations while limiting the damage.

As an illustration, you can choose between different Garnier hair discoloration kits, including dark golden-brown blonde, golden blond and very light golden blonde. The dark golden blond – chestnut Garnier works perfectly on the chestnut bases. It is effective from the first application and it promises a very natural effect.

Garnier’s golden blond is a very light white blonde. It does not damage the hair and is suitable for both brown bases and light bases. Finally, the very light golden blond is a cold blond with slight silver reflections. It is easy to achieve and avoids unsightly yellow reflections.

You can finally choose a natural discoloration to avoid damaging your hair.

Preparing for a restrictive routine

Since it is a matter of radically changing hair color, you have to prepare for a restrictive hair routine. Switching from brown to blond actually requires a lot more attention.

This requires careful and daily maintenance to limit the damage. Then, it also requires the application of deep care that prevents the appearance of forks, the straw effect and the effect of yellowing.

An oil bath or a moisturizing and nourishing homemade mask, for example, can do the trick. Alternatively, you can also use a special colored hair shampoo or a shampoo for blonde hair.

Switch from brown to blond with a hair shaded for a natural result

What are the benefits of the hairless hair on brown hair?

The shade hair is a very trendy discoloration technique at the moment. It displays three shades on a single hair, including: a natural color on the roots, a brighter color on the tips and a medium or intermediate color between the two.

If you want to switch from brown to blond with this gradient technique, you can benefit from an ultra-natural result, because there will be no sharp demarcation as with the tie and dye on your hair. In addition, you will keep the original color of your roots, which will save you the frequent appointments at the hairdresser to retouch your regrowth.

The shaded hair blonde, in particular, is a coloration that illuminates the hair. It is ideal for hair that lacks shine. Then, it is also a better alternative for hair that is too uniform and without reflections.

In fact, it is a gradient of blond that starts from the darkest to the lightest. It is compatible with all types of hair and therefore brown or brown hair and it has already been adopted by several celebrities, citing only Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba.

How to make a shaded hair blonde on brown hair?

To go from brown to blond, it is quite possible to make a shaded hair blond yourself by using discoloration kits offered in shops. However, there is nothing better than using the services of a professional to ensure that it is carried out in the standards. He is indeed competent and experienced in this field and he knows well the techniques and tricks to get better results on brown hair.

If you want to understand how it works, consider the following explanation. To begin with, the hair must first be separated into two parts. Then you have to make two uniforms high duvets.

The next step is to put the mixture on the brush. Then, it should be applied to the lengths, emphasizing the tips. After letting the solution work, it should be done for about 45 minutes. Then, rinse the hair thoroughly and wash it with shampoo. Finally, you have to dry and style the hair.

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How to maintain a shaded hair blonde on brown hair?

To maintain a hairless shade, you just need to use a shampoo for colored hair or dry hair. Your roots won’t be affected by discoloration, so you don’t have to worry about root effects or regrowth. On the other hand, you need to take care of your color by focusing on special hair care.

For example, you can opt for L’Oréal’s Vitamino Color Resveratrol color shampoo. This product stands out for its washing base and surfactants that allow a balance between high cosmetability and lightness. It helps protect the hair fiber from sagging and also helps to have clean, soft and protected hair. At the same time, it removes limestone and makes hair softer.

Alternatively, you can also be interested in Kerasoin’s coloured hair shampoo, pH 4.5 Color Freeze Sulfate-free Micellar Shampoo from Schwarzkopf, Color Shampoo at Eugene Perma’s Mûre Nature Collections or Wella’s Invigo Color Brilliance shampoo fine to normal colored hair.