Tested for You: The Sebum Cure to Give Your Hair Pep Back

This is the hair trend of confinement that everyone is starting to follow: the sebum cure. The principle? Do not wash your hair for at least 1 month in order to regain vitality and shine.


And what could be better than a time when you don’t see people to stop washing your hair? We were intrigued, so we tested this cure for you and we tell you what we think.

The concept

Don’t wash your hair anymore. Yes, yes, you get it right. The sebum cure is the bet to leave the hair 100% natural for 1 month. It is necessary to brush your hair twice a day in order to benefit the whole hair of the sebum. Sebum is nothing but fat that your body will produce in order to protect and moisturize your hair naturally. Sebum is much more nourishing than any mask. And do not wash your hair for 1 month, will help regulate the sebum.

So if you tend to have hair that greases easily after one or two days, this cure is for you.

The promises of this cure? Space washes, regain volume, restore shine and promote hair growth. Magical, in short!

On trial

We start the cure with one last good shampoo before our hair sees it before 1 month. The first few days are easy, but when it comes to the day when we usually wash our hair, it’s a different story. It is necessary to brush this hair twice a day, in order to spread the sebum over the entire length of your hair. Indeed, if the sebum stays on your roots, they will be smothered. But that’s the principle, having sebum on the lengths will feed them. If you stay without putting anything on your lengths, they will dry out. A brush with bristles is ideal, such as a boar hair brush.

So fortunately, we can continue to make hairstyles to hide a little our “dirty” hair. Hats or caps are also used to camouflage if you feel like it. And in the end, after a week we get into the habit of seeing each other with greasy hair. And if you really can’t take it anymore, you wet your hair and let it dry naturally, it doesn’t disturb the process. It gives the illusion but it does not wash your hair.3/5


The main thing, we’re going to be honest, we don’t see it during the month without washing our hair. You don’t see the benefits until after the sebum cure. So we’ve got to hold on. But we still found an asset during this month without washing our hair is saving time. No longer having to wash your hair or brushing it saves us time, which we are afraid to devote to other tasks. And above all we got a taste for head massages in the evening, which helps to take off the sebum.


The itching at the beginning of the cure is quite painful but fortunately, it passes after a few days. Not going out helps greatly in the success of this cure. If we had done this cure before the confinement, not sure that we could have held until the end. So if you’re testing this cure, try doing it for 1 month when you don’t have much to do. Here, like a containment.

Also, an almost uncontrollable urge to take out our panoply of shampoos has touched our mind a few times, especially when the hair starts to have a small smell… Yum.


Tested and approved! The first shampoo after a month is quite liberating we do not hide it from you. But the hair is extremely soft, we had never seen this before! The cure also allowed us to space our shampoos to the max, making only one a week, which was also the goal.

You have to at least test this cure once in your life. So now is the right time to start your sebum cure too!