The 4 best organic dry shampoos in 2021

The hectic pace of life means that we have less time to take care of our hair. A dry shampoo is presented as a breath of fresh air. Its application removes excess sebum without using a drop of water.

The number of satisfied users with this formula continues to grow. But then, what are the best organic dry shampoos on the market? What is so special about them? How to apply it and which one to choose?

Dry Shampoo Volume Powder. Natural and Organic Ingredients a 100% natural powder shampoo

Dry Shampoo Volume Powder. Natural and Organic Ingredients

  • 100% natural – Our powdered shampoo is made from a combination of…
  • Talc-free – It contains absolutely no talc, which can be toxic if…
  • Organic essential oils: a mixture of organic grapefruit, palmarosa and sage…

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  • A natural and pleasant fragrance
  • Highly effective
  • Gives volume
  • Gives shine


  • The sieving tube is not suitable for powder.

100% natural, this organic dry shampoo is essentially composed of vegetable powders. Essential oils as well as clay nourish the scalp and absorb excess sebum. For information, this formula does not contain talc. It is known for its toxicity. Without paraben, alcohol, palm or mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, dye, it does not represent a health risk.

The fragrance it gives off is the result of a mixture of organic grapefruit, palmarosa and clary sage. Apart from that, know that this shampoo nourishes the hair. Unlike an aerosol formula, this item is sold in powder. Its application is carried out via a sieving tube. Animal rights advocates such as The Vegan Society have certified this product as cruelty-free. In addition to that, it is entirely handmade.

Savonnerie Aubergine: a solid shampoo

Organic solid shampoo 100 g

  • It is composed of a subtle blend of coconut oil, olive oil and castor (recognized…
  • Recommended for normal or oily hair, it will suit men…
  • It is palm oil free and vegan. Manufactured by cold saponification = to…

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  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  •  Economical
  • Ecological


  • Difficult to rinse
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and children

Made from coconut oil, castor as well as olive, this shampoo is known for its benefits. It brings sweetness and freshness. Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, this shampoo also contains sage oil and rhassoul extract. Whether you have always clean or oily hair, it won’t matter. This shampoo adapts to all user profiles. Unisex, the formula is suitable for both women and men.

Economical, a soap can perform up to 50 washes. Note that this lifespan varies depending on the length of the hair. Derived from cold saponification, this shampoo does not contain palm oil. On its label, it is marked that the soap has not been tested on animals. Made of paper, cardboard remains completely recyclable. Easy to store, just store the shampoo in a dry place and away from the sun.

Solid Shampoo Bar And Conditioner Effect Hair Soap : an organic shampoo bar rich in vitamin C

Shampoo Bar, 100% Natural Organic Bar Conditioner…

  • ✔✔Natural Conditioner Bar: An excellent natural conditioner. Rich in tea…
  • ✔✔Superly hair: keep the oil in check on the hair.
  • ✔✔Rich in vitamin C: organic ingredients, moisturizing vitamin C for…

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  • Contains vitamin C
  •  Nourishing
  • Hydrating
  • Handmade


  • Does not act as a detangler

Falling into the category of natural hair conditioners, this bar contains green tea and organic matter extracts. Moisturizing and nourishing the hair are part of these actions. In addition to that, its application strengthens the roots. The box is both recyclable and easy to store. Like any vegan shampoo, it protects against animal abuse. Moreover, this organic dry shampoo contains mainly vitamin C.

Well thought out, it has no side effects. This also justifies these anti-allergic properties. To ensure a better result, rub your hands with the soap. Done, massage the scalp. Wait two minutes before rinsing. Since it is a soap, avoid touching your eyes. Designed for daily use, the shelf life of this shampoo is 3 years. Know that it has been specially designed for women. As for its weight, it is equal to 60g.

Cattier Oily Scalp: a formula based on green clay

Cattier Oily Scalp

  • ECONOMICAL FORMAT – A solid shampoo can do 25 washes. Practical, it…
  • PURIFYING SHAMPOO – Enriched with Green Clay, this shampoo tones and brings…
  • BEAUTY ZERO WASTE – Solid shampoo requires less water than shampoo…

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  • Smells good
  •  Foam well
  •  Suitable for long hair
  • Economical


  • Not resistant to moisture
  •  Smells bad

With its lifespan of 25 washes, this solid shampoo is economical. Packaged in a cardboard box, it is far from bulky. In addition, you can store it in a travel bag. Rich in green clay, this organic dry shampoo nourishes the scalp and brings freshness. Endowed with a neutral ph, its application does not damage the hair fiber. Remember that it can be used on a 3-year-old child.

Unlike a conventional formula, applying a solid shampoo does not require a large amount of water. Using organic products is part of the ecological gestures to protect the planet. Printed with vegetable ink, its packaging is recyclable. Produced in France, this shampoo has undergone many tests especially on sensitive skin. Apart from dermatological checks, he was also entitled to a clinical trial. Biodegradable, this formula breaks down naturally. The FSC certification comes from the composition of the cardboard which, let us remember, is made of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dry organic shampoo?

Composed of a blend of 100% organic vegetable powders produced from bamboo, rice or arrow root, dry shampoos offer multiple advantages.

  • First, they give volume and texture. If your scalp is sensitive in nature, this is the product for you.
  • Applying a dry shampoo does not require water.
  • Easy to use and fast, this formula will save you time. We’ve all had a last-minute appointment.
  • Washing the hair every day with shampoo irritates the scalp. With this formula, you will be able to space the shampoos. This keeps your hair healthy.
  • If your hair is colored, an organic dry shampoo will make it shinier.

Dry organic shampoo: how to use it effectively?

The application of an organic dry shampoo is done in 5 steps:

  • First, start by brushing your hair. The goal is to identify the roots.
  •  The second step is to apply the shampoo to the roots. Keep a distance of about 20 cm.
  •  Then proceed to a scalp massage. This indication is often marked on the label of an organic dry shampoo.
  • Wait a minute for the shampoo to work. If necessary, you can add more.
  • To remove shampoo residue, bring a dryer and a hairbrush.

Here is the list of mistakes not to make:

  •  Avoid applying a large amount of shampoo at once. In this case, it will be mandatory to take a shower.
  • Failure to comply with the 20 centimetres mentioned above will make it difficult for residues to be removed.
  • Once the application is done, make sure that no powder remains. No one would like to go out with hair filled with white particles.
  • Buy an organic dry shampoo without taking into account the color of your hair. The majority of products sold on the market are white in color. However, there are transparent or tinted shampoos.

Dry organic shampoo: how to choose the right one?

The hair types to which a shampoo is suitable are marked on its label. Smooth, curly, wavy, frizzy, buy a formula according to the nature of your hair will save you from unpleasant surprises. Most formulas are sold in the form of white powder. If you are brown, opt for a range adapted to your coloring. The powders will be darker and therefore less visible.

How to choose an organic dry shampoo?

Like any cosmetic product, the choice of a dry shampoo should not be taken lightly. Several points are to be taken into account namely the packaging, the formula as well as the ingredients that compose it, the mode of application and the volume.


An organic dry shampoo is packaged either in a glass, metal or plastic bottle. Glass and plastic are recyclable materials. Appreciated by users, these bottles are space-saving and do not cost much. In terms of finish, the choice is more interesting compared to a metal bottle. Dry shampoos keep better in glass than inside a plastic container. On the other hand, metal has the particularity of resisting shocks and temperature variation. Aerosols contain alcohol. As an action, this component dries out the hair fibers.

Whether you opt for a plastic, glass or metal bottle, make sure it fits in your bath bag or purse. If not, change the shampoo.

The formula

The formula of a shampoo has been designed for one or more types of hair, namely normal, oily, dry or colored. To prevent powders from spoiling your hairstyle, choose the right color. Otherwise, the deposits will be visible even from a distance. The effectiveness of a formula is measured by its ability to reduce excess sebum and cleanse the scalp. Ingredients like lemon, citrus and orange fight dandruff. To revive the color of your hair, there is no better.

Aloe vera as well as essential oils benefit from a moisturizing property. As for clay, corn, rice or wheat starch, they eliminate the overflow of sebum present on the scalp and hair shaft. To cope with the competition, manufacturers add fragrance or active probiotics. Bacteria or yeasts, they are living microorganisms whose effects remain beneficial for the body.

The reason why users prefer organic shampoos to conventional models is primarily because of the absence of preservatives or chemicals. These elements cause allergic reactions and irritate the scalp. Also find out where the shampoo comes from. French products are among the best on the market.

 The mode of application

The application of a powdered shampoo is carried out by spraying. The term “dry” means that its use does not require the use of water. Not everyone has time to wash their hair. Massaging the scalp allows for better penetration. To get rid of surplus, use a hairbrush.

A solid shampoo is used in the same way as a classic model. At first, you will need to wet your hair. Having done so, apply the shampoo and then knead. The last step is to rinse your hair.

The capacity of the bottle

If the powder is contained in a bottle, find out about its capacity. It is expressed either in milliliters or grams. To begin with, choose a shampoo of 200 ml or 15 g. If you find that the quantity is insufficient, order a larger bottle or size. The frequency of washing is also taken into account. Note that the effectiveness of a dry shampoo lasts between 24 and 48 hours. Designed for occasional use, it will not replace a professional shampoo. Regular and repeated use damages your hair.

To win new customers, brands sell their products in packs with different fragrances. You will be spoilt for choice. That said, if the batch includes one or more fragrances that you hate, it’s better to buy bottles individually.

When an organic dry shampoo is used wisely, you won’t like your hair. It is the dandruff that causes the itching and not the product itself. That’s why it’s important to have good hair hygiene. Some professional hairdressers claim that daily use will eventually tarnish the hair. Using a dry shampoo should therefore not be a habit. It should also be noted that aerosols contain butane and alcohol. These substances harm the health of the scalp. The ideal would be to use them once or twice between two shampoos.