The 5 Best Hair Warming Helmets in 2021

Well-dried hair quickly prevents the weakening of the hair fiber. Now used by many individuals, heated hair helmets allow you to get rid of moisture from your hair, without exposing it to the stress of intense heat that could damage it. Practical for everyday use, it is not easy to find the device that meets your needs for different models.

Some helmets can complicate your life, because of their maneuverability and power, instead of simplifying it for you. In order to help you, discover in this guide a comparison of the best hair heating helmets of the moment, as well as the criteria to absolutely take into account to find the product that is most suitable for you. To remove your doubts and enlighten you, we have answered the frequently asked questions when buying a heated hair helmet.

Y-NOT Adjustable Professional Hair Dryer: For better penetration of care in the hair fiber.

Y-NOT Adjustable Professional Hair Dryer

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  • ★【Proper Temperature Control】 – With two levels of temperature control…

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  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Heats up well


  • Connection length short for some users
  • DURABILITY OF STAINLESS STEEL: This hooded hairdryer has a stainless steel heating element for long-lasting performance.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Designed for hair drying or blanching, this product provides exceptional hair coverage for a smooth, even drying experience. Ideal for usage at home or in professional salons.
  • FLEXIBLE HEIGHT: This highly adaptable bonnet has an adjustable height (48″ to 63″) and a swivel base to allow customers of various sizes to dry their hair in the most comfortable position.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMP./TIMER: Drying time is adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes, and the temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ULTRA-QUIET: Runs quietly enough that you can read while drying your hair.

Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer: the performance of a professional helmet

Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

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  • Rapid heat rise
  • Not noisy
  • Good value for money
  • Ease of use


  • A bit heavy
  • The foot does not disassemble
  • Difficult to mount

A useful hair-styling tool for coloring, hot-perming, conditioning and hair-drying, hair-treatment and spot-caring is a professional freestanding hair dryer. You don’t have to continually changing the angle to dry your hair; you could just sit quietly and read a magazine while it dries. It’s quite beneficial in everyday life.
Even the largest rollers can be accommodated by the swivel hood with convenient hinged hood door, adjustable front visor, and large adjustable bonnet.
20″ deep in the hood Important: Please double-check that the legs are securely fastened (Pls make sure the long bolt on the middle of the bottom base tight). The upper portion will stay in place firmly once the legs are supported.

With a multi-bladed fan and a dual-looped stainless steel heating element. Temperature ranges from 0 to 75°C, with a timing function of 0 to 60 minutes.
Wheeled design allows for quick and easy movement.
Height-adjustable spring-loaded knob Adjustable Height: 48″ to 63″, may be used at work or at home, and is more handy than a hair dryer.
Please be reminded: 1) This is a hair dryer with a bonnet hood, not a blower. Please refrain from using it as a blower. 2) Please pre-heat this device for 30-40 minutes before utilizing to witness the results.

TASALON Ionic Hooded Dryer – 1875W Bonnet Hair Dryer 

TASALON Ionic Hooded Dryer – 1875W Bonnet Hair Dryer 

  • 【High quality】This hairdressing helmet on foot is made with…
  • 【Professional Hair Dryer】This helmet dryer is ideal for coloring,…
  • 【Height adjustable】This professional hair dryer helmet is adjustable in…

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  • Uniform heating
  • 360° swivel wheels
  • Several possibilities of use for neat hair and different styles


  • Non-adjustable helmet
  • Quite heavy

1875W tourmaline ionic hooded hair drier with On/Off ionic generator switch and 3 temperature settings, COOL, LOW HEAT, HIGH HEAT, will help you achieve the greatest results and will leave your hair silky and lustrous after drying.
Airflow vent adjustment control: This professional sit-under hair drier has a detachable airflow vent and a filterable air intake grill, allowing you to dry your hair more easily and quickly while maintaining hair cleanliness.
Lift-for-auto-off switch on gold glitter clear face shield: This professional salon hair dryer turns off when the shield is lifted, saving energy and reducing mishaps while the hair dryer bonnet is not in use.

Hair drying, hair modeling, hair coloring, hair conditioning, hair treatment, hot perm, and spot-caring are all possible with this huge adjustable hair dryer hood, which can comfortably fit even enormous hair rollers.
This versatile 55-inch hood dryer features a height-adjustable tube with clips for a 9-foot cable and is easy to transport on a roll-around base with wheel locking.

Standing Professional Hair Salon Adjustable Conditioning Hooded Box Dryer: for convenient and quiet use

Standing Professional Hair Salon Adjustable Conditioning Hooded Box Dryer

  • Convenient, quiet and easy to use
  • The radiator dries the hair quickly and efficiently without damaging the hair.
  • Rotate the orbits efficiently and silently around the head of the…

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  • Powerful
  • Beautiful design
  • Silent
  • Light


  • Lack of stability
  • Instructions in Chinese

In the salon, I use this drier to process hair color. I’ve used it approximately 30 times and haven’t had any issues. I’ve never had a problem keeping the hood down. It was well-packaged, with a strong box, plenty of tape, and plenty of cushion padding inside. The handle and legs were simple to put on. The temperature appears to be steady. The hood wouldn’t be big enough for thick hair with large rollers, thus it might not be the greatest drier.

AceFox Stand Rollerball Hair Dryer: the best heated helmet for steam hair

AceFox Stand Rollerball Hair Dryer

  • Stable 4-legged base, quiet design with low noise at work.
  • Great help in coloring, permeation, conditioning and drying of…
  • Suitable for use in hairdressing, beauty salon, SPA.

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  • Steam technology
  • Low noise level
  • Stable base
  • Ease of movement


  • Quite bulky and takes up some space

Designed this hair heating helmet in total respect of the hair thanks to its steam operation. It facilitates the penetration of your care into the hair fiber for a top result.

Easy to use, the timer from 0 to 60 minutes and the power adjustment option provide excellent comfort in achieving the desired goals.

The low noise level of this model makes your session a real moment of relaxation.

Equipped with a filling bottle nicely fixed on a stand on the back of the device, you do not need to switch to off mode to fill up with water.

The 4 castors at the base of his foot facilitate mobility within the hair salon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the heated helmet damage the hair less than the hair dryer?

Unlike the hair dryer, the heated helmet is less aggressive. This is mainly due to the less direct heat diffusion than when using a hair dryer.

The heat of the various styling devices (straightening iron, hair dryer, heated curlers, etc.) can damage the hair fiber in close contact with the hair. The direct heat of the hair dryer is then more harmful.

Heated helmet or hair dryer: which one to choose to better protect yourself?

Favor indirect heat heat to limit the risk of thermal damage to your hair, in other words the hair heating helmet. Not only do they promote deep penetration of your hair care, but they also speed up drying time.

Direct heat requires more care in its use, and with limited frequencies so as not to expose your hair too much to intense heat and damage it.

What are the best heated hair helmets in 2021?

The Luckyfine hair heating helmet takes care of your hair thanks to its flame retardant treatment for well-nourished and hydrated hair.

The Proself II helmet allows you to regain the performance of a professional helmet with great power and a temperature adjustable to 3 levels, while respecting the nature of your hair.

If you are looking for a helmet that is comfortable, easy to maintain and to easily change your hairstyle, the COSTWAY hair dryer helmet is what you need.

For well-groomed hair in the comfort of an almost silent environment, the SalonDryer hair heating helmet offers beautiful feats.

Finally, to protect your hair from thermal aggressions while promoting the penetration of your care from the root to the tips, the SalonSteamer steam heating helmet is your must-have beauty.

How to use the heated helmet for hair?

Start by covering your hair with a plastic shower cap. This is to avoid dirtying the inside of the helmet. Put on the helmet so that all your hair is well inside. The use of self-heating ointments is to be banned for this type of device.

Does the heated hair helmet have any disadvantages?

Like any device that emits heat, the heated hair helmet should be used in moderation. The main disadvantages depend on the models, weight, stability or a malfunction. Otherwise, used wisely, the heated helmet for hair participates in the repair of the hair fiber by facilitating the application of care.

How to choose a good wireless hair heating headset?

Opt for a 100% natural heating cap, made of microfiber for better distribution and better heat maintenance.

It is always nice to have a wireless hair heating helmet that comes in a protective cover for easy transport.

Choose a cordless adjustable hair heating headset for better comfort of use.

What are the best home hair heating helmets?

Among the many heated helmets on the market, some stand out for their quality for a professional result without moving from home.

The heated helmet from PRETTY SEE is mainly designed for curly, long and straight hair, or African and thick types. It allows penetration into the heart of the hair fiber for a breathtaking result without moving from your home.

The two heating levels of this helmet allow a use adapted to all hair textures and according to your needs.

This little gem allows you to adjust the uneven coloring of your hair, or repair your damaged hair without having to go to a hair salon.

Its automatic shutdown once the 65 ° C is reached prevents the risk of burns of your scalp.

FILFEEL Rolling Hair Steamer

  • ❤ Adjustable height-mast height can be adjusted to the length of…
  • ❤Öffnbarer Top Cover-you can easily put your head in and out without…
  • ❤Minutery and temperature control-timer adjustable stop function…

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The FILFEEL Rolling Hair Steamer is suitable for personal and professional use.

The brand focuses on safety by equipping this helmet with an automatic shutdown system in the event of an operating problem.

For ease of use, its height can be adjusted from 78 to 128 cm. Whether you want to use it in your living room, in the bedroom or in the bathroom, its flexible castors allow easy to move.

The BaByliss Pro Helmet is also among the best heated hair helmets perfect for home use. Not only does it allow for quick hair drying, but it also has an ionic system to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Hair Dryer Helmet?

Faced with the multitude of shapes and technologies of hair heating helmets available in stores or online, it is not always easy to find the model that meets your needs. Before you start buying it, take into account these few criteria.

The nature of use

Utility is the first criterion to consider in your choice.

If you want to buy a hair heating helmet for your hair salon, professional models are preferred.

For home use, opt for a device that is both powerful and convenient to use. Similarly, easy-to-move or portable models are ideal for using your helmet from room to room in your home.

For use in the living room, you can opt for a model with legs, or even to fix to the wall for optimal stability.


Professional use usually requires more features to be able to achieve a large number of hair styles and care.

For some individuals, only the quick drying function is enough. The presence of timers on some models allows optimal control of the exposure of the hair to heat.

In addition, choose a model with temperature variations to create different hairstyles.

Some models include a fresh air option to limit the risk of overheating.

The type of technology

Depending on the expected result, you can find out about the most suitable technology for your heated hair dryer helmet.

Steam helmets, for example, moisturize hair fibers with a dry and porous structure.

Ionic technology is valued for its ability to effectively remove static electricity from hair.

The infrared system prevents the risk of hair burns.

The volume of the heated hair helmet

Before setting your choice, inquire about the capacity of the device that should take into account the type of hairits length, as well as its thickness. To not have unpleasant surprises, also take note of the number of curlers that you can use on the device for your styling and curling.

A glance at the diameter or width of the helmet is also important, as some models described as standard may cut smaller or larger on your head.


Design is not only synonymous with beauty, but also with practicality. For mobile people, portable heated hair helmets with detachable feet with wheels are recommended. Heated cups can also slip into a bag if basic use meets your needs. If you want both a space saving for fixed use, a rotating device with wall arm or a helmet on feet can do the trick.


For healthy hair, a good washing and drying ritual is required. The heated hair helmet contributes greatly to the treatment of your hair fiber by helping your products to penetrate deep into your scalp, and by accelerating the drying time.

Depending on your needs, some devices come in the form of a practical cap to use, to facilitate the penetration of hair care.

In terms of technology, you are spoilt for choice. Ionic technology to combat frizz, infrared technology that allows safe drying from the inside to the outside, etc.