Whether you want more honey-colored strands or are looking for full platinum, the best blonde hair dyes will give you a shine that looks a lot like your skin tone – without stripping it off. Let’s look at the best dyes for blonde hair!

Starting with a few helpful tips: When applying hair color at home, it’s easier to get just one or two shades lighter than your base hair color. More drastic changes – like going from jet black to ice blonde – require bleach, which can get delicate quickly.

When you’re changing up your look, choosing a hair color that complements your skin tone is a great way to avoid any potential regret about going blonde.

One more thing: if the formula you choose contains ammonia – which helps deposit color more effectively – you’ll want to apply it. in a well-ventilated area to avoid potential irritation, and you’ll want to use a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week.

All of the choices on this list have one thing in common: They’re packed with conditioners that lock in moisture during the dyeing process, helping to prevent damage from the lightening process (an all too common occurrence that you may have meet if you’ve gone blonde before).

From there, you’ll need to choose the formula that best suits your needs, whether it’s giving your hair a color boost, covering up the grays, adding highlights, or touching up your roots. I’ve also included a semi-permanent option in case you’re not quite ready to commit to blonde bombshell status.

Whether you are keeping your current hair color or looking to lighten up a few shades, these are the best blonde hair dyes to color your hair in the comfort of your own home.

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1. The Best Overall

Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color

With an impressive array of options – 18 blonde shades in total – Clairol Nice ‘n Easy is a great choice for creating a natural blonde look that works specifically with your skin tone. The anti-drip cream formula is easy to apply and it’s packed with conditioners to help leave your hair feeling soft and shiny after coloring. While it promises 100% gray coverage, reviewers note the potential for some spots to stay, so this might not be your best bet if you’re looking to cover the money. This is a permanent color that lasts up to eight weeks, but it does contain ammonia, so be sure to apply it in a well-ventilated room.

According to the in-home stylists: “I’ve been using this color for years… Everyone says I have great highlights and they always ask me where I color my hair. They are surprised when I tell them that I do it at home with Nice and Easy. I love this color. Easy to use, smells good and does not drip. “

2. The best for the highlights

L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights

This L’Oréal dual at-home hair color and highlighter kit lets you apply a permanent base color cream, followed by highlights, using a grippy finger comb. And since the highlighter dye is bright blue, it’s easy to see exactly where you’re applying, making it an almost foolproof process.

Reviewers are generally happy with the gray coverage, but note that it takes longer than the recommended development time to cover more stubborn grays. The color lasts about eight weeks, but it contains ammonia and is only available in one shade: a medium blonde.

According to the in-home stylists: “The toasted coconut shade gave me the golden blonde, beach blonde ‘surfer girl’ I was looking for. I’ve tried a lot of brands, nothing really comes out on a salon color level. It’s always dull or brassy, ​​ashy or faux tones. He is the only one who succeeds. “

3. The best for gray cover

Clairol Age Defy Hair Coloring Tools

My pick for the best hair color for stubborn gray is Clairol Age Defy, which deserves critical praise for its coverage. The color kit includes an intensifying pretreatment serum to enhance color intensity, a permanent color cream that provides up to eight weeks of color, and an antioxidant conditioner to deeply hydrate and protect hair from damage.

(Tip: Antioxidants help fight dryness and brittleness of hair resulting from natural aging.) These dyes contain ammonium hydroxide, so be sure to apply in a well-ventilated room. Choose from seven blonde shades.

According to the in-home stylists: “I was very impressed with the coverage of my gray. My hair was also very soft and smooth. “

4. Best for low porosity hair

Dark & Lovely Hair Dye Color 

For natural and relaxed hairstyles, this permanent hair color from Dark & ​​Lovely is a popular choice. To protect low porosity hair, the anti-drip cream formula eliminates the use of ammonia, while adding more intense hydration, thanks to the ultra shea, avocado, olive and argan oils. -hydrating.

Hair color lasts for up to eight weeks. It comes in four shades, and reviewers note that it covers gray hair well as well.

According to Home Stylists: “Easy to use and the color is excellent. Used on relaxed and natural hair 4b. Will use over and over again. “

5.The best vegan dye that is also gentle on sensitive scalps

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 8G Sandy Golden Blonde

If you are looking for a vegan hair dye, this formula from Naturtint is a great choice. And because it’s free from potential irritants like ammonia, artificial fragrances, and parabens, it’s also a great choice for anyone looking for a milder formula.

The hair color is enriched with nourishing meadowfoam seed oil and oleic acid derived from olives to leave hair soft, shiny and protected, and reviews report it covers gray hair fairly well.

Keep in mind: Color only lasts for about a month – about half the time like the other options on this list.

It’s available in Sandy Golden Blonde (pictured here), as well as dark blonde and wheat germ blonde.

According to Home Stylists: “This [is] a very forgiving and easy to use hair dye that really makes dyed hair look natural and healthier. “

6. The best semi-permanent

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent dye, Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Color lasts for up to 28 washes. The anti-drip cream formula contains natural moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera, and is free from ammonia and parabens.

It works with all hair types and textures, and reviewers note that they are happy with the gray coverage as well. Choose from eight blonde shades.

According to in-home stylists: “I love this temporary hair color. It makes your hair shiny and does not harm your hair and the color blends while growing out and without dark hard root line. “

7. The best for root touch-ups


L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Root Cover Up 

L’Oréal Magic Root Rescue Hair Color Kit can lighten roots and cover grays in as little as 10 minutes. The kit comes with a low ammonia permanent gel formula that conditions as it colors, and the precision tip applicator and soft bristle brush make it easy to distribute to your roots.

It’s recommended for root growth of less than 1 inch, and reviews say it lasts about three to five weeks. It’s only available in three shades, but it’s a great way to cool off between salon visits.

According to Home Stylists: “It makes the root-cover-up so easy! The wand / brush design is brilliant, I can do it without any help and no mess. The formula works great not only to cover the roots but also to give my hair a “shine”. “

Also great: a purple shampoo that can remove copper

ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

This purple shampoo is a great addition to your hair care routine, helping to keep blonde hair vibrant while preserving color and preventing brassy tones.

It’s great to use once a week or every two weeks to refresh your color, but note that it will lose its effectiveness if used more often. There is also a purple conditioner if you prefer to do a full treatment.

According to the in-home stylists: “Depending on how much you need [tone] in the yellows of your hair, you can lather and let it ‘sit’ while you shave your legs, etc.” It really does a good job and I can make a difference. “