The Beginner’s Guide to Scalp Detox Treatment

Have you tried all sorts of products on your hair and nothing seemed to work? Does it seem like you have to live with dull and lifeless hair? Have you been looking for a new way of ensuring better hair quality? If any of these questions apply to you, you might want to consider scalp detox treatment. You probably have not come across this term that much. After all, there are so many hair therapies, hair conditioners, and healing shampoos currently in the market. The idea is as long as you use these products on your hair then it is only a matter of time until your mane gets its natural healthy look back. If only it were that simple.

Different people have different hair types, experience different levels of stress, and have different diets. Consequently, they will have different results when using hair products. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hair health products. Your perspective should be from the question of hair health and not a simple matter of applying the right topical product that can bring back your hair to normal. As you age, your skin’s natural rejuvenation and self-healing system start to slow down. This is a reality of the aging process. Unfortunately, many women and men believe that their scalp health boils down to the appearance of their hair.

According to this idea, your scalp is going to be healthy as well as long as you use the right products on your hair to make it look its best. It does not work this way. Your hair is an extension of your skin. Simply, the healthier your skin or scalp is, the healthier your hair will be. It is not the other way around. But that is the kind of impression you would get when you buy one hair restoration or hair rejuvenation therapy after another. All these products approach the hair health issue from the top down. Flip the script. Real hair health begins with the roots up. This means your scalp has to be clean and in healthy shape.

What is Wrong with Scalp-Cleaning Products in the Market?

There are plenty of scalp-cleaning products out there, but they focus on cleaning your hair. This is all right because we all can appreciate smoother, silkier, and cleaner hair. However, if you want to get to the bottom of the issue, you have to go beyond your hair. You have to treat your scalp directly. Also, you have to make sure that the residue of using one hair care product after another for many years is cleared away from your scalp. Many hair care product users fail to see that using various products on their hair leave residues. There will always be some sort of residue regardless of how thoroughly you shampoo, massage, and rinse your hair.

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Imagine going through hair treatments for many years. That is a lot of residue on your scalp. The way to deal with this and get to the root of the problem is to invest in a scalp detox treatment. This treatment focuses on the surface of your skin that grows the hair follicles which lead to that beautiful head of hair you have. If you are having issues with your hair, you have to first make sure that your scalp is adequately cleaned. This is where the right scalp detox treatment helps.

How Scalp Detox Treatment Programs Work

Whether you are buying a hair product or signing up for a scalp detox session with a hair stylist, make sure you get the following results. If you do not get most, if not all, of these outcomes then you are not getting your money’s worth. You also are not doing your scalp, and ultimately, your hair any favors.

Unclogging your pores – The first thing that a well-formulated and results-driven scalp detox program does is to unclog the pores of your scalp. Your scalp is the skin on the top of your head. This is where your hair grows. Like any piece of skin, it has pores. Make sure that many years of using shampoos, conditioners, and lotions are thoroughly cleared from the surface of your skin. You get rid of some of the residues by unclogging the pores.

Deep cleaning of the scalp’s surface and lower layers – This is where the real action takes place. It is one thing to unclog the pores in your scalp, it is another for the scalp detox treatment to go beneath your skin. This is where the deep cleansing of your scalp happens. Deep cleaning forces whatever resin that has accumulated to come up to the surface, and upon rinsing, the resin gets flushed away. You are helping your skin breathe easier so a new layer of hair can grow optimally. Without deep cleaning, residues, and other leftover elements of the hair care products you have used over the years can block the space, and the nourishment your hair needs to fully grow. Through deep cleansing, you get rid of obstructions to optimal hair growth.

Laying an antioxidant layer on your scalp – Another great benefit of going through a scalp detox program is you lay a layer of antioxidants on your scalp. This not only helps the overall health of your scalp but can also prevent skin damage. After all these processes, you can expect your dull hair and scalp skin imbalances to go away. This leads to less irritation and the scalp becomes less prone to redness and thickening after you scratched it.

When to Get Detox Treatment

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Generally, you should schedule scalp detox treatments regularly, perhaps, once every three months. Some situations should trigger you to get this type of service done or buy a scalp detox product. First, if you do not wash regularly your hair set a schedule for scalp detox because all that accumulated debris on your hair will take its toll on the overall health of your scalp. Second, lifestyle changes or any event that can impact your overall health such as pregnancy or working the graveyard shift might have a negative effect on your hair. At this point, it might be a good idea to sign up or perform a scalp detox on yourself. Another warning sign is when you start losing hair. This means that your scalp is under stress and you might want to do a detox. Finally, a change of weather, pollution, or any environmental stress can trigger you to get a scalp detox.

Who Should Do the Detox

As much as possible, you should set up an appointment with a hair specialist. They would know which detox products to use and how to apply them. They also know how to time it right so it does its job. But if you do not have a schedule to do that, you can detox your scalp yourself. Just make sure you follow all the instructions on the product’s packaging label.

Some Key Signs that You Need a Scalp Detox Treatment

A lot of people are under the impression that they need a scalp detox treatment just because their hair feels brittle, light or they’re suffering from falling hair. Some may think that if their scalp just gets mildly irritated, they need to go through detox. This is not necessarily true.

If you experience any of the signs below, then you probably would need to put in the time and effort to undergo detox. Either you do it yourself or you hire a specialist, but these signs are better indications that you need this kind of treatment done to your scalp.

Your Hair Feels Oily and Dirty Because You Don’t Shampoo It Everyday

If you don’t shampoo your hair daily and this goes on for several days, if not over a week, then this is a good sign you might need a scalp detox.

If you were to shampoo your hair after some long stretches of not doing so, all sorts of debris, oil and residue can pile up on your scalp’s skin. Even if you take a shower every once in a while, that’s still not good enough.

In fact, you’re barely just scratching the surface. You may develop clogged pores and it’s only a matter of time until you develop dandruff, outbreaks, and all sorts of bad news.

If you are the type of person who goes for several days without shampooing your hair, this is a good sign that when you resume shampooing and cleaning your hair, you need to undergo a scalp detox treatment.

When should you stop these treatments? Well, it really is up to you. When you start regularly cleansing your hair, maybe every other day, if not daily, then you might have to schedule a detox treatment.

You Have Dramatically Changed Your Lifestyle or Diet

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If for whatever reason you went through a drastic lifestyle or diet change, it may have a strong effect on your skin overall. It can definitely have an impact on your scalp.

The reason for this is because when you switch to a new diet, your nutrient balance is changed. For example, if you used to be a meat eater and then you switched over to vegetarian or veganism, you might want to include a total detoxification.

A lot of people think that this just involves juice cleanses or just some sort of dietary change, but it also means detoxifying your pores, which includes your scalp.

You are Experiencing Prolonged and Consistent Hair Loss

If you notice that your bathroom sink is filling up with more hair than usual, or when you comb your hair with your fingers and you notice the hair strands are thinner, this may be a good sign that you need a scalp detox.

One of the best ways to help manage the situation until you can get professional help is to detoxify your scalp. Your hair may be under a lot of pressure from debris, built up oil, and other factors that stress out your scalp’s skin.

Also, when you undergo detox, you can help restore the nutrition profile of your scalp because of the antioxidants that are involved in the detoxification process.

Prolonged Seasonal Changes

If you live in a part of the country where seasonal changes are very erratic, uneven, and leads to a lot of humidity, you might want to consider a scalp detox to help take the edge off as far as your scalp goes.

Make no mistake, changing seasons can lead to excessive dryness on the scalp on one hand, and excessive humidity on the other. This means that your scalp can get sweatier and hotter than usual. No matter how you look at it, neither of these situations is good.

You probably already know that excessive scalp dryness usually leads to excessive production of flakes, which can then lead to dandruff. By undergoing detox, you help rebalance your scalp’s overall health because you push along the exfoliation process.

When you exfoliate the skin on your scalp, it helps unclog your pores. This jumpstarts the overall natural self-correcting and self-healing cycle that your skin already has. Also, when you undergo skin detox, the overall nutrient and moisture balance of your scalp is restored.

Unusual Pollution in Your Area

If, for whatever reason, there is an increase in the smog or smoke leading to lower air quality in your area, this might be a sign that you might want to consider going through hair detox.

These pollutants can build up on your hair. What makes them so sneaky is that you can’t see them. All these pollutants are floating in the air and you’re the last person to know. Eventually, the build-up on your scalp can put a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on your scalp’s overall health.

By paying close attention to the air quality management system in your neck of the woods, you can be notified as to whether your area is undergoing a very long period of heavy air pollution. You can then schedule a scalp detox so you can take some of the edge and pressure of such invisible pollutants on the skin of your scalp.

You Use a Lot of Hair Care Products Daily

A lot of people use hair care products on a day to day basis. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. But if you are a heavy user, for example, your hairstyle requires that you use a lot of hairspray as well as mousse, hair creams, and gels to sculpt and give form and body to your hairdo, you might be putting a lot of chemical pressure on your scalp.

There’s only so much the skin on the top of your head can take. And if you keep this up over an extended period of time, you might be piling on a lot of residue and possible toxins on your scalp and it really can’t breathe.

So, if you are a heavy user of hairstyling products, this is a good sign that you need to schedule a scalp detox treatment every once in a while.

Also, it’s important to give your hair a break. It means that after maybe three days of using such heavy products, you might want to give your scalp an additional three days to recover.

The Final Word on Scalp Detox Treatments

Keep the tips above in mind if you want to keep your scalp’s overall health in great shape.