The Best Hair Oils?

Oils are widely used in the field of cosmetics and hair care. And for good reason, in addition to being natural and non-aggressive for your hair fibers, vegetable oils have many benefits and can help you strengthen and moisturize your hair, but also prevent their fall and the development of dandruff, better than a shampoo or a mask!
However, there are so many different kinds that for someone who has never used them before, it can be difficult to make a choice.

In this article, we have tested and selected for you the best oils for dry and curly hair, natural, colored, or even exposed to the sun, to help you make your choice according to your own hair.

We’ve tested hair oils for you

L’Oréal Professional Steampod: Best Oil for Damaged Hair Tips

L’Oréal Professional Steampod High Concentrated Serum…

  • [Fortified points] With the Serum Protect Steampod tips, your hair is…
  • [Pleasant fragrance and brilliance] Enriched with apricot and avocado oil, the serum…
  • [Professional results] The Steampod’s continuous and constant steam flow,…

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Our opinion:

You have damaged tips and you don’t know how to do it (apart from cutting your hair)? L’Oréal’s steampod serum is the right product for you!
In our opinion, it is the top of the classification of oil for hair tips damaged: suitable for all types of hair, its 50 mL size is convenient to take everywhere. Despite its small size, you can make it last a long time because as it is a serum very concentrated in pro-keratin and ceramides, you will need only 2 drops per application, and you will immediately see the difference, with softer and lighter hair. The only downside of this product that is part of L’Oréal’s professional range is its price.

100% organic Castor oil: a complete and natural treatment

100% Organic, Pure and Natural Ricin Oil – 100 ml -…

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 100 ml castor oil, 100% PURE, ORGANIC and NATURELLE. Setting in…
  • In an amber VERRE bottle for ideal preservation. A PIPETTE…
  • EVERYTHING-EN-A FOR THE PEAU: Cleanses and removes your face by leaving your skin…

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Our opinion:

Castor oil is widely known for its many virtues on skin, hair and other parts of the body. It is therefore no surprise that this organic treatment is part of this ranking. It’s a real Swiss knife. It intervenes for skin cleansing,nail revitalization and hair growth. As far as hair care is concerned, it is a complete lotion that moisturizes, softens and softens hair of different kinds. Delivered in a 100 ml glass bottle with an application pipette, it is 100% organic, natural and pure. This treatment is one of the products that can incorporate a daily hair routine without fear of negative consequences related to repeated use.

Sweet Almond Oil: a care very close to nature

Sweet Almond Oil

  • Sweet almond oil, 100% natural and refined. INCI/Synonym: Prunus Amygdalus…
  • Smellless, pale yellow in colour, light and easily absorbed by the skin….
  • Used for massages, aromatherapy, skin and hair care,…

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Our opinion:

This is a dual-use product that benefits from the qualities of sweet almond oil. This exotic fruit is known for its richness in vitamins and fatty acids. Indeed, it can be used to massage the body or moisturize it. But what catches our attention are its exceptional hair properties. Birth Sweet Almond Oil intensely moisturizes hair. Its application mode (by massaging the head) allows to reach the scalp and roots of the hair. Moreover, a peculiarity that will not leave nature lovers indifferent, is that it is vegan, 100% GMO-free and not tested on animals.

Dessange Extreme 3 Oils: Revives damaged hair

Dessange – Extreme 3 Sublime Oils…

  • Hair prone to brushing, smoothing, straightening, discolorations and perms to…
  • Protects and restores life and material to your hair abused by heat and…
  • Feeds and repairs your hair from roots to dry and rough tips

Our opinion:

Dessange’s Extreme 3 Sublime Nutri-Regenerating Oils is a top oil for denatured hair.
Whether your hair has been damaged by colouring, brushing, smoothing, perms, or other chemical treatments, this oil nourishes and repairs it with its 3 precious oils: argan oil, camellia oil and pracaxi oil.
It is perfectly suited for everyday use: you will be able to continue your treatments without damaging your hair even more! The only downside of this miracle oil is its slightly oily texture.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Miracle: Repairs hair in depth

Schwarzkopf BC MIRACLE oil treatment barbarism fig…

  • enriched with barbarian fig oil
  • non-heavy care
  • deep repair with micronized keratin

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Our opinion:

BC Miracle oil is a treatment dedicated to dry and fragile hair. It is one of the very good oils for brittle hair because it nourishes and restores your hair fiber thanks to micronized keratin, without weighing down your hair since it is made from barbarian fig oil, an oil that is not oily.
Even if it is concentrated and a small hazelnut of product is enough to nourish your hair intensely, we regret the small size (100 mL) compared to the price.

Giovanni Ultra Sleek Hair & Super Body Potion Moroccan Argan Oil and Keratin

Giovanni Ultra Sleek Hair & Super Body Potion Moroccan Argan Oil and Keratin

  • Liquid keratin is ideal for repairing and smoothing damaged hair….
  • Thanks to its formula based on Argan oil and hydrolyzed keratin, it creates…
  • It is an ultra-nourishing serum that helps strengthen the internal structure of…

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Our opinion:

Giovanni Ultra Sleek Hair & Super Body Potion Moroccan Argan Oil and Keratin is perfectly suited for hair that is weakened and damaged by various treatments or simply by a lack of care. It is specially formulated from hydrolyzed keratin to overcome the dull and damaged appearance of the hair. Its application gives back a natural touch and an optimal softness.

Argan oil forms a natural barrier around each hair fiber to help it fight aggression factors. It nourishes your hair to strengthen it and makes it brighter. It then leaves a very pleasant fragrant furrow.

Its paraben-free, SLS-free and SLES-free formula makes this oil an ideal skincare product to smooth or make hair softer. Apply a small amount to the entire hair before styling. There’s no need to rinse.

The best vegetable hair oils

Biorganic Organic Ricin Oil: Anti-dandruff, moisturizing and growing hair

Huile de Ricin 100% Bio, Pure et Naturelle – 50 ml -…

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 50 ml castor oil, 100% PURE, ORGANIC and NATURELLE. Setting in…
  • In an amber VERRE bottle for ideal preservation. A PIPETTE – 2…
  • EVERYTHING-EN-A FOR THE PEAU: Cleanses and removes your face by leaving your skin…

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Our opinion:

Are you addicted to castor oil? We found BIO castor oil for you! This 50 mL bottle of 100% pure and organic castor oil is bottled in France. The bottle is very aesthetic and comes with a pipette to facilitate the application.
In addition to growing your hair longer, stronger and silkier, it is effective against dandruff and deeply moisturizes. Castor oil can even be used to grow your eyelashes, strengthen your nails, cleanse and moisturize your skin and limit the formation of wrinkles or stretch marks. A miracle product, then, and the price is affected …

Almond Oil: A versatile oil that nourishes and moisturizes hair

Almond Oil

  • Sweet almond oil, 100% natural and refined. INCI/Synonym: Prunus Amygdalus…
  • Smellless, pale yellow in colour, light and easily absorbed by the skin….
  • Used for massages, aromatherapy, skin and hair care,…

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Our opinion:

Almond oil is a real mine of vitamins,with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, so it is very effective to nourish and moisturize your skin but also your hair. The Pure Sweet Almond Oil of Birth is: vegan, GMO-free, it comes from a solvent extraction (hexane) that respects the health of your skin and hair.
This bottle of 1L will quickly be profitable: this oil is very versatile and will serve you as much in summer, to moisturize your hair exposed to the sun, as in winter, to prevent your skin from cracking. To be perfect, this smellless oil is nothing short of the almond scent!

Orofluido Original Elixir: A natural formula to protect hair

OROFLUIDO Original Elixir Shine Color Protection…

  • Beauty elixir enriched with 3 natural oils
  • Quickly absorbed, leaves no residue on the hair. A liquid texture,…
  • On damp hair. Makes it easier to untangle and brush. For light hair…

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Our opinion:

Are you looking for argan oil for dull hair? Orofluido’s Original Elixir oil is just what you need. A beauty elixir suitable for all hair types, this oil is composed from 3 oils: argan oil, rich in vitamin E and essential oils, which will make your hair light and silky; Cyprus oil, to make styling easier and increase the volume of your hair; and finally flaxseed oil, which will smooth your hair and make it brighter.
Its texture is ideal, neither too dry nor too oily, fairly liquid, and with a pleasant vanilla smell. The only downside of this product is that it is less suitable for an application on wet hair, where its texture becomes less pleasant. Essential oils are prohibited for: pregnant, lactating, elderly and young children.

Organic Root Stimulator: Refreshes dry hair

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair…

  • Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Lotion 8.5 oz.
  • 8.5 oz

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Our opinion:

Organic Root Stimulator’s olive oil lotion is moisturizing, strengthens your hair and accentuates its shine, while being natural and non-aggressive.
Contrary to what one might fear, its fragrance is not too pronounced and rather pleasant. Due to its high concentration of olive oil, however, this oil remains quite oily.

Simply Beautiful Coc10nut: Revitalizes dry, damaged hair

Coco Keratin Hair Mask – Hair Mask…

  • 🌴 CAPILLAIRE CONDITIONER MASQUE – Feed dry and damaged hair with…
  • 🌴 COMPLET SOIN – The mask contains keratin to feed and oil from…
  • 🌴 WITHOUT SOUCIS – This hair mask reduces frizz and forks,…

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Our opinion:

Coconut oil is particularly recommended for dry, damaged and weakened hair. If this is your case, this oil will suit you perfectly!
This coconut oil for damaged and dry hair is undoubtedly the intense repair mask of Coc10nut, based on 100% natural ingredients, including keratin protein, coconut oil and, in smaller proportions, argan, avocado, olive and castor oils. With such a composition, its effectiveness does not surprise us!
Even for normal hair,this mask is recommended to deeply nourish your hair, strengthen it and restore it to its natural beauty. Only downside: the product contains a form of silicone.

Organic Avocado Oil: 100% Pure – Boosts Hair Growth

Avocado oil 100% Organic, Pure, Natural and Pressed to…

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Avocado oil of 100 ml, 100% PURE, NATURELLE, BIO and PRESSEE A…
  • A OFFERED PIPETTE with each bottle of oil to facilitate application. Our…
  • CHEVEUX: Avocado oil stimulates hair growth while making it more…

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Our opinion:

For people with dry and damaged hair, we tested the avocado oil for hair: the 100 mL bottle of organic avocado oil. This bottle is of premium quality: the oil is 100% pure, organic, cold pressed and natural, and it has been bottled in France.
Avocado oil helps grow your hair stronger and silkier, and it’s also an excellent natural moisturizer for hair as well as for skin. A pipette makes it easier to apply. The only downside is its strong smell: to use in small doses!

Why use an oil for her hair?

That’s a big question. Hair oils have many benefits, which are all reasons to use them on a daily basis. The oils, thanks to their texture, penetrate deep into your hair fibers and allow them to be restructured and replenished.
Consequences: a smoother hair fiber and therefore brighter and softer hair, a hair fiber restructured and strengthened and therefore stronger against external aggressions (UV, pollution, humidity …). Depending on the oils, you will have more or less marked effects: a smoothing effect to fight frizz, a shiny effect to end the dull hair … As you will have understood, the benefits are numerous and above all, lasting.

What are the different vegetable oils for hair and their virtues?

There are many vegetable oils that can be applied to hair, with many and varied virtues:

Sweet almond oil, as good for the skin as it is for hair

Sweet almond oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins E, magnesium and phospholipids, making it an ideal oil to nourish and moisturize, but also strengthen and strengthen your hair. It helps to prevent dehydration thanks to its emollient properties and is therefore recommended for damaged, forked, rough, dull, brittling hair… It also soothes the scalp and prevents dandruff due to itching.

Castor oil, for a dream hair

Castor oil is very similar to sweet almond oil: it is rich in fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid, and vitamins E; and it is as beneficial to the scalp as it purifies and soothes, as it is to the hair it strengthens and nourishes. This oil is ideal for maintaining a beautiful voluminous hair: in addition to giving volume to your hair, it stimulates their growth and limits hair loss.


Coconut oil, the queen of nutrition

If you need to nourish your hair thoroughly, especially if you are undergoing chemical treatments or if you have frizzy, curly or curly hair, coconut oil is the oil for you. Rich in lauric acid, it will not only moisturize your hair but also promote its growth and make it shine. Even if you have oily roots and dry tips, you can use it: just apply it to the tips only for balanced hair. Its strong smell and oily texture, however, are not suitable for everyone.

Avocado oil, multivitamin

Rich in vitamins E, but also vitamins B, K, C, B5, B6, and monounsaturated fats, avocado oil has long been used (since the days of the Egyptians!) to nourish hair and soothe dry scalps that cause itching. It also contains magnesium, proteins and minerals that strengthen your hair and promote its growth. It is an oil that has the distinction of being light and therefore pleasant for everyday use. Less oily than coconut oil, for example, it is more suitable for all hair types!

Argan oil, the sublimator

Extracted from the almond of the argan tree, a Moroccan tree argan oil is so rich in benefits that it is nicknamed “liquid gold”! It has an impressive amount of nutrients, such as vitamin E (which promotes hair growth), as well as many fatty acids. It is therefore at the same time moisturizing, purifying, softening… It softens the hair, tames frizz, and will make your mane shiny: no doubt, it’s the perfect oil to sublimate your hair.

Olive oil, increasingly trendy

First known for its use in the kitchen, olive oil is increasingly used in cosmetics for its pleasant smell and its multiple benefits. It is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also and especially in vitamins! It contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen your hair to grow faster and healthier; Vitamin C, which allows it to be rich in collagen and make your hair supple and elastic; and vitamin A, which plays an important role in cell regeneration and will have many beneficial effects on the good health of your scalp. In short, it tones and strengthens your hair for an excellent healthy mane!

Shea butter

Shea butter is the product often recommended for dry, curly or curly hair. Indeed, it is rich in oleic acid, which promotes hydration, but also vitamins A, D, E and F, which allow to thoroughly nourish the hair and revitalize it when it is fragile, brittle or even forked. It is therefore ideal to treat your hair in the summer after a long exposure to the sun.

Each type of hair has its own oil

It is important to choose your oil based on your hair. For forked or damaged hair, you will opt for castor oil, which improves the health of hair from the root to the tip and helps them grow without breaking. For very dry or curly hair, you will opt for shea butter or coconut oil, oily oils that nourish deeply while strengthening your hair fiber.
For sun-exposed hair, you will prefer shea butter, or rarer but just as effective oils because of their high IP, such as raspberry seed oil, wheat germ oil, macadamia oil or jojoba oil. For coloured hair, argan oil is ideal: it prolongs the coloration and enhances the shine of your hair. For fine hair, choose a light and not too oily oil, such as castor oil or jojoba oil, which will give volume to your hair without weighing it down.
Finally, for normal hair, you will choose argan oil that will have the merit of making your hair even more beautiful, or sublimating your hair if you find it too dull and without shine.


When to apply oil to hair?

It all depends on the nature of your hair: if it is really dry and damaged, you can apply the oil daily, with each styling: the results will be visible faster!
If you have normal or oily hair, avoid applying oil too frequently to your hair, which you may weigh down or grease. Use it when your hair looks dry or weakened, or after sun exposure or chemical treatment, or regularly, after each hair wash, for example.
You can also take an oil bath once a month, spreading oil all over your hair, from roots to tips, massaging well for the product to penetrate evenly, and letting it rest before your shampoo. Between the oil baths, you will then feed only the tips, the most fragile part of the hair.

How do you choose your hair oil?

What criteria should be taken into account?

Choosing a hair oil is not easy as there are different formulas, combined or simple oils, and brands! Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing your hair oil:

  • The type of hair you have (dry and curly, normal with a greasy tendency, colored…)
  • The goals you want to achieve (revitalize, moisturize, accelerate growth…)
  • The texture of oil you prefer (thick or light, dry or oily…)
  • The smell or fragrance of oil
  • Your budget


As you will have understood, vegetable oils are a mine of vitamins, nutrients and compounds that will help you maintain your hair fiber to reach the hair of your dreams! Just know the goal you want to achieve and make your choice based, in our selection of the best hair oils.