There is certainly nothing wrong with striving to be beautiful from head to toe. We encourage it.

Of course, different parts of your body require different types of products to help you look well groomed and sophisticated. Your hair, for example, benefits from a multitude of products, including hair wax.

Hair wax is one of the top selling products in men’s hair care today. It offers a good hold, meaning it will hold your favorite style in place for long periods of time, and also has a nice finish which is pleasing to the eye.

In summary

  • The criteria to take into account when buying a good wax
  • Our comparison of the best hair waxes for men
  • How to properly apply wax
  • What are the differences between Wax, ointment, gel and clay

In this post we are going to discuss the best waxes for men of the moment, the most qualitative products that at the lowest prices.

We will also discuss what to look out for before buying hair wax, how to apply this product versus other styling products like pomade, gel, and clay. First of all, discover our expert advice on beards and mustaches to choose an effective and quality wax.

The 7 criteria to take into account before buying

There is a lot of competition between hair wax brands trying to be the best while trying to get your attention down the hair product aisle.

Yes, there is so much to choose from, and so little time, to borrow a snapshot, but if you go armed with the basics (and take your time before you choose), you’ll be better off than the one who just takes the first one. (and perhaps the only) product he knows about.

Here are some basics about hair wax:


Pomades are the perfect solution if you want your hair to look “slick” when styled. You won’t get this look with wax, but they do provide a bit of fluff, and are a great choice if you’re in a rush in the morning. Like the ointment, they don’t flake off and are easy to work with, even long after they’ve been applied during your morning routine.


Just like with pomade and many other hair products, “hold” is everything (well, almost everything) with hair wax. Most quality hair waxes should last you all day, but it’s not as hard to hold as it is with hair gel. So, it’s a good idea to look at yourself in the mirror throughout the day – and you can apply some wax if you’re planning on going out immediately after work. Which brings us to our next question?


Different from hair gel and many pomades, hair wax allows you to reshape your hair without having to reapply more product or wash it again. In most cases, all you need to do is pinch and twist your hair back into shape.


The consensus among many male grooming experts is that hair wax smells better than other styling products. Of course, what smells “better” and what doesn’t is a matter of taste. But you will find a wide range of scents in hair wax products.


This advice is not new and applies to virtually any product you buy. But you get what you pay for with hair wax. If a wax dries up and becomes flaky, it is very likely that it is a cheaper and lower quality product. We’re not suggesting that you spend your budget and buy the most expensive brand on the market, but don’t be afraid to make a good investment in your wax and yourself.


Finally, hair wax often has other names, such as paste, putty, glue, or even “plasticine”. The ingredients of a product should tell you if it is really a wax.


Although the wax doesn’t look greasy, it does add shine to your hair. Most waxes vary from low to high.

Alright, now let’s dive in and take a look at this ultimate comparison and buying guide to the best hair waxes for men.

Our comparison of the top products of the moment

1 – Sebastian Molding Mud Remoldable fiber Sculptor


  •   Natural look with a nice finish
  • Foldable, not rigid
  • Easy to clean


  •  The perfume is a little too “flowery” for some men

Available here>

Not all styling pastes are the same. Of course, that’s probably true for any product, but with styling paste there are a few things that you need to be aware of, not the least of which is how sticky or stiff to the touch it is in your hair.

The last thing a man wants is hair that is the consistency of plywood after styling paste is applied to it. With the Suave Professionals Men Styling Paste, the paste will continue to be thick, almost chalky, but no worries: it will work naturally in your hair while leaving a natural feel, not like wood.

Suave Professionals Styling Paste is specially designed for male hair and provides soft, medium hold that is easy to style and reshape without having to apply it all day. The matte finish is not shiny and gives a healthy look, while the paste works on both dry and damp hair.

Suave is certainly not a newcomer to hair products, and it stands firmly behind this paste while claiming to stand up to any salon brand.

Like many of the waxes, pastes, and creams we’ve described here, you only need a small amount of Suave Professionals Men Styling Paste to get the look and finish you desire. If hair that looks wet or has too much product in it isn’t your thing, you’ll like this paste a lot.

Suave Professionals Styling Paste is salon quality without paying the salon price. It stays thick, but doesn’t leave your hair straight or impossible to style when you need a touch-up during the day and it still provides a good hold.



  •  Extra strong hold to keep hair upright
  • Pleasant scent
  • You don’t have to use a lot of it to get the results you want


  •  Not as effective for long or wavy hair

Available here>

The Moving Rubber series is a collaboration of the Gatsby brand and Japanese hairdressers that has been around for just over a decade. Its developers were looking for a product with maximum hold, mobile texture, and something that will help the user achieve exactly the style they prefer.

Their Spiky Edge Hair Wax, the hardest wax in the Moving Rubber series, achieves all of the purposes listed above.

Whether you want a Mohawk look or individual tips, Spiky Edge wax is for you. On the one hand, its hold is very strong, and it is ideal for short hair that we want to stand up. You can also use it to straighten your hair but, again, it’s best for shorter hair and a pointed look.

Although this is a hard wax with extra strong hold, its texture is soft enough to allow you to reshape your hair several times throughout the day without having to reapply it. It leaves a feeling of lightness in your hair, making it easy to style and redraw.

Two key ingredients in this wax are candelilla and microcrystalline, both of which are waxes that play an important role in keeping your hair in place. Other key ingredients include a derivative of palm oil which is good for the skin and stearyl alcohol, a conditioning agent. Unlike hair products which can dry out your hair and damage it, this is a wax that is suitable for everyday use.

Spiky Edge Hair Wax has a unique green apple scent that isn’t necessarily overwhelming, but will stay with you longer than many other hair wax scents.

Finally, it’s very affordable and it’s a great investment because a box will last a long time.

3 – AMERICAN CREW styling cream


  •  Spreads evenly
  • Suitable for many hair types
  • Pleasant scent


  • May leave hair greasy if overused

Available here>

Hey, the box comes with a picture of a well-groomed Elvis Presley on the lid, so you know what he can do for your hair. Elvis, after all, had his head full of combed hair, no doubt.

But we never rate a product based on its packaging. Well, we applaud awesome marketing and packaging designers where possible and that’s not why American Crew Wax is on the list. Rather, it is a quality product that provides good hold all day.

It is also versatile. It makes it easier to style men with normal (and even thick) hair, but it also tames frizzy hair and makes it look overall healthy.

The ingredients of the forming cream include lanolin, castor seed, and flower oil, and it is easy to apply. You will find that it spreads easily through your hair and fades without leaving any residue. It is also good for your hair in that it conditions and hydrates it to help keep it healthy.

Plus, you’ll like the matte finish of the cream. Unlike other products, it will not leave a fake or too shiny appearance; instead, your hair will look natural, not overly styled, with a slight sheen that doesn’t look unnatural.

American Crew Styling Cream works whether you’re trying to look like Elvis, whether you want to achieve a peaked look, or pretty much anything in between. You can put it on dry or damp hair, and it maintains its hold with minimal redrawing. However, if you need to change your style, it’s easier to get your stray hairs back into place.

La Crème Formante also has a very pleasant, musky scent, but not necessarily too manly. It’s a pleasant scent that lasts and doesn’t overload or offend.

Another plus: it is relatively easy to apply and therefore a good product for styling beginners in a pot. Just make sure you get a box with a limited edition Elvis lid.

4 – Redken Maneuver Work wax


  • Nice finish, not too waxy appearance
  • Excellent for beginners in wax hair styling
  • Easy to readjust during the day


  • The grip is not as good for men with thicker hair

Available here>

Redken is not a newcomer to hair products, and they have developed a solid reputation for quality since its inception 50 years ago.

Two major reasons for Redken’s success are science and experience. Co-founder Jheri Redding was a scientifically savvy hairstylist, yet the company has always worked closely with people in the field, especially hairdressers.

Today Redken offers an almost endless list of hair products for men and women, including their popular Maneuver working wax. The latter is a versatile product and a go-to solution for both men and women and for all hair types and styles, from short hairstyles to mohawks.

Here’s what we love about it:

  • This product provides an extremely light feeling in your hair. It is a natural feeling that makes you feel like you have almost no product in your hair.
  • Besides being natural, it has a beautiful matte finish that doesn’t leave your hair greasy or shiny.
  • It offers medium hold particularly effective for fine and short hair.
  • As the Maneuver working wax is not very thick, it washes off easily. Cleaning is a snap.
  • One of the reasons that many men with fine hair like this was because it adds body.

There are several key ingredients that help make Maneuver Work Wax what it is. For starters, it’s water-based, but also ingredients like castor oil and stearyl alcohol make it suitable for everyday use.

Castor oil is found in many waxes popular today and is packed with vitamins and minerals that can repair damaged hair and prevent future damage. Stearyl alcohol, on the other hand, acts as a moisturizer for the hair and scalp.

Another key ingredient found in Redken Maneuver Working Wax is wheat protein. You won’t find wheat protein in a plethora of hair products, but it strengthens hair and, like castor oil, minimizes damage from blow dryers and exposure to the sun and other potentially harsh natural elements. .

Finally, Maneuver Working Wax comes in a relatively large box and is relatively affordable. Because a small amount of wax is very useful, it is a good long term investment.

5 – Hair Care Paul Mitchell Dry Wax


  • No need for a lot of product
  • Superior hold
  • Extremely versatile


  •  You have to be careful not to apply too much

Available here>

Paul Mitchell was a famous hairstylist and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems – the iconic hair care company better known as Paul Mitchell. And no, you know the rest of the story.

But, trivialities aside, Paul Mitchell is known for his quality hair products, and you’ll find them in salons around the world. The company isn’t one to skimp on quality, and its firm dry wax hold is no exception.

Designed for both men and women, this wax is a must-have option for many famous hairstylists. For starters, it’s hard to beat the hold of the Dry Wax Firm which, as the name suggests, is “firm”. It makes styling easy, just apply a small amount and your hair will stay in place all day long.

But although her hold is strong, it is not so strong that it makes your hair look straight or unnatural. It provides great texture, a bit more lift, but you can move it around during the day if the mood strikes you.

There is nothing greasy in this formula, plus it’s easy to wash off.

So what else?

Well, it has a nice matte finish that looks natural, and it has a neutral scent that’s a good fit for you and your wife or girlfriend (and a little goes a long way, so if you use it both of you don’t have to worry about getting it to work right away).

It also works for a variety of hair types and lengths. If you have curly, curly hair maneuverability is a daily struggle, but the Paul Mitchell Dry Wax Firm outfit offers the kind of outfit you’ll appreciate.

It is a product that enjoys a great reputation and a great reputation, but which does not stop at talking for the good. It provides great hold, works for all hair types and lengths, and you don’t have to use a lot of it to keep your hair in place all day long.

6 – JACK BLACK Wax Pomade


  • Good for thicker hair
  • Also works on beards and mustaches
  • Natural ingredients


  •  Maybe not as effective with thinner hair (but still works quite well)

Available here>

Some men have a lot of hair but don’t feel the need to shape it into a Mohawk or pompadour. Maybe they work in a professional setting where hairstyles that stray from the norm are not appreciated.

Or, maybe they like it the way it is, just styled, but looking good. And if your hair is curly or frizzy, it’s worth taking the time and money to check out Jack Black Wax Pomade. It gives you good control over your frizz or loose curls and waves and it’s the best wax for thick hair.

Here’s another cool tip: it even helps condition your beard and mustache. In other words, it’s a versatile tool to throw in your toiletry bag.

But versatility and the ability to keep your thick locks under control aren’t the only reasons we love Jack Black Pomade. It is also packed with natural ingredients and does not include parabens, artificial fragrances, or colorings.

Instead, the ingredient list includes tea leaf oil (reduces dryness and itching), sage leaf oil (fights infection), organic basil leaf, and kelp (thickens , nourishes and volumizes your hair), as well as the extra green tea leaf which stimulates follicular hair growth.

Of course, beeswax is included to give you wonderful hold while trapping moisture in your hair. It even works to control dandruff.

Jack Black Wax is also dermatologist tested and cruelty free (animal).

You will find that the wax is lightweight and gives your hair a supple, shiny, natural-looking, high-finish shine. You also don’t have to use a lot of it to get all-day hold, and it rinses out of your hair easily and won’t leave it dry or greasy.

While it’s great for thicker hair, it’s also light enough that it won’t weigh thinner hair down. And, as mentioned earlier, you can use it to condition and tame stray hairs residing on your beard or mustache (or both).

Jack Black is making a name for itself with quality grooming products that contain natural ingredients and that do their job. This wax is easy to use, provides a firm hold and is easy to rinse off.

How to properly apply wax?

Now that you’ve chosen your wax, here’s how to apply it for maximum benefit:


Wet or Dry The consensus with hair wax leans towards the “dry” side of the equation when it comes to whether to apply it to wet or dry hair. Wax does not adhere to wet hair as well. Additionally, applying wax to wet hair can change the contour and shape of your hair when it is dry. In addition, the hair volume can be lost when the hair roots are wet.

The best way to apply wax is to completely dry your hair while still giving it the desired look (and basic shape of your hairstyle).



We used the phrase to review the best hair waxes of 2018, and compared to other hair styling products like pomade and conditioner. This is also true with wax: use as little as possible while still being able to achieve the style and shape you desire.

Some experts suggest using only a small amount of wax, even if your hair is longer or thicker. If you use too much at first, you may need to wash, condition, and dry your hair again. Not funny at all.

Note: if you have a more complex hairstyle, you may need to apply a little extra wax. But never apply too much at first. See how your style takes care of the initial application and go from there.


Your wax is much easier to apply when it is soft. Many waxes have a harder consistency when you first open the box, but they will soften if you heat them. Rub vigorously to soften it until there is no longer a single bump. It is much easier to use the wax when it is already soft rather than when it is already in your hair.


Start with a small amount of product. Start with a small amount of wax and spread it on your palms, fingertips and between your fingers. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to spread the wax so thinly that it turns colorless. Also, it is not necessary to repeatedly apply wax to the same area because one application should be more than enough.

Start by applying it to the underside of your hair, then work your way to the surface and ends. Finally, arrange the hair into the desired shape by twisting it with your tips. It is best applied with your fingers, not with a comb or brush. Yes, you can create a side part using a comb, but it might take a little practice to perfect it.


Do not let the wax touch your scalp. Your hair will look greasy and the wax will be extremely difficult to wash off.


If you have fixed your hair with wax, but still have a hard time maintaining it throughout the day, you can apply a lacquer finish to the hairstyle you created with wax. But you won’t need hairspray with most waxes.


Remember that everyone’s hair is different and the amount of wax needed varies from person to person. You may need a few adjustments before determining how much you need for your hair. Again, start with a small amount and only use wax more if your hair needs it.

Wax VS pomade VS gel VS clay

Yes, you really have a choice when it comes to products that help style and hold your hair in place. We’ve talked about hair wax at length in this post, but hair wax isn’t the only game in town.

After all, there are also the ointments, gels, and clays, and that isn’t even found in other products like shampoo and conditioner. Honestly, there is no excuse not to make your hair look great unless you go for the unruly look (and hair products can help you achieve that look, too).

With that said, let’s dive in and take a look at waxes, pomades, gels, and clays, including their differences, attributes, and more.


We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: wax is the most popular hair styling product you’ll find on most supermarket shelves (and most salons). The majority of the amazingly curvy male models that you see in magazine ads use hair wax.

A key ingredient in most waxes is beeswax, which is diluted with fat or oil for easier application. Many waxes also contain natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and others, which provide shine and hydration. Without these oils, waxes leave a mat or relatively dull finish.

What sets wax apart from other styling products? Wait, to start.

Most waxes have a medium to medium hard hold that will keep your hair in place, but also make it relatively easy to restyl your hair after you, say, come back inside after a windy day.

Again, you won’t get a strong sheen from a lot of wax products, but if you are looking for a smooth back look then you are better off with the pomade. The wax will make your hair look more “fluffy” if that is your preference.

Wax is definitely a good option if you are one of those people who are perpetually late in the morning. It allows you to style your hair quickly with a nice hold and washes your hands much easier than pomade.

Wax is also a very versatile product, as it is suitable for all types of hair, thick, thin, long and short.

Most waxes have a pleasant, natural scent, and come in a variety of price ranges.


It is a hair product that lasts longer than other hair products (like hairspray) and has seen a huge resurgence in the 2010s. It is mainly used for hairstyles like the pompadour, the quff, or the ducktail.

Available in two forms: water and oil, water-based ointments are generally better and more expensive, they are also easier to wash off and healthier for your scalp.

Using the pomade does not dry out your hair or freeze it in place. Instead, it’s best for hairstyles that allow your hair to move freely. You can check out our review of the best ointments here.


You can trace the roots of hair gel (no pun intended) to the ancient Egyptians. According to legend, they applied gel to the hair of mummies so that the deceased entered the afterlife with a well-groomed appearance.

I guess you never know who you’re going to meet on the other side.

Today’s gels contain a variety of chemicals that ensure a firm hold while extending the life of the product. Remember, however, that most gels are water based.

Wedge is a big reason a lot of men use gel. Most gels provide a firm, very firm hold. If you are looking for something that will definitely stay put throughout the day, then freezing is a good option. It’s not very practical, but you probably won’t have to “work” with your hair anyway because of its intense hold.

The gel is water based, which means it is easy to wash off, and is ideal for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to acne. If you have these problems, avoid petroleum products.

The gel works especially well with men who have medium to thick hair and works well with most lengths of hair, as well.

Like wax, the gel is relatively easy to apply, which is always useful when you’ve slept too much and you’re in a mad rush to get out the door.

Buyer beware: You will save money buying an inexpensive gel, but cheaper gels tend to dry out and flake. You don’t have to make your own films after all.


This hair care product is the newest addition to the styling product market. It is also unique and generally less used than wax or gel.

But it offers some advantages:

  • Clay has many of the same benefits as a hair wax and contains bentonite, which makes your hair follicles thicker, makes them look and feel thicker, and adds volume.
  • Pile clay is good for all skin types. Some clays even have healing properties that repair damaged hair and soothe dry scalp.
  • The clay comes in the form of a very thick and solid paste, but you will hardly notice that it is in your hair after you apply it. Its finish is very natural and matte.

The main disadvantage of hair clays is that they are generally more expensive than other styling products.

Our test methodology

We don’t have a crystal ball. We do not choose the names of a hat either. However, we roll up our sleeves and do a ton of research when it comes to choosing products for our “best of” reviews, and this is the same approach we used to choose the best hair wax for men. .

As always, we study the products themselves, some from personal experience, while also considering the comments of others whom we trust. The wax that works as advertised and makes grooming easier for men always gets good marks.

And, as with most products (hair or otherwise), price is not always a good indicator of the quality of a specific product. That said, we hope to offer products that offer a wide variety of price ranges, from high to low.

That said, we think you’ll like the products we’ve listed here.

And that, my friends, is the end of another product review. If you have experience with the waxes we have reviewed, we would love to hear your thoughts on them. Or, is there a hair removal that you like but isn’t on our list? We would also like to hear from you.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, no matter what topic we have covered. All comments and suggestions are welcome.