Depending on your hair type, the maintenance will be different. Dust, pollution, wind, sun, perspiration, excess sebum, the mens hair absorbs everything! You should therefore clean your hair for proper hair Growth, but not necessarily every day. The more you wash, the more it greases. Ideally, 2 to 3 shampoos per week are sufficient. But sometimes fine hair without volume can need more to regain flexibility. Choose a men’s shampoo suitable for your hair type, but also your scalp. Shine? Volume? Curly hair ? Hair loss prevention? Today you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the men’s shampoo that’s right for you. While thick hair can afford almost anything, fine hair and especially sensitive scalps will have to turn to milder shampoos. How to recognize them? Mild shampoos are generally formulated without ammonia, paraben, sulfate and silicone, with very moisturizing properties such as Aloe Vera, shea butter or olive oil.

Regrow hair: the best solutions

Science has made a lot of progress in recent years in understanding the complex factors that are involved in hair growth , so much so that it is possible to act in almost all cases to make them grow back . In order to find the best methods to regrow your hair, you need to understand why you are experiencing hair loss. Are you suffering from vitamin deficiency? Is it genetic? Are you treating your hair properly?

What can cause Mens hair loss?

Although hair loss can be daunting and frightening, you should know that it is a common occurrence and that a large majority of men will experience this condition in their lifetime. It is estimated that 2/3 of men experience hair loss around the age of 35. The  reasons for hair loss are many and include a variety of factors. The main reason behind hair loss is due to genetic factors, it is found that in 95% of cases male hair loss is caused by androgenic alopecia (genetic baldness). We must believe that evolution will not spare our hair and that in the future men will all be bald.

Mens Hair

There are also other reasons behind hair loss in men such as hyperthyroidism, stress, deficiency of B vitamins and iron or protein deficiency, side effects of drugs such as beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, not to mention the effects of chemotherapy.

Other reasons that can explain this fall is related to the way we treat our hair : like a haircut which manhandles it by pulling it backwards or too tight braids. It is also possible that it is the effect of pollution or even ringworm and other fungal infections. It is important to understand that there are many reasons why you may experience hair loss, and you need to identify these reasons in order to work effectively and reverse the phenomenon.

What can promote Mens hair regrowth?

The condition of the hair depends above all on the overall health of the person, things can often be improved by working from the inside. The care and hygiene that we bring to the hair are also important and allow better protection. Here are the best solutions you can use to grow back healthier hair and keep it looking great.

These tips and suggestions are ideal for those who are starting to suffer from  thinning hair or have noticed that their growth is slowing down . For people suffering from baldness, it is more effective to act preventively by following these tips in order to keep healthy hair as long as possible and slow down the effect of baldness.

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Regrow hair with the most effective medical treatments.

Although natural methods such as exercising, sleeping well, quitting smoking, sleeping well, reducing stress or giving head massages can have an influence, it is often medical solutions, treatments and dietary supplements that work best. results to promote hair regrowth .


It is one of the most effective treatments for hair regrowth that is taken topically. Many clinical trials estimate that 65% of people who use it get hair regrowth as well as thickening. The Minoxidil works by  increasing the supply of nutrients around the hair follicle through the blood vessel dilation it causes.

It is a product that also has the advantage of being able to be used by women in smaller quantities, because it is very effective at home. It is found in many products as a spray, mousse or lotion usually in amounts of 5 mg for men and 2 mg for women.

The laser

More and more promising the laser gives good results to promote hair growth. The laser works by stimulating the growth of cells in the hair follicles, which makes it possible to accelerate and even reactivate hair growth . Some do not believe it or even denounce a new scam, although there is clear evidence of its effectiveness.

The treatment is recognized in the United States by the FDA and has been used in top specialist clinics for years for these good results. Clinical trials prove that the laser makes it possible to regrow hair which had disappeared (approximately 19 additional shoots per cm²) and that it results in a visible improvement in the condition of the hair (thicker, more shiny). Other studies have also shown its effectiveness in women who suffered from androgenetic alopecia.

A new product like the Lasercomb allows you to do sessions either at home for much less and with almost as much efficiency as in an institute provided you do more sessions. The definite advantage of the laser is that it has no side effects and that everyone can benefit from it without exception.

Regrow hair with natural products

Most of the products we use for our hair contain chemicals or sulfates that can prevent hair growth. So, at the store when you are in the shampoo aisle, try to look for natural products that contain as few substances as possible by promoting certain components known for their virtues on the hair such as:

argan oil – nourishes and revitalizes the scalp as well as the hair itself and  helps limit and reduce hair loss.

Castor oil – rehydrates and regenerates dry hair with split ends and accelerates its growth.

Mustard oil – promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Olive oil  – nourishes and strengthens the hair.

Bay leaves  – fights dandruff and hair loss, encourages hair growth and renewal.

Nard Jatamansi essential oil  – traditionally used to activate and stimulate hair regrowth.

Tigernut Oil  – deeply nourishes, smooths and softens the hair fiber, prevents hair dehydration and restores shine to damaged hair.

White Sandalwood Oil  – revitalizes dry and damaged hair

On the contrary, try to avoid as much as possible certain substances that your hair does not like, in particular chemical preservatives such as:

  • Parabens – are increasingly recognized as harmful, in particular some that should be avoided absolutely: propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben . Also try to avoid Methylparaben and ethylparaben which are less harmful, but still undesirable for skin and hair care.
  • The phenoxyethanol  – a glycol ether which is a solvent   to escape completely . It is a carcinogenic preservative, which is often found in the composition of perfumes.
  • Sulphates – allow the shampoo to lather more, but attack the scalp and dry out the ends.
  • Silicones – from the petroleum industry, they are used to make the hair smoother by adding an extra layer to the hair. This prevents the hair from breathing and absorbing nutrients. In addition, they weigh down the hair and are difficult to remove (their names often end with  -cone or -xane ).
  • PEGs or Poly Ethylen Glycol  – they ‘ve been talked about a lot for years, they have pretty much the same negative effects as sulfates.

Here is a list of recognized products that promote hair growth and that do not contain harmful substances.

Hemani Genuine Snake Oil

Very famous for its beneficial action on the hair, snake oil is not composed of one, but of a mixture of several vegetable oils with particularly beneficial actions for the hair and the hair follicles; at the same time protective, fortifying, hydrating, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff.

It is a real  cocktail of vitamins for the hair, with among others vitamins A, B, D, E and K. Snake oil is ideal for taking care of the hair, but also for repairing, protecting and promoting it. regrowth in the best conditions.

PURA D’OR Premium anti hair loss and hair regrowth


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Pura d’or premium is one of the best stimulating shampoos for hair regrowth which is unfortunately little known in France. However, he met with enormous success in the United States. Its strengths are that it contains more than 90% natural organic products without sulfate, paraben and no chemical preservatives. This product is recognized as very effective in preventing hair loss while promoting hair regrowth.

Pura d’or is largely composed of argan oil and over 15 broad spectrum active ingredients that block DHT which is the main culprit in hair loss. This product is remarkable because it both prevents hair loss and promotes regrowth by stimulating the scalp as well as the cellular development of hair follicles in a completely natural way.

Regrow hair with food supplements

It is true that products that act from the outside are quite effective in improving hair regrowth, but they will not be effective without a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Protein intake

The first step is to check if you are consuming enough protein  essential for hair growth. If not, chicken, eggs, milk, and cheese are all great ways to get high protein intake. Vegetarians may prefer pulses such as kidney beans, lentils and chickpeas or soybeans to increase their protein intake.

Vitamins and minerals essential for hair

The other essential minerals  should be consumed as part of a healthy diet are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B, biotin and omega-3. Vitamins are an essential building block for healthy hair, blood circulation and skin. It is not uncommon in our current diet to be deficient in some of these vitamins, especially zinc and vitamin D or B.

To prevent hair loss and promote regrowth in a natural way, food supplements have been specially developed such as Foliactive Pills. Taken in pill form, it works by improving blood circulation to the scalp and provides essential minerals and nutrients to strengthen it.

  • Zinc , which helps cell regeneration by promoting the protein supply of the hair and acts on the level of hormones which have an impact on the strength of the hair.
  • L-Cysteine , an amino acid conducive to increasing the diameter of the hair fiber by strengthening each hair in the scalp.
  • Iron , improves blood circulation by keeping the root strong.
  • Vitamin E , which protects the scalp from external damage.
  • Vitamin C , which helps in the proper absorption of iron and helps improve blood circulation.

Its action is also beneficial for health in general and on strengthening the nails, because it prevents certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

There are food supplements like  Phyto Phytophanère Hair and Nails  which contain everything you need to promote hair regrowth and for the health of the skin and nails.

How to take care of my hair?

As with the skin, once cleansed hair needs to be hydrated, nourished and protected! To protect your hair, soften it, smooth it, tone it, you can apply a conditioner. How to choose it? Always depending on the nature of your hair! Too dry? Too thin? Too fat ? Curly? Do not hesitate to take a men’s conditioner which will amplify the actions of your shampoo for better results. 

If your hair is curly, prefer the use of men’s curly hair products . In fact, unsuitable men’s hair products could damage your curls. Avoid shampoos that are too aggressive: instead, use a mild shampoo, if possible sulfate-free, to preserve the moisture in your hair as much as possible. Conditioner is almost essential to hydrate your hair. To give your curly hair a little more volume and texture, a salt based product such as Texturizing Spray will help style your hair while leaving it light.

For men with long hair, there are no strictly speaking products for long hair , although this hair requires special attention. Apart from shampoos, it is very important to maintain your long hair with care. Without having to do it every day, take the time to treat your hair with serums or specific treatments. Men’s long hair is like women’s hair, always attacked by pollution, the sea … the way of styling. Care, once a week, protects and maintains them. This will prevent them from getting damaged and keep them shiny. You can also apply an oil (argan oil, jojoba, coconut oil, etc.) to your hair, which you will leave on for several hours, then wash your hair.

The hair lotions man without rinsing used to clean the hair and moisturize the hair. They also help eliminate dandruff and prevent hair loss. It is important to choose an alcohol free lotion. Alcohol if it is present in it would attack the hair. Always choose a lotion according to the needs of your hair and scalp.

To keep his hair healthy, once or twice a month you can also apply a male hair mask.on your hair and do a scalp scrub. The scrub will cleanse your scalp, while delicately. It will eliminate impurities and peel off dead skin, get rid of dandruff, effectively fight against excess sebum and even promote hair growth. This scrub must be gentle, because its purpose is to ventilate the scalp and not to irritate it. After the scrub, we hydrate, we soothe, we nourish! This is where the hair mask comes in. Choose a nourishing, hydrating, rebalancing or even invigorating mask. Apply liberally from root to tip (if your hair tends to be oily, avoid applying to the roots).

To complement the action of your men’s hair products, you can also take a hair tonic . These are food supplements that are packaged in capsules or tablets. They are to be taken as a cure, during meals, on a regular basis over a period of 3 months. They must be integrated into a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. These fortifiers strengthen the hair, help it grow and also limit hair loss.

Your hair is constantly attacked, whether it is by pollution, what you eat or even by man coloring. This is why it is essential to take care of it daily. To keep hair in good health, it is important to use men’s hair products adapted to your needs, but also to cut them regularly. We recommend that you cut them once every month or so, this will keep them strong and healthy.