The Best pH Neutral Shampoos for Healthy Hair

Currently, products with a neutral pH are increasingly numerous on the market, including shampoos. They are much healthier because they are close to the pH of the skin (5.5).
Discover the specifics of a pH-neutral shampoo and why it is more advantageous compared to acid or basic pH products.

You will find out if this type of cosmetic is suitable for greasy hair and how often to use it. You will also learn how to determine the pH of your shampoo.
You’ll also see why it’s different from conventional shampoos. Finally, detailed descriptions of a selection of the best shampoos with neutral pH will be given, as well as their pros and cons.

The best pH neutral shampoos

A multitude of shampoos with pH neutral is now on sale and it is sometimes difficult to find the one that is most suitable for your hair. Here is a selection of products.

Neutral Roberts: universal neutral shampoo

Neutral Roberts – Neutral Shampoo, all types of…

  • Neutral formula on skin and hair
  • Suitable for the whole family and ideal for frequent washes
  • No parabens. Dermatologically tested.

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  • Light shampoo, not too persistent to apply
  • No itching


  •  Doser plug too wide for waste-free use

For regular maintenance of the hair while preserving its well-being, the best alternative is neutral shampoo. The Roberts brand stands out from the competition for its natural qualities: paraben-free and dermatologically tested. It is therefore the best ally to maintain the natural acidity of the hair. The neutral formula that makes its composition can also be used on the skin. It is highly recommended when you have naturally brittling and dry hair.

Mora BlackBerry of “Yonsay” with neutral pH

Yunsey – Neutral Shampoo – Perfume-Free – 1000 mL -…

  • DOUCE and RESPECT: This shampoo contains no harmful assets for the scalp. This…
  • WITHOUT PARFUM: Ideal for people who are allergic or don’t like perfumes…
  • FREQUENT: Suitable for any type of hair. Ideal for frequent use. The…

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This ripe-flavoured shampoo has a neutral pH. Unfortunately, it contains “Methylisothiazolinone” which is an allergen.

Skin pH shampoo (5.5) from “Numis Med”

numis med pH 5.5 Anti-stress shampoo 200 ml

  • The special cleansing soothes the very sensitive scalp and gently cleanses it.
  • Mild shampoo at pH 5.5 soft for the skin stabilizes the acid protective mantle…
  • Ideal for daily hair washing

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This soft shampoo from the German brand Numis Med is specially designed for everyday use.

What is a pH neutral shampoo?

In the field of chemistry, pH is a value that refers to the nature (acid, basic or neutral) of a liquid. The distributions are as follows:

  • pH-lt; 7: acid;
  • pH – 7: basic;
  • pH – 7: neutral (that of pure water).

The pH of the scalp and hair is slightly acidic (between 4.5 and 6.5) to ensure optimal protection. When shampoo is called “neutral pH,” it retains this acidity to the maximum.

What is the ideal pH for shampoo?

In a basic environment, the scales of the cuticles peel off and cause a lot of damage. As a result, the water from the wash will be absorbed in large quantities.

On the other hand, it evaporates very quickly when you dry your hair, especially if you use a hairdryer. Thus, you will have dull, dry and porous hair.

In the most advanced cases, the scales disappear completely and it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to restore hair health. In addition to having no protective barriers, they are unable to retain all the nourishing and moisturizing products you apply to them.

In a slightly acidic environment, the scales remain closed and provide optimal protection for the cortex of the hair fibers. In this way, they will be brighter and healthier.

This is why it is best to opt for a neutral or slightly acidic pH shampoo. Ideally, its value should be between 4.5 to 7, the closest to that of the hair.

The best pH neutral shampoos

Is it possible to apply pH-neutral shampoos to oily hair?

Fatty hair is the result of excess sebum due to too high acidity. In this case, pH neutral shampoo is highly recommended. It acts gently on your hair fibers and scalp and reduces acidity. Thus, it regulates the production of sebum to prevent you from hair all greasy and flattened.

However, it is strictly forbidden to use a basic cleaning product. It would damage them very quickly. In the same vein, if your hair is dry in nature, it is advisable to opt for slightly acidic shampoos to increase sebum secretion.

Because the pH-neutral shampoo does not contain sulphates, it is more suitable for frequent use. However, it is still important to note that you should avoid washing your hair more than 3 or 4 times a week so as not to damage it.

How do you know if your shampoo is pH neutral?

Even though the pH of a shampoo is usually indicated on the box,many still prefer to do their own test to have more insurance. And in some cases, no mention is present reason more to determine it yourself.
There are different ways to know the pH of your shampoo. Here are two.

PH paper

Available in pharmacies and parapharmacies, pH paper is an effective way to determine the pH of your shampoo.
Simply pour a small amount of the product into a clean, disinfected container and put a strip on it. Then wait about 5 minutes before removing it.
Then just compare the color it took to the pallet on the box or tool record to find the corresponding value interval.
In your case, the pH strip is rather precise in the sense that the desired pH is between 4.5 and 7 (pH neutral or slightly acidic).
However, it is advisable to avoid using your product if the corresponding colors indicate an interval with a minimum value close to 7 or the maximum value close to 4.5. In the first case, it might be too basic and in the second, too acidic.

The pH-meter

If you want to find a much more accurate value, opt for the pH-meter. Plus, it’s easy to use.
Simply wash it thoroughly and sterilize it and insert the tip into the bottle. Then wait a few minutes, until the displayed value stabilizes. When you notice that it no longer changes, you can remove the device. That’s the pH of your shampoo.
We should still pay attention to values that are too close to 4.5 and 7. Although they have been designed to be as specific as possible, there are external or internal factors that disturb the measures, causing uncertainty. The ideal product would be one with a slightly distant pH (5 or 6.5).

The best pH neutral shampoos

Differences with conventional shampoos

Because they contain sulphate, conventional shampoos are extremely powerful cleansers. And most of the time, they even remove the protective layers and leave the cortex of your hair fibers bare, exposed to the many external aggressions. So choose shampoos without sulphates.
Result: in the long run, your hair becomes dull, dry and your tips are forked. Neutral pH shampoos may be low-foaming and much less up-to-the-scenes, but they are healthier and retain the quality of your hair.
Moreover, they are very un irritating. This is how unlike conventional products, you can use it frequently without any risk.
And conventional shampoos often contain silicone to mask the harmful effects of sulphate. It wraps your hair fibers to make them appear smooth and shiny, but in the end, it suffocates them and drives the forks.


Neutral pH shampoos are starting to make a place for themselves in everyday life. They do not attack the hair or scalp and provide optimal protection by preserving the scales of the cuticles. They are especially suitable for oily hair.

Many pH neutral products are available on the market so it is important to make the right choice. Choose one that suits your hair type. And then, it is always better to promote natural and organic products. And remember, the most expensive is not always the best!