We all know that Box Colouring your hair is not ideal. So why are so many men and women still doing it ?

I believe it is due to the lack of education but also the fact that high profile beauty leaders still include this wise idea in magazines and literature. Just because it is in a reputable magazine does not mean it is worth considering. The fact of the matter is your hair needs to be important to you for you to realize the long term damage you are doing to your hair ! I understand that we all have different priories but always talk to your stylist before even contemplating box colour. There are many affordable ways to achieve beautiful hair so please do not be ashamed to talk to your stylist about your budget or colours that can be affordable.

In today’s society we love DIY’s but this can lead to a lack of respect for trades people especially beauty technicians. Hair design is an art and it takes knowledge as well as  years of pracitce to create beautiful hair. Just because you saw it on you tube does not mean you are an expert. This is the reason I feel the need to blog, pass knowledge on , and try to always reference science and factual based information for you. I want to help create mindful consumers to help foster a better beauty community. When we know better we do better.


Common Mistakes We All Make When Colouring At Home

 Below are  concerns about box colour and common mistakes we all make when colouring at home that I would like to share with you.  

Unpredictable results

Do you believe in one size fits all pants ? Most women would say no . As we know every person is unique so why does this thought process stop when it comes to hair ? Box colour is made for the average hair texture and can in no away adjust and change based on your needs. It is made with a stronger chemical process to ensure efficacy. As we know the stronger the chemicals the more likely you are to have damaged hair, brittle hair, different colour changes and allergic reactions. In short it is unpredictable. Did you know that your formula is adjusted depending on the % of grey present in the hair ? So when the box says grey coverage it is very vague and depending on the colour you can deposit a completely different tone onto the roots if the formula is incorrect.  So please spare yourself the guessing game and consult with your stylist because every colour formula we mix is made for you and considers that you are one of a kind.

Are you on medication? 

This is another thing that can change the outcome of your colour. At home or in salon. Apply colour at home and you have a higher risk of undesired reactions. Yes this can also happen in salon but we have greater control of the outcome and usually will catch it before the damage is permanent, especially if you let us know prior to the application.

When $10.00 turns into $300.00!

You think you just need a toner ? Wrong ! I don’t mean to be brash here but once you try at home colour dark or light there will be more to it then you think ! Most of the time because of the chemical make up of box colour it will take multiple services to get you back to your desired colour. Now we need to asses the damage, correct any unwanted tones, and it will likely take 2-4 steps to do this properly. So that quick fix you thought it would be will end up having you wishing you came in to see us first. 

Why can’t I get my desired result after box colour ? Why can’t I get my fingers through my hair ?

These common questions usually come back to the chemical makeup of the product. Box colour or colour from Sally’s is harsh and usually discontinued or expired for obvious reasons. The culprit here is the metallic salts that are present that  react with the sulfur in hair protein. Which causes in most cases uneven colour and damage.  Metallic Salts alter the Di-sulfide bond in the hair which is a major bond contributing to hair strength. It alters the bond over time which is why most people with prolonged use cannot get their fingers through their hair, or it lacks shine. Metallic salts cause this colour to be what we call a progressive dye. This means the more you apply the colour the darker or more saturated it can get leaving demarcation and a variety of shades over time and multiple applications. Metallic salts are also present in henna which causes chemical reactions when you see us at the salon. The more colour you apply the more limited within the salon you will be. Oh did I mention the hair can bubble, completely break down and even emit harmful gases when mixed with a salon product ? If this doesn’t scare you straight I don’t know what will.

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Custom Colour and Precision

Hair stylists dedicate a lot of time to perfecting their craft. We also see things from a perspective you cannot when hanging over your sink. I always say to my clients “If I don’t do my own hair and I’m a professional, maybe you shouldn’t either”.  Believe it or not there are many amazing stylists out their able to accommodate your needs . They are also able to use tailored formulas with guaranteed results when used correctly. When using box colour you need to be more precise than ever especially because it is so harsh and progressive. The more you overlapp the more damaged your hair will be . I don’t think precision is possible at home own your own. 

Shiney hair is beautiful hair

No matter what your budget is we can all agree that when hair is healthy it truly is the most beautiful. If you cannot invest in a high maintence colour consider doing a consultation to discuss more options. Keeping your hair healthy with regular cuts, treatments, and proper at home care should be a priority. Colouring is a luxury and there are afforable options. Just be sure you are willing to make the maintence a priority. Trust me regardless of colour if you have a great cut and healthy hair you will turn heads. 

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So your still box colouring eh ?

So if I haven’t convinced you yet and your still reading the directions on how to box colour please note that those directions hardly encompass the do’s and don’ts of colouring. It will say too comb through which as we know causes overlapp and damage to the hair. So here are some tips to minimize your risk! ( I can’t believe I’m telling you this ) 

1. Be as precise as possible  

2. If you are just doing the roots please just apply to your regrowth

3. If you are changing your whole colour only ever go slightly darker then your current shade. Lightening will turn you yellow, green, and orange. 

4. If you are blonde don’t do it ! You will only go green or brassy no matter what shade you choose. 

5. If you pull through colour consider mixing in a treatment or conditioner in with your box colour after you have applied to the re growth. Then apply to the ends. 

6. If the first box didn’t cover or work please don’t try to use another colour to try and “fix it”. 90% of the time your just making it worse! 

7. Or you know… You can put it down…. Slowly back away and pretend you never bought it …Trust me your hair will thank you.