All the benefits of tea tree oil for hair

What is the tea tree?

The tea tree is a thorn tree native to Australia, Tasmania and South Africa, but it is also cultivated in India and Malaysia. From the Latin name melaleuca alternifolia and the botanical family myrtaceae, it is thus called tea tree in the language of Shakespeare.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, radio-protective and cardiac tonic properties, it occupies an important place in human health. This is the reason why tea tree essential oil is mainly used for hair to eliminate lice, purify and cleanse the scalp and treat oily hair.

Recognized for its antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties, tea tree essential oil allows, among other things, to treat various hair problems. What are the benefits of using this oil on the hair? Here are the main ones.
Note that essential oils are active ingredients that are prohibited for: pregnant women, breastfeeding women, the elderly and young children.

The benefits for the hair

The benefits of tea tree essential oil for hair  are numerous. It is cited for its ability to treat the imbalance of the natural renewal processes of the skin of the scalp. It is the same for its ability to regulate the production of sebum in this part of the body in order to overcome the appearance of dandruff and massive hair loss. Indeed, if normally,  we lose between 45 and 100 hairs daily  and the same number grows back, a dysfunction of this process can lead to hair loss.

By restoring the production of sebum in order, the tea tree EO contributes to the good health of the hair. It does the same in the  treatment of dandruff,  which mainly results from the development of a fungus called malassezia on the scalp.

How to choose and use tea tree essential oil in hair care?

It is very important to choose your essential oils well: the differences in quality can be very important from one brand to another. The plants from which the product is derived, their method of extraction and packaging are all information to take into account when choosing the right tea tree essential oil . Absolutely favor essential oils from organic farming: plant essences are very concentrated products, so if you choose them from conventional agriculture, pesticides may also be present in high concentrations.

Prefer organic products

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In order to optimize the benefits that tea tree-based products provide on the hair, it is preferable to opt for essential oils from organic farming .

The essences of plants being highly concentrated products, if they are chosen from conventional agriculture, the risks are multiplied so that pesticides are also present in large numbers.

Finally, essential oils being extremely powerful products, never apply them pure in large quantities. The essential oil of tea tree does not have much interest in the care of the lengths of the hair, it is in application on the skull that it takes all its meaning: as it quickly crosses the skin barrier, you must absolutely dilute it in another product before using it as hair care.

Tea tree essential oil: how to use it on the hair?

tea tree oil for hair

An essential oil is very concentrated and very potent, so you have to be careful when using it. Some are even not recommended for children and pregnant women. This is why before using it, you should seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist.Once you are sure that you can adopt tea tree essential oil , you can use it for your hair. Several options are available to you.

1 / Tea tree essential oil as a pre-shampoo treatment

To get rid of excess sebum and / or dandruff , apply a treatment to dry hair and before your shampoo . Mix 4 drops of tea tree with 6 drops of lemon essential oil in 10cl of olive oil *. Apply the mixture to the root, one line after the other and massage. Then do your shampoo: your hair is healthier !

2 / The essential oil of tea tree in the cleansing treatment

The shampoos traditionally designed for “oily hair” can sometimes be too aggressive cleaners and with the scalp . Result: the sebaceous glands, to defend themselves, produce even more sebum and the hair is even more oily. The solution ? Choose a very gentle and neutral cleansing treatment , and incorporate a few drops of tea tree essential oil! Be careful, for a dose of shampoo, one to two drops is more than enough. This aromatic shampoo provides a feeling of cleanliness and lasting freshness. You can also make one yourself in a bottle: just get yourself a neutral shampoo base and put some tea tree in it. For 250 ml of washing care, it is advisable to add about ten drops of essential oil. Remember to shake the bottle before each use!

3 / Tea tree essential oil as a night mask

The oil baths are not restricted to dry hair . Indeed, if you choose a suitable vegetable oil (two tablespoons) and mix it with tea tree (3 drops maximum), the oil bath can be very useful. Opt for jojoba oil , which is suitable for problematic scalps because it nourishes without greasing. Leave the mixture on for about twenty minutes and rinse.