Today I am talking about a subject that is a real problem for many of you: how to thicken fine hair and bring volume. I will give you all my tips and in particular present you 4 powders with many benefits.


Kachur Sugandhi

This powder is suitable for everyone, both for light and dark hair. In addition to thickening the hair, Kashur sugandhi brings a lot of shine, activates growth and slows down the fall. Its smell is subtle and very pleasant.


Fenugreek powder is simply great since it brings volume, accelerates growth and fights against hair loss. It also helps to bring shine while strengthening the hair. 


A powder with strong thickening power that promotes hair growth and gives shine. As other significant benefits, it is to soothe the scalp in addition to fighting against dandruff.

Neutral henna

Known to all, this powder has many properties such as soothing and sanitizing the scalp, strengthening the hair fiber, providing shine and also sheathing the hair. 

Just take the precaution of not letting this powder sit for too long as it tends to bring reflections on light hair. By the way, for this type of hair, it is better to use kashur sugandhi powder.


For use, it is very simple, it is possible to use one powder at a time or mix several. Just put 4 tablespoons of powder in a bowl and add warm water. After mixing well, a paste is obtained that is neither too liquid nor too thick. We then apply the preparation on the hair starting from the root to the tips and leave it on average 1 hour to get all the benefits. If you want to bring hydration, just add a tablespoon of yogurt, or ale vera gel, to the preparation which will make it a little creamier and pleasant to put on the hair. By incorporating a tablespoon of vegetable oil, it will be easier for application in addition to nourishing the hair.

It is strongly advised to do this type of care at least once a week if you have fine and flat hair. Regularity over several weeks is really the key to eventually obtain volume and thicken your hair. This rhythm was very beneficial to me during my hair transition. It is quite possible to keep the powders already mixed in a jar to then have to add only water and thus save time on your routine.


And now here are some tips:

  • A gradient on the mass or on the length will not highlight fine or flat hair in terms of volume. A fringe will have this same visual effect. 
  • The ideal is to cut your hair straight and have it half-long or square for a mass impression.
  • Using a dry shampoo at the roots will tend to texturize them and bring volume. 

And that’s it, you now know everything to thicken the hair and bring volume. The important thing is to set up a weekly routine over several months. Each preparation is very simple to make, all powders are available at Aroma-Zone. 

I propose a “Hair Challenge” to motivate you. Do one treatment a week for 3 months and you will see the before after will be blatant. Send me your care photos every week! Allow yourself this little moment for you.