Thyme for Hair: A Guide to Use and Benefits

How about a thyme-based hair care? Hair thyme is one of those plants you can count on for its many natural virtues. It stands out for its purifying, soothing and stimulating qualities and is good for the skin, body and hair.

Its main components are thymol, carvacrol, flavonoids, many vitamins and minerals. This makes it an effective ingredient to strengthen and beautify your hair and also to slow down hair loss, thicken it and activate its regrowth.

What are the effects of thyme on hair?

The benefits of thyme for hair are numerous. This plant first stimulates the irrigation of the scalp. This will strengthen the roots of your hair and thicken them. In other words, it’s a toning and sanitizing ingredient that allows you to gain depth while restoring a little shine and volume to your hair.

Thyme can also prevent hair loss. It is a natural ingredient that can reduce alopecia and make hair shine. At the same time, it also promotes hair growth and if combined with other interesting ingredients such as rosemary, it helps to combat itching and dandruff.

All these benefits of thyme for hair are not the result of chance, but the result of the presence of thymol, carvacol and flavonoid in this plant. These active ingredients have naturally antiseptic benefits and are filled with easily assimilable vitamins.

Therefore these natural substances will allow the thyme for the hair to thoroughly purify your hair fbre to get rid of the harms of pollution on your hair,to strengthen your hair so that it is less dull, stronger and softer.

How to use thyme for hair?

A thyme spray for hair or an essential thyme oil with thymol

There are different ways to use thyme for hair. For example, you can opt for a homemade thyme spray to stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff.

Alternatively, you can also use an essential thyme oil to strengthen the regrowth of your hair. Here, it should be noted that this essential oil is effective in strengthening your hair and limiting its breakage. It is to be applied directly to the hair and scalp and it is to be left to rest then for a few minutes before going to the usual shampoo and rinse.

Thyme rinse water, thyme shampoo or thyme massage oil

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Using a thyme solution as a last rinse is also a better option. Only you need to know how to prepare this kind of rinse water. Alternatively, you can also put a few drops of thymol essential oil directly into your shampoo or use thyme as a massage oil.

A thyme lotion or a homemade thyme mask for hair

In addition, you can also bet on a thyme lotion for hair. This solution is perfect for toning your hair, as it stimulates the irrigation of the scalp while strengthening the roots and thickening the hair.

Finally, nothing prevents you from preparing a homemade thyme mask for the hair. It is a formula that can offer a good treatment to your hair. It will make them brighter and it will also activate their regrowth while stopping the fall.

Ideas of mask recipes with thyme for hair

Thyme toning lotion for hair

One of the best thyme recipes for hair is thyme toning lotion. This one is very easy to achieve and is very effective in stimulating the irrigation of the scalp.
To do this, you just need to prepare a concentrated decoction with about 100g of thyme for a liter of water. Then you have to let it halve. The next step is to apply this lotion to your scalp. Then, you need to keep some to rinse your hair after shampooing.

If you want, you can add other ingredients to your recipe to make it more effective. For example, you can mix it with organic cider vinegar to boost shine and to combat frizz and dandruff. Alternatively, you can also combine it with honey to moisturize and purify your hair.

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Thyme and onion rings lotion

The other alternative is to use a thyme recipe as a last rinse. It can help you put your hair in particular beauty and it also promises shine and volume. To make it, you need to prepare a litre of thyme infusion. Then you have to add a sliced onion. You then have to let it cool and voila, you can use it as a last rinse.

For your information, onion, onion juice or onion oil helps to strengthen fine and brittle hair. It prevents hair loss and it also accelerates hair growth. Some people even say it is effective in treating baldness, but what is certain is that it can guarantee the good health of hair follicles.

Thyme and rosemary lotion

If you’re not happy with rinsing water, just add a handful of rosemary. Rosemary is also a good solution to stop hair loss. It promotes growth and is often associated with thyme because it can also contribute to the regularization of excessive sebum production, itchy relief and the control of dandruff.

To do this, you need to place a handful of rosemary and a handful of fresh thyme in a litre of water. Then you must bring to a boil before removing the plate. The next step is to cover the solution and let it simmer for 20 minutes. And finally, you need to cool it down and use it as a rinse, after your shampoo.

Thyme lotion, cider vinegar, lavender flowers, burdock roots, nettle leaves and essential oils

Be aware that there is also another interesting recipe that removes limestone from the water and makes your hair shine thanks to thyme for hair. It is made from thyme, cider vinegar, lavender flowers, burdock roots, nettle leaves and essential oils.
In fact, you have to pour a litre of cider vinegar into a large bottle. Then you have to add 50g of lavender flowers, 20g of burdock roots, 20g of nettle leaves and 20g of thyme. You must then supplement with 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 10 drops of cedar essential oil and 10 drops of thyme essential oil.

After that, you have to mix it thoroughly and you have to let it macerate for a week by stirring it from time to time. Before each use of your hair tym lotion, you still need to shake the bottle and you must pour a tablespoon of this solution into your rinse water.
It should also be remembered that each of these ingredients are beneficial to the hair. The virtues of thyme for hair and cider vinegar on hair are no longer to be proven. But as for lavender, it can soothe the scalp and it eliminates dandruff as well as lice. Aside from that, it prevents hair loss and it perfumes it.

The burdock root, on the other hand, has a wonderful effect on the structure of the hair. It can nourish hair follicles while stimulating hair growth and reducing seborrhea. As for nettle leaves, they have antioxidant power and have a toning effect on the hair. They also strengthen hard keratin and stimulate oxygenation of the scalp.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that they reduce sebum secretions and slow down the appearance of dandruff. Lemon essential oil is well known for its double action on hair. On the one hand, it strengthens them and on the other, it purifies them. Cedar essential oil, on the other hand, is highly known for its ability to slow hair loss and eliminate dandruff. And finally, the essential oil of thyme to thymol is like thyme, it strengthens the hair and limits their breakage.

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The plant bath for your hair

There is nothing better than a bath of plants to sanitize the scalp. So don’t hesitate to collect 50g thyme, 50g birch, 50g burdock, 50g nettle and 50g prêle. These ingredients are to be powdered using a mortar or a coffee grinder and are then inserted into boiling water to obtain a soft paste. After shampooing, the solution should be applied to wet hair. Then, allow a laying time of 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For a more visible and palpable effect, you are advised to offer this bath to your hair at least once a month.

Since you already know the effects of thyme on hair, burdock and nettle, you should also introduce yourself to the effects of birch and prêle. Birch sap works on the scalp by eliminating dandruff and preventing hair loss. The prêle, on the other hand, has invigorating and balancing properties. This means that it can regulate the sebum of the hair, fights dandruff and stimulates blood circulation to activate hair growth.

Of course, you can also vary the composition of this hair bath if you want to remedy particular problems. For example, you can add 10 drops of sage essential oil and 5 drops of clove essential oil to the preparation if you have oily hair. Alternatively, you can also add honey and egg yolk if your hair is damaged.

Sage essential oil is a good regulator of sweating and sebum secretion, which is why it is especially recommended for oily hair. And the same goes for clove essential oil. It can also purify hair and stop hair loss. Finally, if honey is ideal for naturally taking care of hair, egg yolk is effective in moisturizing hair and improving its elasticity.

In fact, these two ingredients help heal brittling hair. They reduce split ends and improve hair texture to make them silkier.

The thyme mask for hair, verbena and green clay

If you prefer a thyme mask for hair, you can make it yourself at home. Prepare an infusion of thyme and verbena. Then, top it with green clay.

Verbena is an aromatic plant with many virtues. It is perfect for the maintenance of afro and frizzy hair and it also helps to treat oily hair. Green clay, on the other hand, can regulate excess sebum while eliminating impurities and toxins. It is also healing and softening, which means it can soothe scalp irritations and even eczema.

When you mix the solution, don’t stop until you get a paste. The idea is to apply this paste on damp hair and let it work for a few minutes to treat your hair.

After this step, you must proceed with your usual shampoo. Then you have to go to rinse. It should be noted that this thyme mask is to be redone twice a week if the condition of your hair requires it. But if you feel it’s not useful, you can apply it 2 or once a month.

The hair mask with thyme for hair, white clay and olive oil

The other mask to consider is the hair mask made from thyme, white clay and virgin olive oil. It’s an easy-to-make and inexpensive homemade mask. In addition, it reduces sebum secretion and hair fats and also helps to get rid of dandruff and strengthen the tips of the hair.

To prepare it, you must combine a teaspoon of thyme essential oil, 3 tablespoons of fine white clay, 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of lukewarm mineral water. Then you have to make a clay paste with white clay and olive oil. The next step is to add the thyme essential oil and mix it well. Then you have to add lukewarm water to liquefy it a little.

It should be noted that this thyme mask for hair is to be applied directly to your scalp. Then you have to do a little massage with circular movements. After that, you have to cover your hair with cellophane paper or with a plastic bathing cap. Then you have to let the solution work for about 20 minutes. Finally, the last step is to rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.