Graphic curls, toned curls, aerial spirals … The permed looks are maintained so that the hair remains light and aerial. Small reminders of what you need to know to wear a perm that has pep’s and that lasts

Do you have wavy or straight hair and want beautiful curls? It is possible with the perm. Depending on your type of hair , you will choose the right products for the appropriate curl. Let’s go for a new face!

What is perm?

Do you dream of curly hair? The perm is a technique of curling the hair, which, as the name suggests, is permanent. It is carried out in a hairdressing salon by professionals. Usually, it is done at the same time as a haircut.
You should know that there are different ways to do a perm to have curly hair: detailed perm to curl only a few strands, perm at the root to give volume etc.
Once curled, the hair stays curled until it is cut. It is possible to do a touch-up when the regrowth has reached a minimum of 15 cm.
Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice depending on the nature of your hair, its length, your wishes etc.

Avoid for a beautiful perm

If the perm can be done on all types of hair (oily hair, fine hair, etc.), on the other hand, perms on damaged, bleached, henna-colored or relaxed hair, and therefore weakened, are to be avoided.
Also avoid straightening your hair after a perm. Your newly curly hair might not like it …

How to protect permed hair?

  • Limit yourself to three perms per year

A well-done perm lasts an average of three months. If your hair is growing fast, just do a root lift between two perms.

  • Wash your hair gently

Use rebalancing shampoos to strengthen damaged hair shafts, especially if you have thin hair.

  • Nourish your hair deeply

Use restorative masks to sheathe curly hair, because dryness in your hair is your main enemy! Also think about masks based on shea butter or sweet almond, which are very suitable for curly and frizzy hair , because they soften and hydrate it.

How to style your hair with a perm?

How to maintain and structure your curly hair ? For a nice curl, you can use puffy foams , which energize the curls and allow you to work on their shape. Apply to clean hair for guaranteed tone!
To style your hair , you can also use boosting sprays daily: they are applied to all of the hair to enhance the curl. Depending on your goal, they can hydrate, heal, or texture.

Can I perm long hair with thick curls?

The answer of the beauty expert
There is a priori no particular problem concerning the size of the curls or the length of the hair to make a perm. Long hair and short hair: same care! Hair that is already curly can a priori be permed.
The precautions to be taken are those of any perm: it is thus preferable to carry out a perm with a product with a low ammonia content so as not to “attack” the hair too much.
In addition, it is often interesting to apply a revitalizing treatment after treatment. And to maintain your curls, opt for a suitable treatment such as Elsève Sublime Curls Oil in Milk. This leave-in treatment, enriched with 6 rare flower oils, is applied to dry hair to redraw each curl with your fingertips.

Sublime Curls Milk Oil

Can we color permed hair without damaging it?

The beauty expert Patrick Alès
Coloring and perming are stressful for the hair. Choose a coloring with dye plants. And above all, give maximum care to your curly hair. For example, just before coloring, knead your hair with a water-dispersible oil which will give more shine. You can very well opt for a permanent coloring! And offer restructuring masks to your hair as well as a day cream (Phyto Color, Alès Oil, Phytokarité and Phytocitrus masks, Phytonectar and Phytocitrus shampoos, Phyto 9 vegetable cream).

Is it possible to straighten permed hair?

The beauty expert’s answer
If you want to damage your permed hair for the next 2 years, yes, straighten it! If not, have them cut lightly and gradually your crimp will come off. Only the failed perms disappear after 2 months. Once the hair has been secured in the curly position, they tend to want to keep it. So the next time you want to have curly hair, remember that it reacts well to the perm and go for a light mini wave.

When you have dry hair, can you opt for straightening, waving or perm? What are the risks ?

The beauty expert’s answer
What is the exact nature of your hair? Are they stiff thick and very dry? Frizzy, short and very dry hair? Curly, mid-length and very dry? Thin hair ? I can tell you about the risks: these three operations (straightening, waving and perm) dry out the hair. They must therefore be treated with specific products for dry hair. Make masks and always use a conditioner. I do not recommend straightening on long, colored hair. In addition, if your hair is very curly or if you have frizzy hair, you risk damaging it enormously.

Small true / false on the perm

The perm damages the hair. False!
On normal or oily curly hair, perming is no problem. On dry or colored hair , it increases the state of dryness. However, current products have a much lower dosage of ammonia and therefore more respectful of the hair and the scalp.
However, taking care of your hair is essential to nourish it, protect it and repair it from attacks (brush strokes, curling iron, etc.). Especially with fine hair. We therefore advise you to use Elsève’s Cica Repair leave-in care cream . This balm enriched with calendula extract and ceramides repairs damaged hair (including split ends!) And facilitates styling.

The products used to make my perm irritate my hair. True !
An allergy or itchy reaction may occur. Consult a dermatologist indicating the composition of the perm.

My perm is not possible on very short hair. False!
A perm can be done on very short hair with rollers or clips.

I can do a perm before I go on vacation. True !
Permed hair supports the sea and the sun very well. Use a good hair filter to avoid the drying effects of the sun and salt, and also a repair mask after every shampoo. They will thus keep softness and suppleness.

Lots of hairstyle ideas for wavy, curly, curly or even frizzy hair

There you go, you know everything, so get your curls!