Tips and home remedies to make hair soft, shiny and straight

After re-bonding hair, it is believed that one has changed the basic nature of their hair. To put it simply, during hair re-bonding, the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, and put back together after some re-arrangement.

Combination Perming Lotion and Neutralizer

Perming lotion is added to your hair during this process to soften your hair. The hair is then heated and pulled between two metal plates of a styling device after giving it a wash. A neutralizer then stabilizes and resets the hair. Hair re-bonding may use other techniques too, depending on the required results or the quality of hair.

Since your hair undergoes a lot of chemical exposure in this process, be wary of what you apply to your hair after re-bonding, as the possibility of the hair getting fractured or otherwise damaged is high.

Too Cool For School Egg Remedy Hair Pack

To make your hair softer, many recommend an egg rinse, which can be done by using egg instead of a shampoo. A tea rinse or a beer rinse is also said to have good softening properties. Vinegar can help you make your hair shinier, and even baking soda, when mixed with shampoo, can help to soften your hair.

However, perhaps you should concentrate on strengthening your hair first. To strengthen hair, there can hardly be anything more helpful than a good 30 minute massage with coconut oil, twice a week before going to sleep. You can wash the oil out during the morning shower. You can also replace coconut oil with mustard or olive oil once a week, depending on what your hair needs. Rubbing Indian Gooseberry on the scalp too can help you strengthen your hair.

Other than this, try not to change your shampoo brands too often, and be sure of what you are using on your hair. Experts have commented that split ends are mainly the result of strong chemicals in your shampoo, hot air from the dryer, or exposing your hair in the sun too much. Try to avoid all of these. 15 minutes of direct sunlight is more than enough to extract the life out of your hair.

For split ends, the best remedy is a regular trim. Do not wear a shower cap or a regular hat too often, and try to avoid wearing a helmet directly on your scalp. A little care for your hair can help you give it a long and healthy life.