For many of us the curling iron is a basic accessory in our arsenal of hair care. For some reason it even follows us into our travel suitcases. It is the crucial tool to style yourself with a wavy hair effect hyper trendy and perfectly realized.
But let’s be honest, finding the best iron to close, easy to use on a daily basis, without getting burned, and with which we are certain that the result will be successful, is not easy. We all had to deal with a low quality curling iron, difficult to handle, whose heat damaged our hair or with which the result is not at all natural. Here are the reasons why we’ve written this ranking of the best curler: help you know which iron to close by grouping the irons to be looped with the best features, the best reviews and the best quality of manufacture and ease of use.

Here is without further ado the ranking of the best irons to close:

#1 – GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong and GHD Soft Curl Tong: the best clamp buckle on the market!

For the first place of the ranking two loopers share the title. We reassure you, the only difference between these two loopers is simply their diameter:

  • The Curve Classic has a diameter of 26mm, so it is effective for tight ripples and curls
  • The Soft Curl has a diameter of 32mm, so it is more suited to broad and voluptuous ripples

Apart from this slight difference, the two GHD loop irons have exactly the same characteristics and above all the same advantages!

The first advantage that earns the GHD looper its 1st place in the ranking is its quality of manufacture and the materials used. Does that seem anecdotal to you? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not. Indeed the quality of the heated ceramic curls your hair at an impressive speed and above all gives it a smooth and shiny appearance incomparable with the other irons on the market.

Use it on a single strand to see how effective it is and how beautiful the hair is in just a few seconds.

The two GHD looping irons also have the advantages of great speed and ease of use. Indeed, they are ready to work after only 25 seconds and a strand of hair curls in just 4 to 8 seconds depending on the type of curl you want. This is a huge time saver when you prepare for a very easily successful result. The time/ease/quality ratio is simply the best you can get with a looping iron right now.

Finally, be aware that this curling iron has a technology patented by GHD that ensures a perfectly uniform heat throughout the heated ceramic. This feature allows you to have perfectly curly or wavy strands and avoid burning parts of your hair because of an iron that would be too hot in some places and not enough in others.

Yes, its price is relatively high, and that’s the only weak point we found at this loop so easy and quick to use for a splendid result. But this same price is largely justified by all its qualities. If you want curls or ripples worthy of a professional hairdresser, obtained easily and quickly, you simply won’t find better!

Here are some examples in pictures of the result you are able to achieve with these two GHD loops in less than 15 minutes:

Characteristics of GHD buckle irons that make us love it:

  • Temperature: Up to 185 degrees Celsius, ideal for curling hair without burning it
  • Ceramic coating: accentuates the shine and smoothing of hair for more beautiful curls
  • Insulating tip: avoids burning yourself
  • Safety extinction after 30 minutes without use, to avoid accidents
  • Three-zone temperature detection technology to ensure consistent and consistent heat on all strands of hair

Where to buy GHD buckle irons?
You can buy GHD irons at Sephora or Amazon (48-hour delivery on

both sites): GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong 26mm

On Amazon:

GHD Curve Classic Curl Curl 26mm

  • The best iron on the market thanks to its quality of manufacture, ease of use and the length of time it lasts to hold its loops
  • A strand closes in up to 4 to 8 seconds
  • Makes the hair shine in addition to the curls
  • Temperature detection technology so you don’t damage your hair

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GHD Soft Curl Tong 32mm

On Amazon:

GHD Curve Classic Curl Curl 32mm

  • The best iron on the market thanks to its quality of manufacture, ease of use and the length of time it lasts to hold its loops
  • A strand closes in up to 4 to 8 seconds
  • Makes the hair shine in addition to the curls
  • Temperature detection technology so you don’t damage your hair

#2 – GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand: the best baguette curler

We stay at the GHD brand for the 2nd looper of our ranking. And yes, if it’s one of the favorite brands of professional hairdressers it’s not for nothing.

This curler is not a tweezer model but a wand. This means that there is no clamp that closes on your strand of hair, only a ceramic cone that heats up and around which you just wrap a strand of hair to curl it.

The manufacturing quality is as high-end as for GHD clamps at the top of our rankings. The ceramic is perfectly smooth and heats evenly thanks to THE multiple heat point technology patented by GHD.

Once again, the quality of the ceramic used makes your hair shine and gives it a perfectly smooth and silky look in addition to curling it.

At the writing we especially loved the ease of use of this iron to buckle. Like the claw models it reaches its optimum heat in just 25 seconds and you can fully buckle or undulate a strand in about 5 seconds!

In fact what we love above all is the relationship between ease of use and the result. Even without being a professional it is simply impossible to miss! For a wavy hair or a curly hair you want to be sure to succeed in less than 15 minutes you will not find better. Simply. And this can be seen in client ratings with an average score consistently above 4.5/5.

The features and benefits of the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand buckle iron are the same as those of their tweezers because they are part of the same range, namely:

  • Temperature: Up to 185 degrees Celsius, ideal for curling hair without burning it
  • Ceramic coating: accentuates the shine and smoothing of hair for more beautiful curls
  • Insulating tip: avoids burning yourself
  • Safety extinction after 30 minutes without use, to avoid accidents
  • Three-zone temperature detection technology to ensure consistent and consistent heat on all strands of hair

Where to buy the GHD Curl Wand buckle iron?
On Amazon:

Boucleur GHD Curl Wand

  • The best baguette curler on the market
  • Choose the size of your curls or simply make ripples
  • Makes a wavy hair in 15 minutes on average
  • Hyper easy to use, its automatic heat control and the softness of its ceramic make it impossible to miss its cut

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#3 – Remington ProLuxe: the best value for money

Here is a curler from another great brand of hairdressing equipment: Remington. With its ProLuxe looper model you will have in your hands the best value for a professional quality curler.
The heated ceramic is once again super smooth in order to give your hair a shiny and silky appearance. This is also what we recognize the irons to buckle (and smooth) ofexcellent quality. In addition to their ability to draw curls that last a whole day it is their ability to give a smooth and shiny look to your hair.
The digital screen allows you to set the temperature most suited to your hair type (see below by clicking HERE to find out which temperature to choose based on your hair).
Finally, the last thing we love about this Remington loop iron is its ease of use: for example, the OPTIheat option allows the iron to automatically adjust the heat to the optimum temperature to achieve the most beautiful loops possible.

In conclusion here is a recap of everything we love about the Remington ProLuxe looping iron:

  • Value for money unbeatable: for less than 50 (and even less than 40 on Amazon) you will not find better iron to close for a price as accessible with a quality really professional
  • Easy to use: the ability to automatically adjust the optimum heat, easy-to-handle looping iron, super-complete accessory package, cone with a diameter of 25 to 38mm to make the loops the width you want. All these features make this iron one of the easiest to use
  • Hair shine: The texture of the hair is super smooth and shiny very quickly and very easily, proof of the quality of the materials used, especially the heated ceramics

Where to buy The Remington ProLuxe Lock iron?
On Amazon:

Remington ProLuxe

  • The looper with the best value on the market
  • High quality ceramics to make your hair shine in addition to curls
  • Easy to use with optiheat technology for autonomous temperature control
  • A quality curling iron for around fifty euros

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#4 – Abody: the cheapest buckle iron on the market

Here is the cheapest loop iron in our ranking. Ideal if you do not have a large enough budget for the highest-end curlers in our ranking but you still want (and this is normal) a looping iron of excellent quality.

This affordable curling iron has all the characteristics of the best irons to curl on the market. This includes a digital screen to adjust heat to the best possible temperature. Preheating is among the fastest on the market with an average duration of 30 seconds before it can be used. Finally, there is also a special attention to safety with an automatic stop after 60 minutes without use.

Like all the irons in our ranking this one is particularly easy to use with pliers to hold the wick you want to buckle or ripple. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to complete a wick. This is obviously a little longer than the best irons in our ranking, especially the GHD, but it is a logical consequence for a budget five times lower.

The curls hold up very well over time. So by closing all your hair for 15 to 30 minutes depending on its length, you can be sure that your curls will last all day without any worries.

Here are the main advantages of Abody’s iron:

  • The cheapest: with a price of 25 euros on Amazon you will not find any cheaper curler of such quality and as easy to use
  • Features worthy of the best curlers: an adjustable temperature, a digital screen, a ceramic heated in less than 20 seconds… high-end features for a super-affordable budget
  • Easy to use: We especially like the easy-to-use clip to maintain the strands of hair you want to curl

Where to buy Abody’s lock iron?
On Amazon:

Abody Curling Iron

  • The cheapest professional-grade curling iron on the market, less than 30 euros
  • Between 10 and 15 seconds to curl a strand of hair
  • Particularly easy to use thanks to its temperature setting and digital screen

🛒 Order with one click on Amazon

#5 – iGutech Automatic: the best automatic looping iron on the market

To finish our top-5 of the best iron to buckle we wanted to offer you a looper fully automatic! Kezako? It’s very simple, you no longer have to wrap your hair strands around the cylinder yourself. So you just have to put in your lock of hair inside the curler, press the button, and that’s it! This is the easiest looper to use, by far.

We love this automatic curling iron also for its relationship between its ease of use and the fact that it is fully customizable. So you can set the heat to the temperature you want and you can also set the type of loops you want: more or less wide, just see ripples.

Finally, it is one of the few automatic looping irons whose loops hold easily all day long. Indeed, the main problem of this type of irons is that usually the heating time of your strands is too short, and therefore the loops disappear throughout the day. On the contrary, on iGutech iron you can also set the heating time, and therefore make sure that your curls will last easily throughout the day.

In conclusion, the features that make us love this automatic looper are:

  • Easy to use: this is the proper of all the irons to automatic loop, these are the easiest to use: just place his strand of hair inside the iron, press a button, and your hair is curly
  • Everything is adjustable: you can choose the temperature, the type of loops and the closing time; you might as well tell you that you are sure to get quality curls that will easily last a whole day
  • Price: at less than 60 euros you will hardly find automatic loop iron of more affordable quality than this iGutech model

Where to buy the iGutech lock iron?
On Amazon:

iGutech automatic curling iron

  • The best automatic curling iron on the market thanks to its ease of use: you press a button and the strand of hair is instantly curly
  • Fully customizable to choose the size of your loop and the heat level
  • Saves a lot of time in the morning
  • Value for money unbeatable with a price of less than 60

🛒 Order with one click on Amazon

How to get the perfect wavy or curly hair with the best curler?

At first glance – and even after several attempts for some of us – getting soft hair and with pretty curls or ripples doesn’t seem like an easy task. In fact, to be quite honest it’s even quite difficult.

1) Find the best curling iron that matches the nature of your hair

Choosing the best curler and especially the one that best suits your hair is the first challenge. Indeed, what may be the best curler iron for naturally curly hair may not be the ideal candidate for long or thin hair. In addition to finding a curling iron that matches the nature of your hair, you also need to find the curler that will create a durable hold without overheating the hair fiber. The goal is to avoid making your hair dry and brittle in order to keep your curls or ripples in a healthy way over time.

2) Protect and moisturize your hair to avoid heat damage

After choosing the best looping iron (thanks to our comparison above of course), the preparation work needed to make sure your curls are fluid is the next big challenge, so that they don’t fall flat after 10 minutes.

We advise you to use a protective heat treatment. If you want to opt for an organic and natural product then know that natural sweet almond oil is a great product to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron. Sweet almond oil has many benefits for your hair, including moisturizing your hair and protecting it from the heat without giving a greasy and oily appearance. It is a light oil, which the hair fiber absorbs extremely well, and therefore protects your hair without harming its appearance and especially without damaging your hairstyle obtained with your curler.

But why protect your hair from the heat? Because the heat of your curling iron will tend to open the scales of the hair. From there, heat can penetrate deep into the heart of the hair fiber and promote the evaporation and deterioration of keratin, a protein that makes up 95% of the hair and gives it its shine, flexibility, silky and strength.

3) Fix your curls

Finally, once your curls are obtained, and if you want them to last a whole day, you can fix them. For this, you have several options.
The first one we think of, perhaps also the simplest, is the lasca. Don’t overdo it: a quick shot all around your hair. In order to secure your curls sufficiently but without having a “cardboard” effect at the end, keep the hair spray away from your hair 30 to 50 centimeters from your hair. It only takes a few drops to apply evenly all over your hair so that your curls or ripples are fixed for the day while keeping it flexible.

The second option is styling foam. Since the mid-2000s we no longer use it but it has many advantages. The main benefit of styling foam is that it has no cardboard effect on hair like hairsle, and this allows your curls and ripples to retain movement and flexibility without deforming and disappearing during the day.

Finally the third possibility is to use a seawater spray. This is the newest and most “trendy” method. This solution is more suited to ripples than loops and allows you to get a wavy hair that perfectly mimics the beach return effect in the summer. The hair once again keeps it supple and moving while maintaining its wavy shape.


What are the criteria for choosing the best curling iron for your hair?

1) Heat surface: which is best for my hair type?

When choosing a curling iron, it is important to pay attention to the material of the heating surface. Each material is suitable for one type of hair more than others. Here are the different materials depending on your hair

type and the benefits of each material: Ceramics

The benefits of ceramics are:

  • Constant and even temperature over the entire heating surface, a prerequisite for smooth sliding on all strands of hair
  • Very fast heating, ideal if you are in a hurry in the morning

Ceramic is the material that corresponds to all types of hair. It is ideal especially for fragile hair because its equal heat will ensure that some strands of hair do not overheat and damage them even more.

Tourmaline is a type of rock in the silicate family. The advantages of tourmaline for a curling iron are:

  • Releases negative ions when heating and smooth the cuticle of hair, eliminate frizz and make it smoother and shiny
  • Achieves a professional result at low temperature, which reduces the risk of burning strands of hair and damaging them

Tourmaline heating surface curlers are the best choice for fine and fragile hair because the results of the curler are obtained at the lowest temperatures which avoids overheating the thinnest and most fragile strands of hair.

Titanium is one of the strongest and lightest metals in existence. It is therefore widely used in the industry and especially for its ability to withstand very high heat without deforming. The advantages of a curling iron with a titanium heating surface are:

  • Titanium is the lightest and strongest material in the grading
  • Titanium on a curling iron allows for quick and even heating and is the material that allows you to reach the highest temperatures.
  • It is a material that allows a very high efficiency thanks to the high temperatures that can be reached and it allows to curl the thickest hair very quickly and easily.

Titanium is therefore the ideal material for a curler for use on thick, rough or unruly hair thanks to its high temperature.
It is also the best choice for professional use thanks to a lighter weight and the durability of this unusual material.
There are also combinations of these materials, most often used in ceramic-tourmaline and titanium-tourmaline, that combine the benefits of each material. These mixtures make up the majority of the current curling irons.


2) Type of curling iron: pliers, chopsticks or automatic, what type of looper to choose?

It is very important to choose the right type of curling iron depending on the type of hairstyle you want, as this will affect the results on your wavy or curly hair. This is the most common type of curler on the market.

It is used by wrapping a strand of hair around the cylinder and closing the top clamp over it. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Advantage: With a spring clamp, it’s easier to use because the clip keeps the strand of hair around the cylinder
  • Advantage: It creates even curls of the same size, along the entire length of the hair
  • Cons: The curls may seem rather uns natural, even downright artificial, precisely because they are very regular and very round
  • Cons: The spring clamp can hold the hair strands against the heating surface for too long and therefore damage the hair fiber

Iron to buckle type wand

This type of curler has similarities with the previous type of iron since it is a long circular wand that heats up. The only difference is that there is no pliers, so you have to wrap your hair strands around and hold them yourself. Here are the pros and cons of chopstick curlers:

  • Advantage: This type of curler leaves no “missed” creases on the strands of hair, so the result looks much more natural
  • Advantage: The curls are less regular than with a clip iron and therefore also gives a more natural appearance; it’s also easier to get simple ripples rather than complete loops
  • Cons: Without pliers you have to manually curl your hair around the wand which may require a little more practice than a tweezer

Be aware that baguette-type curling irons come in two different versions: cylindrical and conical.

The conical ones create the most natural ripples and curls because they are slightly different in size depending on the location on the cone where the hair strand is located.

Cylindrical-shaped curls create uniform curls along the entire length of the hair. Automatic looping iron

Here is a type of iron to buckle quite different from the previous two. This time your looper has an automatic mechanism that makes it easier and faster to use.

  • Advantage: A special type of curling iron with automatic hair rotation
  • Advantage: Easy to use on a daily basis and very fast for an impressive result that lasts longer than traditional curling irons
  • Cons: You have less control over the appearance of the loops because they are created by the automatic mechanism; it is therefore more difficult to control the regularity and size of the loops.

Multi-cylinder loop

iron Here is the latest type of iron to buckle, and perhaps the least common, of our ranking. It’s a three-cylinder curler that allows you to curl your hair more efficiently and faster.

  • Advantage: Faster than a single-cylinder iron to curl the same amount of hair
  • Advantage: Handling very easy, perhaps even the easiest for the longest hair
  • Cons: The result may appear less natural than with a conical curling iron
  • Cons: The larger size of multi-cylinder irons can make them harder to take with either traveling

3) Size of the cylinder of your curling iron

If you are looking for the best curler to get the wavy or curly hair of your dreams then know that the size of the cylinder is very important. Indeed, each cylinder size produces a different type of loop, and therefore depending on the hairstyle you want you should favor one size over another.
Smaller cycs (up to 19 mm maximum)

  • The smallest cylinder sizes are best suited for thin, short and medium hair
  • These very small cylinder sizes create fairly small loops, ideal for creating spiral effects, including English loops.

Larger cylinders (over 19 mm)

  • This is the most popular curling iron size for women with thick, long hair
  • The widest curling irons can also be used on shorter hair in order to add volume
  • These are the ideal sizes to create the most natural, larger and wider and rounded ripples

Be aware that the wider the cylinder of your curling iron, the more it will be adapted to the wavy hair, this hyper trendy hairstyle with a slightly bohemian side.

4) Temperature settings: important not to damage your hair!

Choose a curling iron with adjustable heat: in fact, this will allow you to choose the perfect temperature to achieve your hairstyle of the moment. For example, a wavy hair should be performed with a lower temperature than a curly hair or English curls.

Also be aware that different types of hair require different heat settings. Thick hair can withstand a higher temperature while fine hair needs much lower temperatures to avoid damaging the hair fiber.

Choosing a curler with adjustable temperature option is to be able to perfectly adapt the heat on the one hand to the hairstyle that makes you want and on the other hand to the nature of your hair.
Recommended temperature settings

  • max 150 C – fine, fragile or damaged hair
  • max 170 C – hair with a coloring, fine hair
  • max 200 C – normal hair
  • max 240 C – hair that is resistant, thick or unruly

5) Don’t underestimate the little extras of some irons to buckle

Each curling iron has small additional features that can make it easier to use on a daily basis. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Ease of handling,for example: long enough cord (2 meters), temperature, ergonomic design, light weight, storage cover, etc.
  • Heating time: Most irons are ready to use in 30 seconds of heating.
  • Heat protection cover: to safely cover hot plates and also perfect for traveling. It can sometimes be purchased separately but if it is sold with your curler you are sure it will be perfectly suited.
  • Automatic Extinction: This is the fact that the looping iron automatically shuts off if it is not used for 30 minutes. This can prevent serious accidents.