Top Ten Hair Extensions

When it comes to beauty and fashion, hair makes all of the difference in the world. There are many different types of hear extensions available. The hair you choose should depend upon your natural hair type and the hairstyle you would like to have. There are thousands of hair extension types you can choose from, but there are ten hair extension types that are more popular than others.

Hair Extension Methods

Stand by Strand

Strand by strand is a hair extension attachment method that is used to attach extensions one at a time to small sections of the hair. The hair extensions are attached by two different methods; cold and warm fusion.


  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Healthiest for the hair
  • Undetectable (virtually)
  • Lasts 6+ months


  • Most expensive extension method
  • Time intensive installation

Links & Micro-links

Links and micro-links are another hair extension method that is used to create different hairstyles. Links and micro-links uses the principles of the strand by strand method. With this method, the hair extension and natural hair are placed through a small tube, then a special tool is used to seal and close the tube. The extension is then attached to your natural hair.


  • Less expensive
  • Installation time is less time consuming
  • Hairstyle lasts longer


  • Heavier
  • Easy to see
  • Grooves can cause friction with the hair


Clip In Human Hair Extensions Thicken Double Weft

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Wefts are another type of hair extension method that many people prefer to use. There are many different methods when wefts are involved. The basic method involves a track that is several inches long that is attached to natural hair. The extension is attached at the top of the natural hair so it can freely hang down. These extensions can be human or synthetic. These extensions have to be applied one by one. Other forms of wefting include micro-rings, taped, glued, and sewed in.

Micro-Rings- Using two strands of the hair (top and bottom), are combined and pulled through a micro ring. Once the hair is combined and pulled through the ring, it is flattened. Everything is finalized when the weft is attached by several strands of hair from the scalp and weft.

Taped– Taping hair is yet another method that can be used to attach hair extensions to natural hair. Taping is commonly referred to as a skin weft. This is a new technique that can be used to apply hair extensions. This hair extension attaching method is done by polyurethane tape. The hair is held together by transparent tape that is double-sided.

Glue- Gluing the hair is another way that hair extension can be attached to the hair. A part is made, then the extension is fitted to the part. Glue is applied to the track (rough part at the top of the extension that resembles a train track) and applied to the scalp and not the hair.

Sewing- A sew-in is another way hair extensions can be attached to natural hair. With this method, the natural hair is braided and the wefts are sewn into the cornrows. There are many different hair extension pros and cons associated with these attachment methods.


  • Less installation time
  • Faster than the strand by strand method
  • Inexpensive
  • Many different attachment methods


  • Can stress hair strands
  • More visible than other hair attachment methods
  • Intense maintenance
  • Some people have allergic reactions to the adhesive tape

Types of Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are said to be the best type of hair available. Remy extensions are human hair extensions Regardless of what type of style or extension you purchase, such as a wig, tracks, or any other extension, this hair is luxurious and does not tangle.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in Human Hair Extensions Remy

Clip in hair extensions are temporary and easy to put in. There is a clip on the inside of the extension that can be attached to the natural hair. They can easily be removed and reapplied with the hair being damaged.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

There are many different extensions that are available for short hair. Since your hair is short, it will be in your best interest to use the strand by strand method. This method will ensure that all of your hair is accounted for and there are not any strands hanging out. You can use cold or warm fusion to get the job done.

Cinderella Hair Extensions

Cinderella hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions of today. These extensions are of the highest quality because Remy hair is used, it is soft, and pre-bonded.

Top 10 Hair Extensions

10. Micro Braiding

9. Lace Extensions

8. Tree Braiding

7. Synthetic

6. Bonding

5. Tracking

4. Fusion

3. Clip In

2. Human

1. Remy


Hair extensions can range from $10, the cheapest, to well over $1000. The more expensive the hair is, the higher quality the extensions are. Remy hair is one of the most expensive hair extensions there are. Other contributing factors to price include the type of hair you are purchasing, and where you are purchasing it, such as online and in-store.

Hair Care

Your extensions will last longer if you take care of your hair. Hair extensions can last more than six months if the hair is properly maintained and styled. There are a few styling agents that will help keep your extensions in great shape. Amazon’s hair care selection has a lot of what you need to keep your hair in the best quality. There are five products you should use.

1. Heat Tamer

2. Conceal Spray

3. Detangler

4. Hairspray

5. Frizz Ease