Hair weaving is considered to be the act of adding hair to a person’s scalp through the art of weaving or braiding. Hair weaving can be accomplished by using synthetic hair or real human hair. Another name for hair weaving is hair integration.

Many people who are balding or who have thin hair appreciate the fullness that hair weaving adds. The hair that is added to an individual’s scalp is designed to grow along with the individual’s hair. Weaving hair is considered to be a cosmetic procedure instead of a surgical procedure.

The American Hair Loss Council has determined that weaving hair should only be performed on an individual who already has a healthy head of hair. This is because weaving hair puts added stress on hair follicles that may result in the actual loss of hair. There are several hair weaving techniques that prevent an individual from losing or damaging their hair follicles.

A type of hair extension is a hair weave. The hair weave must be built-up every few weeks in a certified beauty saloon. As an individuals hair grows the hair weave must be relocated. The hair weaving techniques for applying hair extensions are quite easy to follow. A few individual’s natural hairs must be braided or woven together. These natural hairs act as an anchor or a support in which the hair extensions are sewn into. Hair extensions can also be woven or glued to the individual’s hair.

As the natural hair grows the anchoring must be re-secured. A person should be extremely careful when washing their hair. When an individual has hair extensions forceful washing can cause the hair to loosen. Hair weaving techniques can be applied to the use of human hair or synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers or a synthetic weave is available in strands or tufts.

Most hair makers agree that a synthetic weave does not last as nearly as long as a human hair weave. Plus synthetic hair has a tendency to knot very easily. Curling irons and other heated hair styling products must not be used on synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair is usually already styled before the hair is attached to an individual’s scalp. One of the benefits of using synthetic hair is that this type of hair weaving is cheaper. Human hair that is used in hair weaving is usually bought from Asia or India. The human hair is actually entwined with yak hair. The yak hair is coarser and rougher. Yak hair is used to supplement the amount of human hair.

This causes this type of heave weave to be more affordable. Yak hair when used in hair weaves can be colored, relaxed and curled. This is one of the many benefits to using a human hair weave. Most human hair weaves range in cost from twenty dollars to one-hundred dollars.