Using Grape Seed Oil for Hair

One of the biggest challenges with the typical hair oil products is that a lot of them tend to be heavy, some have unpleasant scents, others tend to produce residues that take several washings to clear away or properly manage.

As awesome as it may appear on paper, using a wide variety of all-natural, environmentally friendly, renewable oils does come with its fair share of disadvantages and hassles. There is no such thing as a perfect solution that works the best way for all people at all times.

You should always look for a better alternative. One of these alternatives is grape seed oil. The great thing about this particular oil is that it offers a much lighter consistency compared to other nut-based or fruit-based oils.

It is also weightless. This is a big deal because you don’t want to apply oil on your head that makes it feel heavy and this makes the whole massage process even harder.

It also helps that grape seed oil for hair has a long-held reputation for restoring skin and hair health. In fact, according to some traditions, grape seed oil can cure a wide range of skin ailments. A lot of this, upon chemical analysis, can probably be traced back to the fact that grape seed oil contains a wide range of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Make no mistake. When your head of hair is exposed to the sun and air, it’s only a matter of time until free radicals damage the surface of your hair and scalp.

When you apply vitamin E rich grape seed oil on your hair, its great combination of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, like this vitamin, helps you manage free radicals. This goes a long way in preventing damage to both your hair and scalp.

Improve your hair’s overall look with grape seed oil for hair

Why do a lot of hairstylists and hair therapy experts like grape seed oil? For one, it can help restore the hair’s natural vibrancy, bounce, and shine. This is due to the fact that it revitalizes and restores the moisture level of hair at the follicle level. This has a profound effect of preventing hair breakage as well as dryness.

Grapeseed oil is very easy to work with because it’s a very lightweight oil. When you touch it, your fingertips don’t feel like they’re drenched in mud and something heavy and sticky.

Unfortunately, there are other oils out there that may be very therapeutic, but they’re a hassle to work with because you know you just work with oil. That’s how much they stick to your skin and you basically have to use a lot of soap to get that sticky sensation off the surface of your skin.

You’re not going to have any of those problems when you apply grape seed oil for hair issues. It moisturizes your hair without necessarily weighing it down. This is one great advantage because you can then use other concoctions on your hair in addition to grape seed oil.

Please understand that for the most part, a lot of hair experts and stylists use oils like grape seed, olive oil, avocado, and jojoba as supplements to other products. The problem is if you’re using an oil that is basically already heavy on its own when you use it to supplement another product, the product, essentially, becomes sticky.

You end up weighing your hair down and it starts to feel unmanageable. It can easily turn into a hassle. You won’t have that problem with grape seed oil because it is so easy to work with.

Grape seed oil is packed with OPC


OPC stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidin complex. To cut a long story short, OPC is a powerful all-natural compound that stimulates the growth of hair on your scalp. In fact, there’s a rising number of testimonials from people all over the world who claim that OPC has either slowed down their hair loss, stopped it completely, or prevented it in the first place.

No matter how you cut it, there’s a lot to be excited about OPC because

 it is naturally occurring, it doesn’t come with harsh chemicals to make it active, and it’s very easy to apply because it’s packed into the molecules of natural grape seed oil.

How do you apply a grape seed oil mix to your hair?

The first thing that you need to do is to apply just a few oil drops on to your palm. Use your index fingers to work the oil on your palm to apply it to the tip of your fingers. Apply your fingertips to the base of your scalp and slowly, in semi-circles, gently massage the oil to the skin at the bottom of your hair roots.

This is crucial. It has to go to the right place. You’re not placing the oil on your hair directly. You start the process by applying it to your scalp. Then you work your fingers, in semi-circles, to soothe the skin. If you want to apply it directly to your hair so you can prevent frizziness and other issues, you should dilute grape seed oil in a little bit of water, put it in a spray bottle, and then spray it directly to your hair.

You have to do this at the right time. The best time to apply grape seed oil to your hair via spray is during humid times. Check your humidity as well as your temperature. The hotter and more humid it is, the better.

Also, you can mix grapeseed oil with your conditioner. In this context, you basically treat it like a supplement. Grape seed oil can boost your conditioner’s overall moisturizing effect because it provides extra hydration.

Why is grapeseed oil the best option for your hair and skin?


There’s been a lot of buzz lately in the hair care products industry about grapeseed oil. These trends do come and go, but there’s something different going on when it comes to grapeseed oil.

Its fame is slowly spreading. It’s as if people are just getting these eureka moments about the right kind of oil for their scalp and skin. There’s no indication that the grapeseed oil trend is going to be some sort of short-lived flash in the pan.

In fact, the opposite is true. It’s slowly spreading. It’s as if it’s slowly but surely convincing skeptics about its nutrient and vitamin packing power. It’s also influencing the right people. We’re not just talking about marketers and promotion specialists and advertising consultants.

Instead, grapeseed oil’s slow-moving popularity is taking place among people who have a reason to know. I’m talking about hair salon owners, stylists, and other hair care front liners, if you will. These are people who are in the best position to know as to which solutions work and which don’t.

This gives me the impression that this grapeseed oil trend is not going to go away anytime soon. As you probably already know, there have been many false starts and flashes in the pan when it comes to the global hair care market industry.

There’s just something about how grapeseed oil and the good word about it that’s spreading that indicates that this time around, it’s going to be different. It’s easy to see why.

What accounts for this type of oil’s increasing popularity? There’s a reason why manufacturers are starting to look at grapeseed oil as their base for all sorts of products ranging from hair conditioners, lotions, shampoos, and soaps.

Grapeseed oil is loaded with vitamin E

The first thing to focus on is the vitamin E content of this type of oil. Vitamin E plays a profound impact on cellular health and overall skin health. If you want your skin to remain young looking, supple, and soft to the touch, it has to have the right amount of vitamin E nourishing it.

This is non-negotiable because at the surface of your skin is a dead layer. It has to be adequately protected from the elements. Otherwise, free radicals and just the daily wear and tear is going to make your skin look older than it actually is.

You have to have a solid antioxidant that can do the heavy lifting as far as cell integrity is concerned. That’s what vitamin E brings to the table. Vitamin E is also known to help stimulate the body’s production of collagen.

So if you want your skin to feel young, soft, and resilient, vitamin E has to be part of your daily skin nourishment regimen.

Grapeseed oil is also packed with OPCs and polyphenols

These naturally occurring biochemical compounds are very powerful antioxidants. If you think vitamin E does more than its fair share in helping your skin look younger, these antioxidants definitely boost vitamin E’s overall effectiveness.

In fact, these compounds do more than boost collagen and fight off free radicals. They also help stimulate cellular repair. Most importantly, grapeseed oil’s polyphenols content helps reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is the main reason why a lot of people’s skin looks older and starts to crack and wrinkle. Whenever there’s inflammation, your skin is put under a tremendous amount of strain and pressure. This is why it’s a good idea to always apply some sort of anti-inflammatory topical compound on your skin to reduce some of that strain and stress.

Linoleic acid content

One of the essential fatty acids is Omega 6. A high concentration of this is found in grapeseed oil along with linoleic acid. These 2 compounds work together to both protect and boost the overall health of your skin cells.

They also help ensure that your cells are properly hydrated and moisturized. This goes a long way in reducing the chances of your skin developing wrinkles and fine lines. And even if you already have wrinkles and fine lines, these blemishes from getting worse.

If you use grapeseed oil consistently, this can lead to better and younger skin. This has a tremendous impact on the overall quality of your scalp’s skin, which leads to a more youthful head of hair. Please understand that your skin is the base of your hair.

It stands to reason that the healthier your scalp skin is, the healthier and stronger your hair will be. They go hand in hand. This is why it’s really important to understand why grapeseed oil is becoming so popular in the international hair care product industry.

As the old saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Best grapeseed oil brands

If you’re going to be using grapeseed oil concoction that you’re going to apply to your scalp for a deep massage or you’re thinking of using it to coat your hair, please pay close attention to the following grapeseed oil product discussion.

These can give you the basic rundown on which particular formulation might make the most sense in your situation.

Maple Holistics Pure Grapeseed Oil

As the label says, this product is made of 100% pure grapeseed oil. Beware of products that say they use real grapeseed oil. That doesn’t really tell you anything. Focus on concentration.

Another great thing that this product has going for it is that it is purely undiluted and it is cold-pressed. I can’t emphasize this enough. If there is any one factor that should push you in one direction or other when it comes to buying a particular type of oil, it has to be the fact that it is both undiluted and cold-pressed. Why?

When you subject any kind of oil to a high degree of heat, the oil starts to break down. Its chemical structure starts to change. On the surface, it might look like there’s nothing wrong with the oil or that a heated oil looks and behaves like regular cold oil. But when you look at what’s going on on a molecular level, you’re not going to get as much efficacy with broken-down oil than you would with cold-pressed oil.

Another reason to get excited about Maple Holistics’ product is the fact that it is undiluted. In other words, whatever micronutrients are in the actual grapeseed oil, it will remain because it hasn’t been watered down or mixed with something that may interfere with its operations.

Accordingly, it’s not a surprise that this oil is full of the right fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. If you’re looking for a solution to dry, lifeless, dull, or even frizzy hair, use this as a natural moisturizer for your scalp as well as an addition to a homemade, all-natural conditioner.

Finally, this product is completely free of parabens and hasn’t been tested on animals, so you know it’s cruelty-free.

Sky Organics 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil

This product has been extracted from grapeseed in a cold environment. This means that no heat was applied to break down the oil. It is also sourced from 100% natural feedstock. So you don’t have to worry about any pesticide residues or any of that other nasty stuff.

Accordingly, it’s full of vitamin E and has a wide range of fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s not a surprise that a lot of people who use this product are part of their scalp and hair care regimen leave testimonials that say their hair is luxuriously soft and their skin feels soft to the touch.

Zatural’s Virgin Grapeseed Oil

The big selling point of this product is that it is virgin oil. You might be thinking to yourself “What’s the big deal? I’ve seen virgin olive oil. I’ve even seen products labeled extra virgin. What’s so hot about virgin oil?”

Any type of seed feedstock, I’m talking about seeds that have been concentrated in a mix and pressed or otherwise processed to produce oil, usually go through several pressings. This is definitely true of olive oils.

This is why when you go to the grocery store, extra virgin olive oil looks darker, has a different taste, and costs more. The reason for this is because it is a product of the first pressing. It’s the first time those olives were put under pressure to produce that oil.

The idea is there’s nothing better than the first pressing because you get all the taste profiles as well as the nutrients of the feedstock. The same logic applies to grapeseed oil. Since there’s still a lot of oil left if you process any kind of seed using a cold system, it stands to reason that the manufacturer will try to press as much oil, in different stages, from the same feedstock.

This is how they make more money. The downside is you don’t want to be the buyer of that last pressing because whatever is nice, awesome, and nutritious about the seed is pretty much gone by the last pressing.

This is why olive oil’s third pressing is not called olive oil. It is called pomace, the kind of oil that people use to fry stuff. For extra virgin olive oil, you use it as a salad dressing or some sort of cold drizzle. Do you see how this works?

Keep that in mind when it comes to Zatural’s Virgin Grapeseed Oil. This is the first pressing. It’s 100% natural. It is completely pure grapeseed oil. In fact, not only is this product produced from the virgin pressing of grapeseed oil, its feedstock is actually grown organically from a specific part of the world.

I am, of course, talking about Italy. So given all these factors, it is no surprise that Zatural’s Virgin Grapeseed Oil is in high demand. Whether you’re looking for a great source of vitamin E, antioxidants, and all sorts of skin and hair-boosting vitamins, this is the grapeseed oil for you.