Veet Spa Wax Review

Veet Spa Wax Review

For us who have significant hair, it is very difficult to lean towards a good and effective product. Today there are several products and devices to remove unsightly hair on all parts of the body, even the most delicate. But we are all looking for THE useful product, good quality, and at a good price. Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater, is one of the leading devices for effective hair removal and which leaves a soft skin.

Is Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater – Stripless Wax Recommended?

It is a discreet, useful and very economicalproduct. We particularly like it for the softness that wax brings after hair removal, the easy use of the device, and also as one does not need depoilatory strips, it is economical. So, yes, Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater is more than recommended.

“Pro” and “Con” List


  • Practical official website, and very followed on social networks
  • Works well even with other waxes
  • Very easy to use
  • Value for money appreciated


  • Poor wax quality
  • Hard-to-spread wax strips

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As a teenager, I had problems because of my hair. They are everywhere, on the face, arms, legs, and in large quantities. I have already spent astronomical sums to get rid of it, and I have tried products, creams, devices of all kinds. Today I’ve been quiet since I used Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater. I can get a hair removal worthy of beauty salons but at home, and this at a low price. I’m so happy.

Practical official website, and very followed on social networks

Veet’s official website is very convenient. Indeed, it offers us beauty tips and practical guides for all Veet products. It is very nice in that for each product of the brand, you have tips and little tips very useful. The site is very well designed and dynamic. On social networks, the Veet brand has a substantial number of subscribers. Notably on Facebook, more than 70,000 people follow the page, on Twitter more than 2,000 followers, and videos and tutorials on Veet products on You Tube garner more than 7 million views. Also, one can not go wrong about the use of creams, derogatory strips and devices for an effective and smooth hair removal even on the most delicate parts of the body.

Works well even with other waxes

Other brands of depoiling waxes can be used with Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater. Indeed, even after breaking the refill waxes, the device works very well with other wax marks. Veet – Spawax Electric wax heater, melt the wax in 30 minutes. Thanks to the indications on the box, the waxes are not wasted because for each part of the body to be waxed, the number of wax pebbles to use is indicated. Of course, the Veet brand offers depository waxes that conform to all preferences and for all types of skins.

Very easy to use

Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater is very easy to use, but in addition, a manual of use accompanies the device with six discs of wax without tape and a spatula to spread the wax on the area to be waxed. On the packaging, precise indications in pictures are available at the back. These indications make it possible to better enjoy the device and its benefits while being at home. Thus, no accidents or fault of use of the device and its accessories can occur. Indeed, Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater keeps the wax at the right temperature for the duration of the hair removal to make its use even more enjoyable. The images on the box are explicit and clear. And if necessary, the tutorials on the site or on You Tube can serve as support and additional explanations.

Value for money appreciated

Veet Spa Wax Review

The quality and design of Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater are very appreciated. Indeed, the feeling of being in an institute is very pleasant, while one stays at home. This design device diffuses a soft light, and can be carried anywhere. The hair removal is comfortable, and the wax with a sweet fig and violet lily enhances this feeling of softness and relaxation after a precise and effective hair removal at the same time. This experience of comfort and well-being does not cost the price of a session in an institute. It is affordable and suitable for all budgets. Also, wax discs are reusable for later hair removal, and there is no need for deapilatory strips to remove the wax.

The scent of wax discs is not very popular with everyone. But also, the wax sticks too much and it is difficult to remove it. The wax dries too quickly, leaves a lot of residue and sometimes leaves a little hair. Therefore, you have to be careful about the temperature, and spread the wax a little faster with the spatula. You have to have a hand at the first use, and read the instructions.

Hard-to-spread wax strips

The wax strips to be spread on the part of the body to be waxed should be thin each time. Otherwise, you risk putting wax everywhere, and you struggle when you remove it. The strip must also be 1 to 2 mm thick,and the length should not exceed the length of the spatula. Indeed, it may break. This part is a bit tricky and not pleasant.

Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater VS Roll-on Electric Easy Wax

Veet Spa Wax Review

The two devices of the Veet brand have the same properties. That is, they are intended to wax with hot wax. They’re both electric. However, the Easy Wax Electric Roll-on is a wax heater with a hood with a support base, a 50 ml wax refill for the arms and legs, 12 strips of fabric, 4 finishing wipes, and it can be plugged in with its electric cable. Even though the wax used for both devices are worthy of beauty institutes, I still recommend Veet -Spawax Electric Wax Heater as it is much more convenient because you don’t need to buy strips, and the refills much more expensive after. And, of course, I was seduced by the sleek design of Veet – Spawax Electric Wax Heater.

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