Vitamin B For Hair

You may be wondering: why are they said that B vitamins are the vitamins of the hair par excellence? Well, know that B vitamins act on both the beauty and health of your hair. They are your best allies to give your hair the care it needs. Then, they can also help you have softer, shinier and stronger hair.

Discover in this guide the actions of B vitamins on your hair and also the foods, ingredients and products rich in B vitamins not to be neglected.

What are the benefits of vitamin B on hair?

The benefits of B vitamins on the hair are many. In addition, each B vitamin has its own properties, that is, it can exert specific actions on the hair.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, for example, is ideal for activating blood circulation at the root and stimulating the renewal of the hair follicle. It slows down the degeneration of hair cells. Then, it helps to fight against dandruff .

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 or betapanthene, on the other hand, is useful to fight hair loss. It supports the adrenal glands and promotes hair growth. Then, it also participates in the renewal of skin cells while acting on sensitive skin. In fact, it is one of the main constituents of keratin, the structural element of the hair.

Vitamin B6

In addition, vitamin B6 is well known for its ability to increase the action of other vitamins. It participates in the synthesis of keratin and is a valuable ally against britnous hair. Apart from that, it is also capable of strengthening the hair fiber.

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 is not only good for the skin and nails. It is also one of the best B vitamins for hair, since it stimulates the production of melanin, the agent that gives natural pigmentation to hair. It can have an impact on the texture of the hair and on the definition of curls.

Vitamin B8

When it comes to vitamin B8 or Biotin, it is an effective nutrient to combat hair loss. It boosts hair growth and elasticity. Then, it can also repair damaged or brittle hair. It is also able to regulate the production of sebum and it is considered a multifunctional vitamin because it has many virtues on the skin and nails.

Vitamin B9

As for vitamin B9, it is the nutrient that promotes cell repair while strengthening the roots of the hair. It contributes to the preservation of good hydration of the scalp and the prevention of dandruff. Then, it is also essential for the growth and development of the hair.

Vitamin B12

Finally, vitamin B12 is renowned for its ability to slow down cellular aging and the appearance of white or gray hair. It promotes the production of melanin, the agent responsible for the natural pigmentation of the hair. Then, it also guarantees that the hair grows and lives longer.

What foods contain Vitamin B for hair?

Since the human body cannot produce B vitamins, it is therefore essential to consume foods that contain them in order to meet the needs of the body. According to the studies, the main dietary sources of B vitamins are: fruits, dairy products, pulses or greens, offal, whole grains, seeds, nuts and brewer’s yeasts or food yeasts.


Specifically, you can find vitamin B1 in brewer’s yeast, food yeast, nuts, seeds, whole grains and pulses of the kind dry peas and lentils.

Vitamin B3

Then you can draw vitamin B3 from yeasts, almonds, barley, pulses, wild rice, whole wheat products, bran and peanuts.

Vitamin B5

In addition, foods rich in vitamin B5 are veal livers, mushrooms, soybeans, peanuts, pecans, yeasts, cashew nuts, oatmeal, rye flour, buckwheat, lentils, red peppers, avocados and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin B6

And foods rich in vitamin B6 are lima beans, soy, lentils, nuts, wheat germs, sunflower seeds, bananas, avocados, yeasts and buckwheat flour.

Vitamin B7

To stock up on vitamin B7, you need to eat citrus fruits, cereals, egg yolk, nuts, yeasts, oranges, bananas and beef livers.

Vitamin B8

And to avoid vitamin B8 deficiency, you need to consume enough products based on whole grains, nuts, egg yolk, sardines, yeasts, livers, mushrooms and bananas.

Vitamin B9

To provide a good intake of vitamin B9 to your body, you should also give preference to green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and asparagus on your plates. Then you need to add oranges, rice, yeasts, beef livers, soybeans or beans.

Vitamin B12

Finally, foods rich in vitamin B12 are foods of animal origin, including meats, fish, seafood, offal and also eggs and cheeses.

What vitamin B-rich ingredients should you use to make a hair mask?

If these are the foods to be preferred on the plates to avoid the deficiency of B vitamins, it is now necessary to list the foods rich in B vitamins dedicated to external use, that is to say to be used in homemade cosmetics to guarantee the health and beauty of the hair.

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Egg yolk

First of all, there is a need to start with the egg yolk . It is the ideal ingredient to take care of tired, dry, damaged and brittle hair. It promises both hydration, strength, volume and shine. Then, it can also nourish, soften and untangle the hair.

Vegetable oils

The second ingredient to lift is vegetable oil. It is the ingredient par excellence to nourish and moisturize the hair in depth. In addition, you can choose between different types of vegetable oil.

You can opt, for example, for olive oil to prevent falling and to nourish and soften your hair. Otherwise, you can also bet on avocado oil, the best ally to give shine and softness to the hair and also to reduce forks and to promote growth. Jojoba oil also is a very interesting vegetable oil. It nourishes the hair deeply and it also brings shine and flexibility.

Regarding coconut oil, it is very famous for its nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties. It penetrates deep into the hair and smoothes and perfumes it. It is also an excellent anti-lice and a real growth stimulator. Finally, nothing prevents you from also trying sweet almond oil, the ideal ingredient to remove dandruff and to strengthen the hair.


In addition to egg yolk and vegetable oils, you can also apply avocado to your hair. It is the perfect ingredient to moisturize the hair well. In addition, it can make your hair softer, brighter and more toned.

The banana

The other fruit rich in vitamin B that you can also use in homemade cosmetics is banana. It is a good dandruff and a good moisturizing care. She preserves the elasticity of the hair and she also knows how to soften it. However, you are advised to choose a ripe banana so as not to be disappointed.


By the way, know that yogurt is also good for hair. It is rich in probiotics and proteins and its benefits on the hair are numerous, citing only: hydration and nutrition. It also promotes hair growth and it can repair damaged hair while making it less greasy.


If you are looking for a moisturizing and lightening treatment, you can also be interested in honey. This ingredient can come to moisturize your hair in depth and it can also give it a little color and shine. Apart from that, it is able to purify them and it also promotes growth.

Apple cider vinegar

Also do not hesitate to apply apple cider vinegar to your hair to ensure hydration and shine and also to regulate the pH. It is the perfect ingredient to treat oily, colored and normal hair. He fights against dandruff and frizz and he also repairs damaged hair.


Finally, we must not forget the lemon, the miracle ingredient that helps to lighten and purify the hair. It can intervene to remove dandruff and to reduce the production of sebum in the oiliest hair. Then, it can also accelerate the growth of the hair, strengthen it and make it shine.

Ideas recipes of hair mask with vitamin B

Now that you know the main ingredients to favor for external use, it is sure that you will no longer have trouble composing your homemade hair mask with vitamin B. Anyway, it is necessary to present you still the most effective homemade recipes based on vitamin B to simplify your tasks.

Hair mask with egg yolks and olive oil

You can, for example, make a hair mask with egg yolks and olive oil. This treatment is to be applied with a brush and left to lay for about 15 minutes under cellophane. Then you need to rinse your hair with clean water and wash it with your usual shampoo. And if you do not appreciate the unpleasant smell of the egg, you can add a few drops of vinegar.

Hair mask with honey, olive oil and lemon

The other interesting recipe too is the mixture of olive oil, honey and squeezed lemon juice. Here you need 8 tablespoons of water, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and squeezed lemon juice. Then, you need to mix all these ingredients in a large bowl until you get a good dough.

The next step is to brush your hair and remove all the knots. Then you need to apply the mask on your lengths and spikes by doing a small massage. You still need to comb your hair before covering it with a shower cap or a warm towel. After, you should give preference to a laying time of about an hour. Finally, you need to finish with rinsing with clear water and shampoo washing.

Homemade avocado mask, olive oil, honey and egg yolk

If you want to bet on fat in hair care, you can opt for the hair mask with avocado, olive oil, honey and egg yolk. This formula is ideal for treating damaged and brittle hair and it is very easy to prepare.

For a best result, you need to mix in a bowl or mix a whole avocado, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and an egg yolk. Then you need to wet and untangle your hair and you need to apply the homogeneous mash on your lengths.

Let it sit for about 30 minutes under cellophane. Then, rinse your hair and make a shampoo. If possible, repeat the same operation at least 2 times a week.

Banana hair mask, egg yolk, olive oil and honey

The other alternative available to you is the mask with banana, egg yolk, olive oil and honey. All these ingredients are to be mixed in a bowl until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Then, you need to moisten your hair before proceeding to the application.

Here, the objective is to distribute the solution well over your entire hair, so do not hesitate to massage your scalp well and touch all your strands. After that, you should allow a laying time of about 45 minutes before rinsing and using your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Hair mask with honey, jojoba oil, yogurt and lemon

How about the hair mask with honey, jojoba oil, yogurt and lemon? It is a perfect formula to soften the color of your hair. To do this, you need to mix in a bowl 6 tablespoons of honey, 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil, a tablespoon of yogurt, lemon juice and water.

Then you need to wet your hair and apply the resulting paste to your roots and lengths. Let it act for at least an hour of time. Then, rinse for a long time with warm water and make your shampoo and conditioner.