Washing hair with cold water: a complete guide

“What if I washed my hair in cold water? Good idea or bad idea?”

“Yes, but my hair will be dirty, right?”

“Shower me in cold water, but what a horror, impossible!”

In the hair field, trends and tricks are multiplying. Even those that may look strange, like washing your hair in cold water!

Although opinions are mixed, we decided to dedicate an article on the subject. Washing your hair in cold water could offer real benefits, and it’s not the least… Find out everything you need to know before you get started! A small surprise, we will reveal all the secrets about the Water Only ritual. Nice reading to you!

Washing your hair in cold water, legend or real benefits?

When we talk about the idea of washing in cold water, we must admit that many people are reluctant. After all, a good hot shower is nice. Nevertheless, the pleasant is not always effective, especially when it comes to hair!

According to some of the tricks of grandmothers, washing your hair in cold water would have benefits that are still unsuspected. Even better, this would improve hair health and even stimulate growth. In truth, we have unraveled the mystery. It seems that cold water has real advantages on our hair, and here are the main benefits:

Washing hair in cold water makes hair brighter and stronger

First of all, washing your hair in cold water improves shine. Hot water tends to weaken hair and soften hair fiber. In fact, cold water is already proven on the skin. A good cold shower tones the body and firms the skin!

On the other hand, washing your hair in cold water brings more resistance. This involves closing the scales of the hair which makes them more robust. This is not wrong, if you pass cold water on your hair, they will be thicker and harder.

Cold water sanitizes and purifies the hair

This specific case should be taken with tweezers. Yes, washing your hair in cold water purifies and sanitizes the hair as it activates the blood microcirculation of the scalp. In this way, the hair is rid of impurities, for example pollution, and it is protected.

However, cold water struggles to remove the fat from the hair. For this, opt for lukewarm water in order to clean the hair properly. A higher temperature helps remove dirt, so don’t be afraid.

Washing hair in cold water stimulates hair growth

As mentioned above, washing hair in cold water activates blood microcirculation. It is this process that promotes hair growth. By washing your hair in cold water, you discover a natural way to accelerate the growth, but it’s not miraculous!

It also prevents hair breakage due to changing seasons. However, consider making nourishing masks for which play a big role.

Washing your hair in cold water allows it to grease less

Just like the frequent use of shampoos, the scalp can quickly feel threatened if you wash your hair in hot water. Even very hot. To compensate for irritation, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum than is needed. Results, your hair greases faster and more intensely. It’s a vicious circle. Washing your hair in cold water breaks this vicious circle and makes your scalp produce less sebum.

If the cold water is too drastic for you, opt for lukewarm water. However, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove shampoo leftovers. It only takes a few residues to speed up the greasing of the hair.

Washing your hair in cold water fights frizz

When we wash our hair in hot or very hot water. The hair fiber is weakened and therefore very light. This causes the creation of frizz and it is never pleasant to see.

Once again, cold water reduces the development of frizz. The scales are well closed and the hair is more resistant. It doesn’t work the first time, but over time you will see satisfactory results.

Washing your hair in cold water with the Water Only concept!

If you are interested in the idea of washing your hair in cold water then the Water Only concept should please you.

Close to the No Poo and Low Poo we’ll see later, the Water Only is a way to maintain your hair naturally. As you will understand, Water Only requires only one ingredient: water!

What is the Water Only ritual?

This may be surprising but, like washing your hair in cold water, the Water Only is very effective for healthier hair. Water Only slows down the production of sebum for greasy hair. The idea is simple, that of rinsing your hair with clear water to drag the sebum. In this way, the scalp separates from the excess sebum in order to moisturize and protect the rest of the hair.

However, there are a few points to be made. If you want to get good results, the Water Only requires several months of implementation. The sebaceous glands should take enough time to get used to this new ritual. In other words, you have to be prepared to live several months with the impression of having dirty hair. If you’re a sportsman, it’s going to be hard to hold on, especially if you’re sweating a lot!

If you don’t feel like trying the pure Water Only ritual you can start by simply rinsing your hair most of the time and, only once a week, you have to wash your hair in cold water and with an ultra soft vegan shampoo.

The benefits and benefits of Water Only in addition to washing your hair in cold water

From one person to another the goals are different. In the long run, the Water Only ritual allows you to stop using shampoo. However, if you live in big cities like Paris, it will be difficult to keep up. The ambient pollution has something to do with it…

Still, The Water Only is a good way to let your hair rest. Even if you use clean-composed shampoos, you might be concerned. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of irritating, even slightly, the scalp. In addition, to achieve such a goal, sebum production must be minimal.

On the other hand, the Water Only is also effective at spacing shampoos. As a reminder, too often washing irritates the scalp. In addition to attacking your hair and purifying it excessively, it will become even fatter. But that’s not all, washing your hair several times a week also causes dryness. We think in particular of the length of the hair, the first victims!

In both cases, don’t hesitate to try the experiment. Washing your hair with water is not bad in itself. On the contrary, it’s good for your hair.

How do you get a Water Only without a hitch?

Before you embark on the Water Only, there are a few rules to follow. Even if the process is very simplistic, a poorly performed Water Only can become a disaster! If you’re ready to try the experiment, then find out how to achieve a perfect Water Only: Regulate sebum
production Before you start The Water Only, sebum production needs to be balanced. If your hair greases in just 48 hours, don’t go with your eyes closed. For this, it is necessary to prepare your hair for this new adventure!

Step by step by spacing your shampoos to get your scalp used. If you wash your hair 3 times a week, reduce the frequency by doing it twice a week. The ideal is a wash once a week.

Avoid having too greasy

hair All paths lead to Rome, and even our advice! Water and fat are not very friendly and they do not mix. So too greasy hair won’t make Water Only any easier. The purpose of this ritual is to drag the sebum towards the lengths. Hair that is too greasy would only keep your problem going instead of fixing it.

Obligatory: Brushing your hair
Adopting the Water Only ritual is useless if you don’t brush your hair. In truth, the secret lies in brushing hair. By doing this, you scatter the sebum throughout the hair so that the tips are covered.

To do this, grab your boar bristle brush and brush your hair in all directions. This also includes head down and sides to distribute sebum! In addition, brushing can also be done during washing but be careful… Do this from the beginning before the formation of small knots and not to break the hair.

Massage your scalp during your Water Only
ritual In addition to being enjoyable, a head massage will help you peel off the roots. In general, sebum tends to ped up the hair, which is not very aesthetic. Using your fingertips, lightly massage your scalp without rubbing.

Alternate washing your hair in cold and hot

water When you start The Water Only, wash your hair with hot water. By doing so, you eliminate the excess sebum and open the scales. Then switch to cold water to close the hair scales and activate the blood microcirculation. According to many sources, this trick is particularly effective, so try it!

Take your time, don’t rush
Even if you don’t use shampoo, take your time. Massage your scalp well and slide the sebum gently. Don’t make sudden gestures or rush, work well every area of your head. That way, you’ll get a better result, not bad, right?

despair No one can pass the Water Only the first time. It is through practice that you will adopt the right gestures and the right rhythm. Washing your hair in water is not very common, so be patient. Also, remember to brush your hair when dry to spread the remaining sebum over your hair.

If you want to use a shampoo from time to time then the best solution is to opt for a vegan shampoo and wash your hair in cold water only. You will be able to eliminate an excess of sebum without losing the benefits of your Water Only ritual. It’s the perfect transition solution.

To go further: No Poo / Low Poo

The Water Only ritual is closely like No Poo and Low Poo. These rituals are dedicated to true hair health. So you might as well enjoy it, don’t you?

No Poo means “no shampoo” and this consists of washing your hair with powders, exclusively. Among these powders are Rhassoul and Shikakai. As for Low Poo, this means light shampoos without harmful ingredients. This is a good alternative if you want to partially wash your hair.

These two rituals are similar to The Water Only and we might even associate the Co-Wash for curly hair. The co-Wash has the prefix “Co” to designate “Condition. The after shampoos have some light washing active ingredients. This is a good alternative if you want to space your washing sessions.

Boost efficiency when washing your hair in cold water

To conclude, here are some tips to boost the effectiveness of washing your hair in cold water. It is always recommended to use cold water for final rinse, especially if optimized. To benefit from the virtues of cold water, some natural ingredients should not be overlooked:

Washing your hair in cold water and organic cider vinegar

This technique is very well known for making hair shiny! To do this, dilute 1/3 organic cider vinegar in 2/3 of cold water. Mix it all up and rinse your hair with this fabulous mixture. As for the smell, don’t worry, it disappears once the hair is dry.

Lemon rinse water

Although lemon is known for its medicinal properties. Hair can also benefit from its properties. In addition to ensuring the shine of your hair, lemon strengthens the hair fiber and stimulates growth. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for oily and/or dandruff hair.
To do this, squeeze a whole lemon and dilute it in 2/3 of cold water. Rinse your hair with the preparation and enjoy the result!

Rinse your hair with rice water

Rinsing hair with rice water is a well-kept secret. It’s even one of the best beauty secrets to speed up hair growth! Rice water contains many vitamins and minerals, including potassium and zinc.

To do this, just collect the water that has been used to leather your rice. Use the water to rinse your shampoo, then rinse with clear water after the mask. Don’t hesitate to keep the rice water at room temperature for 48 hours. The fermentation process increases the amount of antioxidants, for better results!

Now that you know all the tricks about washing your hair in cold water feel free to hesitate yourself for softer, more bring hair.