What are the Top Developers for Hair Dye?


A developer, when it comes to hair care and dying of the hair is a very important consideration for you to look closely into. It is sometimes referred to as an activator or peroxide and is usually a companion of either bleach or dye in which it is supposed to lighten or color your hair.

Physically, it is creamy and chemically, it contains hydrogen peroxide whose amount determines the volume of the developer. Developers usually come together with either the dye or bleacher but you can still buy the two things separately. Developers are important companions for hair dye and determines the result of your dye. Being activators, they have an important role in ensuring that color is penetrating the hair shafts and that they stay for a long time without being eroded.

Different hair types may require different Developer in terms of volume and other factors. Consider such hair types as:

  • Fine/thin hair– whenever you have thin hair which is fine, a developer with a slightly lower volume should be used. This is attributed to the fact that such hair will easily take up the dye unlike other types of hair so a slightly lower amount will do.
  • Normal hair– here, one should just use the recommended volume of the developer. This is because there will be a normal reaction unlike when one has a different type of hair.
  • Thick hair– automatically, people with thick hair types should use a developer which has a higher volume compared to those with a normal or thin hair type.  This is because of the simple reason that such hair does not easily take up the dye and therefore will require a more concentrated developer.

There are many developers for hair dyes that you can find out here. Here in this article, you will find the top five best of them that hopefully will give you very good result when used. The products are available on amazon.

Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Developer 20 Vol

When you are first using colors to your hair, the best hair color developer that you can use is this exceptional product from Schwarzkopf. It is not a strong developer which you can expect to alter the texture or even the moisture of your hair. It also lacks the strong smells that you sometimes found in other similar products.


Here are some of the best features you can expect when you buy and use this cream hair developer.

  • It is a 20 volume developer as determined by the 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • It has high concentration of mineral oil
  • It has an effect of reducing the amount of water in your hair
  • It safety when used at home is guaranteed


When you use Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Developer, you get the following benefits.

  • It is a good developer for supporting the balance of natural moisture of the hair
  • Its effect of reducing water level limits the dilution of the color, peroxides and alkalizes.
  • It can be used at home without creating much problems
  • It lacks the strong smells common with other developers


Besides having such pros when used, this developer also has a few setbacks such as:

  • It may require a toner after use because it is a bleach
  • It might be afforded by some people because of its price

Why You Should Purchase This Product

This is the best companion you can ever get if you want to color your hair. Being safe to be used at home as well as having a nice smell are just but a few things that should be a major factor pushing you to purchase Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Developer 20 Vol. it is among the best developer for hair dye that many people have used and had very nice results.

Clairol Professional Crème Developer 10 vol

Another amazing Developer for hair dye is the Clairol Professional Crème Developer 10 v. its major attraction lies in its safety when used at home unlike some other common developers which may cause some safety risks when used at home. It is therefore one of the best developer for hair dye that you can consider using.


Here are some of the features to look out for in this Developer.

  • It is a 10 volume crème developer with 3 % hydrogen peroxide
  • It has a creamy consistence making it easy to spread
  • It has the effect of adding a tint to your hair
  • Composed of a deep conditioning soy4plex activator


Notable pros when using Clairol Professional Crème Developer Vol 10 include:

  • It is one of the easiest hair dye developer
  • It is very gentle on your hair when used
  • Lacks the nuisance strong smells
  • Highly affordable by most people


Clairol Professional Crème Developer has few if any cons. It seems to be the best for you to purchase and use, however, one of its cons is that:

  • It is mostly suited for DIY people

Why You Should Purchase This Developer for Hair Dye

This is an almost perfect hair dye developer that should be the first to buy if you have not been having nice experiences with other hair dye developers. Particularly when you want to do everything on your own at home, then you should go for it. It is extremely easy to apply as well as safe when used in addition to its pleasant smell. You can use it to even maintain the color of your hair at the same level while when adding a tint or tone.

L’Oréal Oreor Crème Developer 30 Vol

For those who need a stronger concentration on the part of the volume of the hair dye developer, then this one will be a great choice to go for. L’Oréal brand has established itself as one of the best providers of hair dye developers and this one is among their masterpieces. It is even highly recommended by professional in this field.


The features of L’Oréal Oreor Crème Developer are the ones which tell a great story behind their success. These include:

  • It is in a creamy form which means that application is not a big issue
  • It is a 30 volume cream developer with 9% peroxide
  • The formula is fully stabilized


Using L’Oréal Oreor crème developer has the following pros to it:

  • It gives a beautiful and uniform color when used
  • It is easy to apply and acts quickly within a short time
  • It can be used with a wide range of bleaches without compromising on its quality
  • Has the effect of lightening your hair without causing much trouble


Cons of this developer include:

  • It has high concentration of peroxide which possess danger to users
  • Not recommended for beginners

Why You Should Buy This Hair Dye Developer

With this well-known and recommended hair dye developer, you can be sure to dye your hair and get the best results ever. Its ability to give a uniform and beautiful color when used is the major reason why it is loved by many people around the world. It is also quite affordable and anyone can purchase it. It only pauses the danger of being burned by the high peroxide concentration but this can easily be managed using gloves.

Manic Panic Flash Cream Developer 40 VOL

This again one of the best hair dye developer that has a slightly stronger concentration of the peroxide which means that safety precautions when using it should be highly observed to reduce the dangers of being burned. It lifts your hair to as high as 7 levels with the ability to even work on a darker hair converting to less dark hair for the purposes of changing your color with ease.


The features of this strong hair dye developers are highlighted here.

  • It works well on hair that is dark brown or even black
  • Contains 12% peroxide and is a 40 vol developer
  • It is vegan in nature and cruelty free
  • It includes a dust free bleach powder
  • It is free from compounds such as ammonia, PPD, phthalate and paraben
  • It is also free from gluten and resorcinol


The pros of Maniac Panic Flash Cream Developer include:

  • It lifts hair to as high as 7 levels
  • It is color safe when used
  • Can extend the life of vibrant hair color
  • Keeps the air moisturized, voluminous and shiny
  • The bleach is dust free which is a good thing


A few setbacks you can expect while using Maniac Panic Flash Cream Developer are:

  • The high concentration of Peroxide can burn you if not careful when using
  • It may not suit long hair because of its quantity

Why Should You Purchase It?

There many reasons as to why you should purchase this hair dye developer with confidence. To begin with, it has this effect of making your hair be of good volume, moisturized and shiny which is what you need, it also has a high concentration of peroxide and although this might seem dangerous because of the burning effect, it is actually good to those with black hair, dark brown hair and other similar hair types. Lastly, the brand itself Maniac Panic is a well-established and internationally recognized brand that deals with such high quality products.


Back to a hair dye developer with a slightly lower volume, Wella KOLESTON WELLOXON PERFECT developer is also among the best hair dye developer that cannot be left behind. It works in amazing ways where you can easily use it at home without much health risks unlike the highly concentrated developers. Wella brand produces very nice products and this one is one of their best.


  • It is a 20 volume cream developer with 6 % peroxide
  • Preferred for those who believe in DIY


  • It is good for beginners and is safe to be used at home
  • It is easily mixed and used
  • It is gentle when used on the air as compared to most other hair dye developers
  • It is good when it comes to color protection leading to longer retention of the color
  • It removes copper like shades because it has a metallic deactivation mechanism


  • It takes a lot of time when applied so that better results can be realized
  • It is more expensive compared to others

Why You Should Purchase This Product

This is one of the rarest hair dye developers that you will find having the ability to provide a color protecting barrier on your hair fibers. This means that you will retain so much of the hair color for a very long time which will help you save on the costs of buying newer developers every other day. It is recommended by most specialists in this area and many people have found it perfect with very little floss to it. It is therefore good for you if you manage to buy and use it for the best experience.

Different volumes have clearly emerged from the above hair dye developers. These different volumes can be used to achieve different results depending on your hair type and color. Here is an overview of three such categories:

  • 10 Volume Developers

10 volume developers contain 3 % hydrogen peroxide.  They are the lowest concentration developers that you can find in the market today and are important when applying a permanent no lift hair color. It works best with most toners whenever you want to add a tone to your hair usually when cancelling some unwanted color in it.  The developers are less damaging to your hair and work by opening up the hair cuticle layer for molecules of the color to be deposited.

  • The 20 Volume Developers

20 volume developers usually contain 6% peroxide and they lift your hair up to 2 levels. They are the best hair dye developers for those who wish to do the whole of this activity on their own at home. This is because they are not that risk when used at home due to the low concentration of the peroxide. They can be used for both temporary as well as permanent dyes because these dyes do not require very strong developers beyond those in this category.

  • The 30 Volume Developers

Depending on the texture of your hair and the type, using this developer will raise your hair level to something between 3 and 5. It contains 9 % peroxide and being stronger, it suitable for permanent dying and sometimes as a lightener. It should be used with a lot of care especially when being used in home settings because being stronger, it may burn you or people around you.

  • The 40 Volume Developers

40 volume developers are some of the strongest developers available in the market. They lift your hair as high as 7 levels but some developers can surpass this point and also depending on the type of hair that you have. Such developers are preferably used in bleaching or lightening hair and should be handled by professionals and people who have a lot of experience. Being that strong, they cannot be used at home because they may lead to some hazards especially being burned.

Beyond 40, such developers are only destructive and you should never try them out. They not only destroy your hair but also burn them. Of course you may want to lift your hair several levels up but you do not need a 50 or more volume developer to do that. This is because there are some brands of hair dye developers with a less concentration but can still raise it for you. A good example is the Olapex brand developers, you can also raise it using several sessions of bleaching.

About The Mixing of Air Dye and Developers

Besides having a clear knowledge of the best developer for hair dye, it is good if you know something to do with mixing the two. The goal of mixing the dye and the developer correctly is to come up with the best color tint required. When you need a lighter shade, then you will definitely need more of the developer. at the same time, if you have hair that is dark, then you will require a developer with a higher volume. This is the basis upon which mixing lies and should be kept in mind always to avoid destroying your hair. When mixing also, always use a bowl that is made from plastic and not from metal. The most common ratios that are used in mixing the two things include:

  • 1:1 ratio
  • 1: 1.5 ratio
  • 1:2 ratio

This is not fixed and the only way you can be sure is reading the instructions carefully.

Another concept that emerges about mixing the dye and developer is the nature of the developer. there are developers which are in liquid form and there are those which are in cream form. Developers which are in cream as seen above are easier to use in terms of mixing as compared to those in liquid form. However, when it comes performance, there may not be much difference. For home uses, cream developers are the best and some of them are highlighted above in this text.

Grey Hair and Developers

Grey hair in most cases is resistant to colors and therefore you might need special tactics and even special developers to get the best results. There are those people who have less percentage of grey hair and in that case, they should use only a semi-permanent hair dye. Those with more percentage of the grey hair always should use a permanent dye as well as a permanent developer.

The appropriate volume of developer that is recommended for such hair is 20. Some people who need a higher hair lift requires a 30 volume developer. to ensure that you are getting the best results for grey hair, you can use the following tips:

  • Target high resistant areas first- it is good to begin with the areas in your hair that are more resistant to color. This is because these areas require maximum processing time.
  • Allow for a good processing time- a processing time of about 45 minutes is good for grey hair before washing. This will allow for the color to be absorbed and processed well.
  • Find the right tones- sometimes you may want to just cover only the grey areas in your head and you will require toners. The right tones used in such cases include the gold and neutral ones. The ash and cool tones might not be the best here.
  • Compensate for the lack of natural pigment- one defining factor of grey hair is its lack of the natural pigment, this can easily be compensated using neutral in combination with your own formula so that golden and red colors can be anchored well. This also ensures that they do not have the brassy look on your hair.


There are many developers for hair dye that you can find in the market, not all of them will work for you and usually, it is a matter of trial and error. However, there are those developers from certain brands which have becomes very popular because of constantly emerging as the best developers for hair dye. Some of them have been highlighted in this article and you can check their price and purchase them at Amazon stores.

Get to know the type of hair on your head so that you can get the best developer for yourself. Otherwise you may end up damaging your own hair as well as incurring injuries due to the burn of the hydrogen peroxide which is a crucial ingredient in hair dye developers. Besides the type of hair, the process you use to apply the developer and the dye can determine whether you will damage your hair or not. Know about the mixing by reading the instructions carefully and then mixing in the right quantity to get the best results. If you do not want to risk, you can seek the help of experts in the field to help you out.