For a good hair wash, you have to be methodical. It is often mistakenly believed that one has washed your hair well. And yet, there are a few steps to follow to be on the right path!

Avoid washing your hair every day

The rule of thumb: at the risk of weakening and attacking your hair, avoid washing it every day! I know some people feel unable not to wash their hair every day, but it’s a really bad idea… What’s more if you’re used to using a heater behind, hairdryer or patches… Double assault! It is already obvious that a natural/organic shampoo¬†without sulphates¬†is essential (there are a multitude, personally, I love the German brand SanteNaturkosmetik, but in an organic store you can find plenty! The main thing is to have a good non-aggressive shampoo for your scalp). The ideal would be to wash your hair once a week. This may seem unthinkable to you, but when the scalp ends up regulating itself, it’s quite doable! Start by limiting it to 3 times a week and then to 2, for a near-perfect pace.

Only wash your scalp

Did you know that by rinsing the product you have just applied to roots, you wash your lengths in passing? So there is no need to rub like a your lengths, especially if you have dry hair. It won’t fix the problem! Especially since in the post shampoo, there are also washing agents, so there is no point to go after the shampoo at this level … On the other hand, of course, if you did an oil bath just before or a treatment that requires a thorough wash of the lengths, there you can go!

Don’t forget the underside of your head

We tend to rub the needs of our hair, but we often forget to spread the product up the neck. However, this is very important because the scalp will tend to resegra iter faster if you neglect this part… That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

Don’t overdo it on the quantity…

I’m in no position to talk since I’m a big sick of bottle pressing… The kind to empty the tube in two applications… Yes, well-ordered charity starts with yourself!… However, you don’t have to put ten tons of shampoo for a good wash. It is better to make two shampoos with little product than one with the bottle! Personally, I try to reduce the dose, it is not easy, but I am working on it. Especially when I get there, I find that my hair is just as well washed and (necessarily) lighter! So soft on quantity!

Gently massage your scalp

No need to rub like crazy to wash his scalp, even if the latter is prone to oil … No, I assure you, there’s no point! And it is even counterproductive, since by rubbing strongly, one activates its sebaceous glands, translation: one produces sebum, therefore, fat. To activate the shoot without stripping the skull, we go gently with the pulp of his fingers, quietly … You massage your whole head gradually as if you were practicing a massage.

Rinse carefully

Some people complain about having greasy hair, but when asked about their rinse method, you understand why… I have always been criticized for running too much water in the shower. It’s true, I admit, I’m not very green at this level. But when you have long hair, wash it once, twice, and then re-rinse it a third time after shampooing, even cutting the water between each wash, there are necessarily a lot of litres that pass through it… I’m not proud to give this advice but unfortunately, for a successful wash, you need a successful rinse! Lather your shampoo well when rinsing to make sure there is no foam left in the roots or lengths. When you feel your hair “scream” and there will be no trace of foam on the horizon, it will be good!

How do you wash your hair? Do you already apply one or more of these tips?