What to Choose Between a Haircut with Scissors and a Haircut with Clippers?

Differences between hair clippers and scissors

The clipper is the unloved hair salon. Associated for a long time with the military cut and quickly done wrong, it struggles to break this image and does not enjoy everywhere a good reputation. Not so long ago, using the clipper in the salon was even a sacrilege, handling the clipper seemed within everyone’s reach and it wasn’t strictly speaking the hairstyle or so everyone could be a hairdresser. At least that’s what you could hear if you didn’t have a clipper glued to your ear.

Times have changed and the clipper has replaced some hairdressers with the ancestral sound of scissors that then resonated in their living room. Today there are even hairdressing techniques taught in Jean-Louis David’s schools, which give a prominent place to the clipper. For example, it is possible to make a man or woman cut only with a clipper. There is no tool to ban, it is according to the preference of each and especially according to the fingers of the artist behind. Zidane favors the clipper, Chabal prefers a cut to scissors. It’s up to everyone to choose because most hairdressers have mastered both.

The hair clipper: the real revolution at your hairdresser

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The clipper is an invention owed to the Serbian Nikola Bizumic. This barber who was not from Seville but from the small village of Vojvodina invented around 1850 the first mechanical clipper or hand clipper. His idea was to make the haircut much more effective. His tool, thanks to a hoof, allowed to cut a regular length of hair by pressing a tweezer to engage the cut. In 1855, Nikola Bizumic arrived in London where he quickly made his fortune with his new invention. Small parenthesis, this object will also be the happiness of the shepherds who used it for the sheathing of their flocks. It should be noted that the sheep did not at any time express their reluctance to change, unlike the eternally dissatisfied man. But let’s get away from our sheep and back to our subject.

The real revolution is that of the electric clipper, invented in 1919 by the American Leo J. Wahl. In just one year, more than a thousand clippers were sold across the United States before being marketed worldwide. For hairdressers this invention propelled their profession into the industrialized and productive modern era. Wahl Clipper Corporation continues to lead the electric hair clippers for the private and public sector today. Other brands include Panasonic, Remington, Philips and Babyliss, which share a booming market with the revival of barbers. Wire or wireless, handling, size, design, blade speed, accessories and hoof are all features to consider when choosing your professional or personal clipper.
A hairdresser who never parts with his lawnclipper? Londoner Ahmed Alsanawi, official hairdresser of football’s biggest stars. Footballers understood that their image was to be cared for and that it was through their haircut that he could best express it on the football pitches. Ahmed Alsanawi makes all his cuts mainly with a lawnclipper. He cuts, mows and sculpts among the most scrutinized cuts in the world. He counts Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, David Luiz and N’Golo Kanté among his regular clients and his name now circulates in the changing rooms of the biggest football stadiums.

Clipper or scissors, how do you make your choice?

So Rock , Paper, Scissors or Clipper? In the end, it is really the use that is made of it that matters. When used properly, the clipper allows for precise cuts, worked and without damaging the hair. But by far the main advantages of the clipper are its speed and efficiency. It has no equivalent to remove a large amount of hair in record time, while achieving an equalized and neat result. The chisel remains the hairdresser’s fundamental tool, extending his hand and arm offering all the precision and maneuverability necessary for creativity. But it is not uncommon to see hairdressers used clipper and scissors on the same cut taking advantage of the qualities of both tools, so that the two now make the pair.

An easy appointment at your favorite hairdresser?

But if you prefer to cut your own hair to avoid going to the hairdresser, the clipper is the only essential accessory. However for a more professional and successful result we recommend you make an appointment at a hairdresser near you. Your hairdresser will certainly ask you if the use of the clipper bothers you. And if not, don’t hesitate to tell them your preference.