Which Lice Shampoo to Choose? Our Review

Lice are small, blood-sucking insects. They live in the hair of your head and feed on the blood of your scalp. A louse is about the size of a sesame seed.
Lice are highly contagious. They can be transmitted with brushes, combs, bars, headbands, headphones and hats. They may also live for some time on upholstered furniture, bedding, towels or clothing.
They then cause extreme itching of the scalp, the impression that something is crawling on your scalp, sores and scabs by scratching.
To address this real public health problem, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have developed several products including lice shampoos. There are effective lice shampoos to help you get rid of these stubborn insects.
In this article, we’ll explain what lice shampoo is, how to use it, and review some of the best brands of lice shampoo.

Our opinion on lice shampoos

Argentum Plus Silver MSM Neem: The optimal solution against lice

Shampooing & Après-Shampooing Anti-Poux Neem 2 en 1...

Shampoo and After-Shampooing Anti-Poux Neem 2 in 1…

  • Contains neem oil used to treat lice and slow infestations.
  • Makes hair soft and silky, as it’s both a shampoo and a…
  • Contains lemongrass essential oil, which is a common insect repellent

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It is a 2-in-1 lice shampoo, it is both anti-lice and conditioner. This Argentum Plus shampoo is contained in a 200ml bottle. It is composedof neem oil,which is traditionally used in India to treat lice infestations.
This shampoo has been developed to help parents cope with lice in their children’s hair. Its regular use not only reduces the time it takes to get rid of these insects, but also prevents their return. Its smell is very pleasant and will surely please your child. They also appreciate the fact that the product does not sting the eyes and that the hair combing chore will be done more quickly. This lice shampoo is an excellent product as a combination of shampoo and conditioner and is particularly well suited to the scalp and dry hair. It leaves hair shiny, improves its volume, makes it easier to handle, reduces dandruff and itching and, over time, will improve the health of the scalp and hair follicles. Also available in 100ml format, this shampoo is suitable for all hair types,because does not damage them.
However, this product has a few black spots to know: it takes a multitude of applications for it to be very effective and its price is quite high given its low capacity.

Pure essential: A complete pack for lice eradication

Puressential Anti-Poux Lotion Treating 100 ml – Comb…

  • Eliminate lice, larvae and nits, clean the scalp, Peel the nits and…
  • Children

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Manufactured by the Puressentiel brand, this product consists of a lotion in a 100ml bottle and a shampoo in a 200ml bottle. As the name suggests, it is used for the complete treatment of lice and nits.
Hard for lice, soft on hair and nature, this range of products eliminates lice, larvae and parasites very easily. Its 100% natural and non-neurotoxic insecticide formula combines vegetable oils of coconut, calophyllum, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, beaver, acting mechanically, clogging the breathing holes of lice and larvae. Thanks to this asphyxiation mechanism, lice are unable to develop resistance. These oils that have skinning and anti-putride virtues are ideal for stopping scalp irritation. Its effectiveness is proven after 10 minutes of application. Thanks to its softened composition, this shampoo makes the hair softer and brighter. Its bottle is equipped with an easy-to-use application device, its fragrance is fresh and pleasant. It is recommended for people from 3 years old and is suitable for people with asthma. It is free of neurotoxic substances, without dimethicone, without preservatives it is a true friend of the environment.
In addition to Puressential lice lotion, Pouxdoux shampoo, organic essential oils of lavender, lavender, ylang-ylang and geranium, is used to cleanse the scalp and help loosen the nits and lice that have been killed. It is applied to damp hair and rinses with great water. It is not suitable for pregnant women or those who are breast-feeding, let alone for children under 3 years of age.
Small downside for this item, its lotion makes the hair a little greasy and viscous.

Dop P’tit Dop: The perfect pH-neutral shampoo for children

Dop P'tit Dop Shampooing 3 en 1 aux Extraits naturels...

Dop P’tit Dop Shampoo 3 in 1 with Natural Extracts…

  • This shampoo is ideal after an anti-lice treatment, because its formula with ph neutral…
  • Its formula enriched with detangling agents facilitates the passage of the comb for…
  • Result: its neutral ph formula sanitizes and soothes children’s scalps

This is a batch of 3 boxes of 250ml each. This product is manufactured by the brand Dop and is used after the anti-lice shampoo treatment. It proposes a triple action that of appeasing, untangling and sanitizing the hair. It also contains natural lavender extracts and a formula enriched with detangling products, it helps to pass the comb easily through the hair that has just been treated with a lice shampoo. With its pleasant fragrance, it is perfect for children and gives their hair softness. After dermatological and ophthalmological control tests, this shampoo after treatment does not attack the eyes and is not harmful to the skin. It is designed with a hypoallergenic solution to mild PH. It is easy to use, foam very well and has a good fragrance.

What is a lice shampoo?

Lice shampoo is a remedy or agent used to prevent and treat lice. Ordinary lice shampoos have substances that regrow and suffocate lice. Because lice are attracted to human odors, lice shampoos with repellent characteristics mask odors to make us less attractive to lice eyes.

Cheveux qui nécessitent un shampoing anti-poux
Lice are known to move faster between hairs, and lice shampoos act by stunning parasites to slow their movement, making it easier to detect and untangle.
There is a variety of lice shampoos on the market that can effectively remove these disgusting creatures from your hair.
Pyrethrin, lindane, malathion and permethrin shampoos, which can be purchased without a prescription in most pharmacies, are common examples of pest destruction agents.
It is unfortunate that not all treatments on the market are effective. Many over-the-counter treatments have become ineffective, mainly due to the parasite’s immunity resulting from repeated exposure to the product.

Always follow label instructions and prescriptions for positive results. Using this product, you should also treat all the other places in the house where these critters could germinate and come back into your hair.

How do I use a lice shampoo?

Which Lice Shampoo to Choose?

Well applied, lice shampoo will likely produce positive results. This means that it is necessary to follow the instructions on the label of the product you will be buying, among other general and specific guidelines, such as shaking the bottle before use.
Revitalizing products and regular creams should not be applied beforehand, as this may reduce the effectiveness of shampoo.
On how to use lice shampoo, the procedure may vary depending on the type of shampoo. However, the following general instructions could help you use these products:

  1. Start by wrapping the towel around the shoulders or any other object to protect your body from moisture or stains.
  2. Hold the towel on your face to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of shampoo.
  3. Put on rubber gloves if you have marks and cuts on your hands to protect the infiltration and effects of chemicals used in shampoos.
  4. Apply shampoo by massaging previously wet hair, from the root to the ends, until your hair and scalp are moistened by shampoo. The focus should be on the hair lines behind the ears and neck where these parasites are concentrated.
  5. Leave the shampoos on your hair for about ten minutes.
  6. Wash and rinse your hair according to product instructions.
  7. Repeat the process after a few days as shown on the product label.

The frequency of use of shampoo depends on the manufactures, so we have those used 3 days, 5 days, 8 or 10 days apart.

Differences between lotion and lice shampoo

The main difference between lotion and lice shampoo is that the lotion has a low viscosity while the shampoo has a high viscosity. In fact, on the touch, the shampoo slides on the hand while the lotion is compact. Visually, lice shampoo is creamy, while lotion is most often liquid. The shampoo foams the hair and is applied to damp hair while the lotion is put on dry hair. In addition, lice lotion is more concentrated than shampoo.


In short, lice shampoos are effective tools to get rid of lice and slow in the hair, giving them shine and softness. We recommend this product in order to say goodbye definitively to these squatters of a different kind.